Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach

Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach

Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach

Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach is in Florida at 110 Coronado Drive Clearwater, FL 33767. This resort has a wonderful 360 tour you can view online to get a great feel for this location.

For me the trip started with a drive down from Virginia to Clearwater Beach, which was about a 12-hour drive. I would have thought it would be longer but with the interstate speeds now I made it in about 12 hours door to door, which was great.

Video by Things ToDo

Day One Arrival at Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach

Pulling up to the resort, you are caught by the scale of this resort. This is the size resort. Its twin towers and connected buildings, as well as parking decks, make the resort seem massive. Also, I found the setting with the very wide expansive beach in front of the resort added to that feeling of scale.

The resort itself has a very modern feel. If you or your loved one love opulence and over the top design, this is the resort in the area for you. As I checked into my room and looked around, I felt like I was in a Vegas resort that had just been built recently. That is, until I looked towards the expansive windows and views of the ocean and beach. The view in my 1-bedroom presidential room was amazing from every room. Even the bedroom offered floor to ceiling views of the beach and ocean.

Villa Amenities

  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Hairdryer
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range
  • Balcony/Patio
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Beach
  • Bar
  • Elevator
  • Fitness Room
  • Fine Dining
  • Hot Tub
  • Pool
  • Pool Bar
  • Internet Access
  • Kid’s Activities
  • Owner Lounge


The suite itself was 1170 square feed, which for a 1-bedroom was as large as some 2-bedroom homes. The space made you feel like you were really treating yourself. I had asked the manager on duty if I could also see the 2-bedroom suite as well, and they were happy to show me that after I was set up in my room. The 2-bedroom presidential looked much the same, but with an added 300 square feet for the extra bedroom. Sizing out at about 1500 square feet.


The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and all the standard tools needed. I did not see the microwave at first because it was recessed into the wall near the counter and I just was not looking for it there. When looking at the room photos of the kitchen, you will wonder how I missed it. Maybe I was off my game because of the 12-hour strait drive.

Since I had caught myself, being cognitively impaired and feeling tired, I thought I would take a shower and then a nap.

The shower was quite large and had one of those fancy tower like shower systems, not just a single shower head. This meant you could get water and the pressure, temperature and location you wanted with ease. If you have seen someone play or played Sims yourself, it looked and felt like a top end system that was set not just to clean you but to revitalize you at the same time.

There were 4 knobs that would control many options to help you get to some new level of clean and refreshed. I took the best shower I had in, I do not know how long, and then closed the curtains to the view of the beach and sunlight, and settled in for a nap. I set my phone alarm for 1 hour so I would not sleep the night away. I thought my hunger would wake me but I was not entirely sure. That shower was great and the bed was very comfortable.

Waking with the phone alarm, I felt refreshed and ready to go. The first place I was headed was somewhere to eat.

At the resort there are several restaurants right on site so being tired still I felt no need to drive anywhere, and I went to the resort’s own Badfins Restaurant. Check out their online menu where they offer some great photos of the food items.

I started with chips and beer cheese queso then enjoyed their lobster mac n cheese. The food was just what the Dr ordered when combined with a few local brews and finished with a house made margarita.

I do not drink much these days, but after a long drive few things settle me as well as a couple of nice drinks. It seems to take away that still in the car feeling.

After the meal I walked around the resort now, and checked out the pools, hot tubs, gym, and even peeked in on the spa from the outside.

Then I walked across the street to the beach. Here there is a small connector kind of road between the resort and the beach. Not a big deal, but if you have kids keep them with you and do not let them run ahead.

Once on the beach for Sunset, I was blown away by the width of the beach. It reminded me of the widest beaches I have been to, like parts of Myrtle Beach or even parts of Daytona years ago.

I wide beach like that means even when you have a large resort everyone can get their spot on the beach easily, which is nice. Also, you will not feel packed in like sardines in a can which can happen easily in summer near large resorts.

Here the sunset crowd was fairly small, maybe 60 or so. But that was like because of the view from the rooms at the resort. Each with a balcony or floor to celling windows, there was not a reason to force yourself down to the beach unless you wanted to.

After sunset, I headed back to the bar and had a few more adult beverages. Then I wondered back to my room and settles in for the night.

Day Two at Club Wyndham Clearwater Beach

I woke up a little late for me on a vacation (around 9AM) so I slept like a baby, and I had shut the curtains for my nap yesterday evening, otherwise the sun would have had me up hours earlier.

It was time to find breakfast. For this mission, I first checked out my phone and asked Google to tell me the very best breakfast place in Clearwater Beach or Clearwater itself.

It turns out some of the best reviews were for the other restaurant on site and their breakfast buffet and Ocean Hai they do not mention the buffet on their website but maybe that is because it looked like most of the resort was on board for the experience.

They had everything you can ask for in a breakfast buffet and then some. It was a great set up. I liked the maid for your omelet and the many breakfast meats, and sides. The French toast was also well made and hit the spot.

Today was going to be the day of buffets, so I did not overeat. One of the things I had booked was a buffet cruise with a friend who lives in the area. She said it was one of the fun things to do here. For a very affordable price you can take a 2-hour cruise with a buffet and unlimited wine, beer, or rum punch. If anything, that meant that breakfast was just a stomach stretching exercise for later.

I figured before the cruise weather permitting myself and my guest would likely spend the afternoon on the beach, so I decided to drive around some now and check out the area.

Not looking for it, I stumbled into the aquarium and decided to add it to my list for tomorrow. It looked to be large enough to enjoy a few hours of checking it out.

While you are reading this, you can stop and spend some time with a dolphin on one of their many live webcams.

I stopped for a little tourist shopping next. I had not been to clearwater beach that I recalled, so I wanted to get some kind of item with the beach name on it, and some t-shirts for my nieces.

After the shopping it was time to head back to meet my friend at the resort and we would ride together to the dock for the cruise. After spending a few hours chilling right on this amazing spot on the beach in front of the resort.

Then we headed for the cruise and got parked and checked in, and boarded the cruise. The cruise offers either just the cruise with music and the tour aspect or the option to add the buffet and drinks. We went for the full fair, and I was glad we did.

The cruise was set up well and I could tell it was a well-oiled machine. The people working had done this cruise hundreds of times and knew what people wanted and smiled as they provided their service. With an open bar I was a little concerned that people would power drink and get lost in that, but given the 2-hour time frame, and the buffet food it seemed to work to prevent that.

I tried the beer, and rum punch out, and hit the buffet, then settled down with my friend at a table to talk about life and how things had been. Time flew by and part of me wished the cruise was 3 hours, but it was fun and I would certainly do it again.

I was impressed that the food was good. Mentally I was prepared for something to say at the level of a cafeteria but it was better than that, and several items I would order out if available elsewhere. They had steamed shrimp, and a beef teriyaki that were both good, and the Caesar salad was excellent. There were many other options of chicken and fish, as well as sides. It was a solid meal.

The cruise offers up to a $20 discount for kids if they are on the cruise and enjoying the buffet as well, and I thought that was nice.

On the cruise there is an area for tour information like the intro to the sites and sounds around you, then there is also a section with a DJ and dancing so bring a good attitude and be ready to at least dance once.

The cruise started at about 6:30 PM and we were back in port and settled before 9 PM. It was a fun time.

Day Three at Clearwater Beach

Day Three started earlier. My friend had stayed over since the presidential room was so nice and large. We both woke with the sun and headed towards the beach.

After a few hours we grabbed the breakfast buffet together, then went back to the room to refresh and then head out to the aquarium. Even living in the area she said she had always wanted to go to the aquarium but just had not taken the time to do so.

The aquarium has a number of exhibits you can enjoy, but the true stars of the show are the rescued dolphins. The oldest is named Winter and was rescued at a young age and saved when caught in a crab pot. The other rescues are Hope and PJ. All are dolphins that were saved and could not make it in the wild for various reasons.

Winter seemed to have a great playful attitude, and you really think he is smiling as he interacts with visitors around his enclosure. The aquarium here has a working animal hospital and a list of active patients. During our visit the patients were sea turtles recovering from injury or near death, that were now thriving thanks to the care and attention of the staff.

I like that the aquarium offers live cams of all of their friends. Included the otter cam. There are also many other cams you can check out on this central page.

Our visit was fun and I would recommend it to anyone. The staff seems to truly care, and that makes these places a feel-good festival of sorts. With tons to see and enjoy, that gives you a sense of people really connecting with these amazing sea creatures.


After a great visit to the aquarium, I asked my friend about where she would like to eat that maybe she had not tried before. She said there was one she had wanted to try that had rooftop dinning and served Mexican and seafood fusion. The Mariana Cantina so we went to check it out.

The setting and the food here are great. They have their own fishing boats that supply them with fresh catches almost daily, and it is something you can taste in the food. It is clever when dockside restaurants establish functionally their own little fleet of fishing boats to supply them. A great idea that some restaurants try but few execute well enough on. Here they did a great job. Since we both enjoy trying new things, we just went with the specials and ordered like the 4 that sounded good and shared them. It was a table full of food, but everything had been caught that day and was very fresh and never frozen. This meant it was amazing.

Hats off to the chef here, they must be skilled at putting great flavors together on the fly based on what was available from the ocean catch that day.

This meal and the visit to the aquarium were a great cap on the trip. I was sad to leave tomorrow, not only parting from this great resort and beach, but from my friend.

Tonight I would head back to the resort, say goodbye to my friend and then have just 1-2 drinks to settle in for the night’s rest and a little more travel tomorrow.

If you want to experience the best of clearwater beach and have a great room with a view, this is a resort to put high on your list. The restaurants right at the resort are great, and around town there are even more affordable options with great food, drinks, and atmosphere.

Save some money by booking with TZort and spend it on your trip instead, you will be so glad you did.

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