Desert Spring Villas 

Desert Spring Villas 

Marriot Desert Spring Villas elevates your expectations of a typical stay at a resort. Located in the gorgeous Palm Desert, California, this resort boasts stunning views of nature in a comfortable, relaxing space. It redefines luxury and is a place to take time for yourself and do the things you want!  

This resort offers multiple options to fit your accommodation needs. For smaller parties, choose from the different wings, guest rooms, and one-bedroom options. These rooms have successfully utilized each inch of their square footage. With comfortable, clean queen or king beds, you will be relaxing in no time! These beds are dressed in top-of-the-line bedding to ensure a quality night’s sleep. Each room also has someplace to sit and relax or tackle some work. Who said work had to be boring? Enjoy wireless internet access and USB ports at the working stations with a gorgeous view of the pool.  

 If you are a larger party or just want that extra access to space, opt for one of the larger suites. These rooms have all the normal amenities of the other rooms but with even more luxuries of home. The modern interior design is incorporated to give a sense of home even on vacation. The living room is structured to allow for memorable nights and relaxing moments in front of the TV, or just cuddled up with a glass of wine.  

No matter your choice of room, you will notice the luxury etched into every inch of your place. The full bathrooms feature pristine lighting with white marble countertops and walls. Some even offer a spacious bathtub to run a relaxing bath after long days. Pour some bath salts in and allow your body to soak up the relief that comes from this soak. Here, we believe these rooms are a true investment into one’s self. All aspects of these rooms are designed to make this a stay you will never forget.  

Once settled into your room, join the fun scattered throughout the entire resort grounds. If you’re looking for some aquatic fun, jump right into any of the five pools. Lounge around at one of these world-class pools and soak up some of that glorious California sun. If the kids are looking for some fun, take them to the clubTHRIVE activities or the shade-an all-ages recreation center. These two places are designed specifically to entertain the kids and to get all their energy out in one engaging place! They feature arts and crafts, movie nights, and tons of laughter and dancing around.  

For parents, babysitting services are offered. This gives everyone a little time to themselves. Whether you’re going on an adult-only cruise or want a night for yourselves, the resort has employed certified and highly trained sitters! During your time, venture over to the adult activities and socials. This is a fun way to interact with other vacationers without the stress of the kids.  

Visit the fitness center for a challenging yet rewarding workout. This center offers state-of-the-art equipment and will give you the sweat of your life! It has free weights, cardiovascular equipment, and specific fitness classes. These classes get you one on one with instructors and are the perfect way to try out something new. The center allows you to stay on top of your routine even on vacation!  

At Marriot Desert Spring Villas, it’s your choice! However, if you want to enjoy your vacation, we will be right there to help make it a smooth trip. Make the most out of your vacation and travel with TZort 

More than Meets the Eye

With its close proximity to Coachella Valley, visitors may see Palm Desert as just a one-time year trip. This part of California is so much more than its annual music festival. It boasts deep culture and a perfect look into the range of deserts that the state has.  

Lace-up your shoes and put one foot in front of the other on the area’s miles of hiking trails. Explore Coachella Valley Preserve and immerse yourself in the area’s bountiful nature. The trails here will bring you to many of the valley’s unique species. From the fringe-toed lizards to the giant beetles, any fan of wildlife will have a time during your hike! The nature here is enhanced by the several palm oases on the grounds.  

If you want a unique experience, catch these gorgeous views of nature at sunrise or sunset. Wake up early or stay late to catch the sun rolling over these valleys and catching the light of the desert lavender plants. Bring a blanket and enjoy a quiet meal all to yourself. Moments like this are what will define this vacation for years to come. The memories you make in Palm Desert will be talked about way beyond your time here. Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day getaway to Desert Springs Villas.  



What better way to become familiar with the area than a jeep tour adventure? With Desert Adventures Red Jeep Tours, you can get the perfect look at the Indian Canyons. This three-hour eco tour combines the pristine views of nature with the adrenaline of driving a jeep!  

To start, you and six other passengers will board the Jeep and begin your journey. Buckle up because this is a ride of a lifetime! Your drive will take you to the ancestral homes of the Cahuilla Indians. You will learn of the rich history and culture of these people and the way in which they have inhabited this area. Learning about these things is just as important as taking in these stunning views. If you have any questions, don’t be shy about asking your knowledgeable guides! 

During your drive, you will encounter vast rock formations and the many plant species that have ideally taken over this area. From here you will take a 1-mile guided hike along the banks of Andreas Creek. On your hike, your guide will point out the different ceremonial places of the Cahuilla Indians and the way in which the culture has lived on. At the peak, you will become engulfed into the largest natural palm oases in North America. To end your walk, you will venture to a hidden water cave. This spot has a water flow that is active for most of the year! This day in nature is the perfect start to your stay here in California.  


Wildest Restaurant & Bar has redefined what it means to mix a casual atmosphere with high-end cuisine. They have perfected their special attention to detail in their cuisine and service. Located in the heart of the palm desert, they have brought fresh, healthy food to the area for years. Here, healthy isn’t bland and boring: it’s bursting with flavor! 

Their menu is a mix of food from the land, sea, and plants. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free you can still enjoy the food here! To start, choose from an array of crab cakes, calamari, and spiced carrots. Follow up with one of their well-crafted entries. In their Maine lobster risotto, you know how much care they put into their dishes because you can taste it. Among many great options, this seafood dish will have your tastebuds begging for more!  



Here in California, everywhere you turn you can experience a new kind of plant or animal species. Take a closer look at these species at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. This 

non-profit organization is passionate about bringing conservation, protection, and awareness to the community and to all visitors. For 50 years, this zoo has been at the top of the list in terms of favorite attractions of the area, and we can understand why!  

The staff here are filled with knowledge and are always offering visitors fun and interactive ways to meet the animals. They offer a daily program schedule to inform you of all of the activities of the day and the future. This way if you’re looking for something special, you can always plan ahead!  

An activity that catches the hearts of all visitors is nature and hiking trails. Your admission to the zoo allows for access to the three nature loops mapped out in the Colorado Desert. These loops range in length and each offer something unique in nature. Another popular activity is feeding a giraffe, and be sure to get your camera out for this one! These friendly creatures will come right up to you for your one-on-one encounter and feeding. The memories made here are ones that will last way beyond your time here in Palm Springs.  


After a day of excitement, end it right with a meal at Pacifica seafood restaurant. This restaurant is one that places emphasis on quality time together. For over 15 years, Pacifica has been offering guests pristine hospitality and cuisine in their gorgeous dining room.  If you’re in need of some fresh air, join the fun outside from the comfort of the outdoor patio for some stunning views of the mountain.  

Pacifica has been notorious for their happy hour, among many other things. Throughout the week they offer specials on their wine, specialty cocktails, and beer. Enjoy these drinks with any one of their tasty appetizers to start the meal off right. From here, indulge in their mouthwatering entrees. Their seafood is the freshest in the desert as it arrives daily to ensure optimal flavor. Whether you choose their filet mignon or their sugar-spiced salmon, you will just be glad you chose Pacifica.  


19.6 MILES VIA I-10 W 

When going on vacation, it’s important to take a day for yourself. The adults need a day just for themselves too! Visit the Two Bunch Palms, an adult-only contemporary wellness destination. It is a place for optimal healing of both the body and the mind. This is the reset you have been waiting for and the best part? This resort is entirely sustainable.  

As it is normally a resort for guests to indulge in, they offer day passes for outside visitors. Inside their 70 acres, they offer indoor and outdoor wellness services including massages, yoga, and spa treatments. Their facilities are designed to incorporate the colors, sound, and actual material of the earth. It isn’t meant to be a flashy spa where you sit on uncomfortable beds and listen to typical spa music. This experience feeds your soul and uses a holistic approach to do so. Here, they have 600-year-old water flowing throughout their different activities including their mineral-rich pool. Invest in yourself with a day at Two Bunch Palms.  


Back by the resort, Grill-A-Burger offers the best in all things burgers. In operation for over a decade, this restaurant prides itself on delivering its customers only the freshest meals. They work with dozens of local vendors to keep their community ties strong. Here, nothing is more important than the company of good people! And a good burger of course.  

On their menu, you can find multiple selections of fries, burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. Their burgers come both big and small so bring your appetite! Anything you can think of to put on a burger, they have done it here. Each bite at Grill-A-Burger will have your tastebuds begging for more.  



Visiting a state with national parks can feel like an overwhelming feat. Especially in a state like California where there are nine of them, how can you possibly get a good look at it all? Adventure Hummer Tours solves this issue with its Joshua Tree National Park Tour. This tour offers GPS Virtual Guide to ensure you’re making the most of your time here in Joshua Tree.  

This GPS works with a park geologist who gives you information about the park and what you are seeing during your tour. The first three hours you will spend adventuring through Joshua Tree. Your hummer will take you through the desert terrain and show you the different rock formations within the park. From there, you will visit Hidden Valley, Geology Tour Road, and Skull Rock. These iconic stops are well worth the trip and we can guarantee that they are so much better in person than in pictures. Come join in on this special journey through nature with Adventure Hummer Tours!  


Start off the day right with breakfast at Keedys Fountain & Grill. This casual 1950s-inspired diner brings you back to a timeless part of history. It is a blast from the past and allows you to go back in time, even if it’s just for one meal! With 50s décor etched into every inch of this place, it is bursting with pure nostalgia.  

On their menu you can find classic breakfast items like omelets, pancakes, and steak and eggs. Even the simplest of items here are filled with flavor! If you’re more in the mood for lunch, they have an array of options for any pallet. From fried chicken to carne asada burritos, Keedy’s does it all. And for those wanting to end the meal with a sweet treat, their old-fashioned malts and shakes will hit the spot. Even if it’s first thing in the morning, we think breakfast is best finished off with one of these refreshing ice creams!  


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