Club Wyndham Branson at The Falls

Club Wyndham Branson at The Falls

Club Wyndham Branson at The Falls

Club Wyndham Branson at The Falls is located in Branson, MO. Branson is known for entertainment. In this one area, there are 37 theaters, all with live performances.

I look forward to seeing some live entertainment.


Day One Arrival


I fly out of Norfolk, VA, and am set to land at Springfield Airport. The flight is nonstop and direct, which is nice. Flying to Branson it takes about 5 hours and coming back it takes about 4.5 hours. The airport is about an hour’s drive from Branson. So, I rent a car and head towards the resort.

You go around Springfield until you reach Interstate 65 and it is a straight drive. The distance is almost all Interstate and a distance of 55 miles.

Once I arrive at the resort, I check in to a one-bedroom unit.

The amenities of the one-bedroom are


744 square feet

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • DVD Player
  • Hairdryer
  • Ice Maker
  • Iron/Ironing Board
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range
  • Fireplace
  • Washer/Dryer


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Basketball
  • BBQ Grills
  • Shuffleboard
  • Business Center/Fax
  • Swiming Pool (Outdoor)
  • Sun Bathing Area


This resort also has 2 bedroom and studio units too.

It is worth noting that this resort has rooms that require stairs to access. If you have access, concerns, contact the resort ahead of time.

Next, I took a look around the resort. This location seems to focus on the accommodations and the core room over the extras. That is likely because it is in Branson where everyone seems to come for the entertainment in town, and not as much a focus on the resorts themselves.

So, the resort is certainly nice it just does not overwhelm you with amenities. It does have a nice outdoor pool for the summer and that is great for adults during the day before the shows, which are largely at night.


Once I was settled in, I was ready for dinner and wanted to try a local spot out. I found a local BBQ spot called Dana’s that has two locations in the area and one close to the resort. The menu was a nice size with plenty of options. My favorite thing to do with BBQ restaurants is to try a little of everything with a platter. Here they offer a smokehouse platter, which is a little of all their BBQ goodness.

Here is the item information from the menu.

Smoked Pit Plate


Chopped beef, 1/2 chicken, pulled pork, smoked sausage, ribs, beans, coleslaw, French fries & a Memphis roll. Good for 2 people to share!

  • Add sausage to entrée$3.40


Now after reading that as you can imagine, I added the additional sausage as well. This was enough food to feed a family or four, or a large guy after a long day of traveling. Everything was good, but I think I liked the sausage the best of all.


Most people love ribs and I like them in small quantities, but I prefer pulled pork or chopped beef to eating off of the bone. Just a cooked meat preference thing. Since I was staying at the resort with a fridge, I knew anything I could not eat now I could always take back to the room for later. Sometimes when I travel, I will even order a second entrée just for that purpose, but on this night that was not necessary.


It was so much food that they could run this like one of those food contest things on a timer and add names to a plaque if they wanted.

After I surrendered to the fullness I headed back to the resort for rest and a full day tomorrow.

Day Two at Club Wyndham Branson at The Falls


Waking up somehow ready for breakfast even after last night’s meal, I jumped online looking for a great local breakfast location.

I do not do many chain restaurants, but chains seem to be huge in Branson and I do like Bob Evan’s so that is where I got on the road to. It is not far from the resort, just a few miles. I think last night’s large meal stretched my stomach because I went for the Double Meat Farmer’s Breakfast and ate it all within 20 minutes of it hitting the table. It tasted great,, and the service was great as well.

After breakfast I went to the Veteran’s Memorial Museum it is a smaller museum but for fans of history and patriots, it is worth the stop.

Next (and just up the street) was the Auto & Farm Museum. This is gigantic and worth the $22 charge if you are interested in Autos and Farm equipment at all. The number of cars and trucks alone is amazing. You can view most of the collection online, but seeing them in person is a great experience.

The focus here is American-made, and it is a great collection.

Some of the cars here are for sale as well, and that is interesting to me. It seems and very neat approach to the museum.

The next place Fritz’s Adventure  I did not go to myself, but for an active family who likes to climb, and gets the kids moving, it might be a great choice. Check out the website if you want to tire the kids out during the day to either sleep or behave better at a show. It looks fun, just not for a big out-of-shape guy like me.

Another family fun thing would be going to the Branson Tracks this is a race track set up for family fun that looks to be a blast. I drove by and watched some of the racing, and everyone was having a blast. Go-Kart racing seems to just make everyone smile. They also have a Ferris Wheel and other rides here too.

When in Branson you also may want to check out the Titanic Experience as well. I have done this one before but chose to go back again to experience one of the exhibits that were closed on my last visit, and to enjoy the rest again. If you are interested in Titanic and the surrounding history, this is a great place to visit with many talented actors and actresses that support this experience. They also do great virtual visits for schools around the nation, and I think that is an amazing way they are giving back to the community.

After all of that fun I was wearing out some, but yes, you guessed it hungry too. So, I looked for a dinner show or dinner then a show online.

I chose the Dolly Parton Stampede show and dinner for tonight. There are not a ton of people I respect in the entertainment world. But I think Dolly is amazing. For me and my musical tastes, I kind of move and the wind blows. 6 months I listen to something, then the next 6 months something else. Country Music though was a large part of my childhood, so while I might not listen all the time, I do enjoy it.

Also, I think Dolly is a great person. Most people are not aware of her charity work, but she has provided millions of books to children through one of her charities. Books that gave them access to better education and helped millions of kids enjoy reading. Something all kids should find a passion for.

The show and four-course meal were both great, and the staff was wonderful. Everyone was kind and focused on customer enjoyment. If you like shows, good food, country music, and more, I would not miss this opportunity.


Day Three


Wow, just wow, I did a ton of interesting things yesterday. Today I wanted to start slow but also catch another show since I would be staying at the resort for the final night tonight.

Today I was going to start with breakfast, then go to an early show at the Sight and Sound Theaters. The show was at 11:30 AM and would last about 2 hours. It was the stage adaptation of Jesus about his life and story. It has only been a few months since I went for the day to the Holy Land in Orlando, Florida when I was at a resort there. It was a good experience, and that made me think about trying this out since it was close to Easter time.

Later tonight I was going to see Dublin’s Irish Tenors and The Celtic Ladies so it was going to be a two big show day.

First things first though breakfast. Back to a chain again I chose Cracker Barrel for breakfast today. I ordered one of their breakfast sampler platers which has a little of all the breakfast favorites and soon I was in butter and syrup induced sugar and fat coma. (nearly).

After a stop in the store inside for some old-time candy, I was headed for the AM show. It was great. I do not think anyone would be converted by the show, but the sets were very well made and the actors did a great job. It was very positive and powerful as a live performance.

It was still a few hours before the night’s show, so I went back to the resort for an afternoon nap, and then dinner nearby before the show.

For dinner, I went to the Keeter Center. I made it during their dinner menu hours. This meant I had many options to choose from. I started with fried green tomatoes, then for the entrée picked the Cajun Campus Pork Chops. It was a near-perfect meal in every regard. Two thumbs up, way up. The restaurant is at the College of the Ozarks which is interesting, and they did a great job. It reminded me of the dining options near Regent University near my home in Virginia Beach.

I went on afterward to really enjoy the Irish Tenors and Celtic show. It was a show that had some amazingly talented performers, who seemed to love the singing and dancing they were doing.

All my time at this resort I have really enjoyed the central location, the room, and the quiet of the resort itself. It was a great place to relax and rest in between all the fun that Branson can offer.

If you too want a dream Branson MO vacation travel in style with TZort.

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