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Yet another great Diamond Resort in Las Vegas. This is the 3rd resort I will have stayed at on this trip to Vegas. Next to Orlando, I believe Vegas has the most Diamond Resorts of any location in the Nation.


Day One

This is the 3rd resort I have stayed at owned by Diamond Resorts on this trip to Vegas. It is great to be able to get up and check out of one resort, go play for a few hours, then check back into another brand-new resort. I feel like a spoiled rotten kid. It is hard to get better than this. I am getting to do almost everything in Vegas I want, and I am also spending time at several great resorts, finding the things I like most about each one.

These Vegas resorts are very nice and more than I expected. I have now stayed at over 20 Diamond Resorts around the country. They all live up to high standards of comfort and cleanliness that I appreciate. The Hilton Brand recently purchased these resorts and I must say, they even appear to be raising the bar higher for these resorts. You can see that they are investing millions in upgrades at the resorts, updating the rooms, grounds, and fun facilities as well.

This resort is just a few miles south of the location where I just stayed. It is on the same boulevard, but away from the hustle and bustle of the strip itself and the major casinos and hotels. I prefer that position myself since I do not mind taking an Uber to and from the strip and I enjoy peace and quiet where I chose to sleep and relax. If I was in my 20s, I would love and prefer being closer to the action, but hey I have 30 years more experience than that.

Not knowing what to expect at this resort, I took a look at some of the reviews, and I will share some with you now.

Recent Reviews

Nice place to stay with a family. The service was excellent. Responded immediately to all our needs. Nice and clean, well-kept resort. Lots of space in our rooms to stretch out. Even the bathrooms are spacious. Liked that the dining table held all 6 of us. The only negative is that part of the pool and slides were closed, but that may be due to a staffing shortage.

Super family friendly and a great place to stay! It’s the perfect distance from the strip. The pool is amazing. Each room has two bathrooms and king-sized beds! I would 10/10 recommend you stay here! Also, the kitchen is fully stocked. I included pictures so y’all can see exactly what they have. Full-sized fridge, oven, and dishwasher.

Excellent place for families with kids. The place is off the main strip but we drove so transportation was not an issue. There are no slot machines here but the comfort level is great! Kiddos enjoyed the pool, and we felt rested and relaxed. Lots of hot tubs throughout the place. Rooms are big and all amenities come with your stay. Very worth it!

This is a really good hotel. It was one of the cheapest we could find, yet it has a lot more benefits than most other hotels. It’s near the strip but off of it so you’re not dealing with crazy traffic so its location is great. The room was very clean, and it was very spacious, and had a lot of amenities. Then the pool was amazing. Just when we went, only one of the four slides was open and only sections of the pool were open at a time, so it was very crowded in those, but that is my only gripe about this place.

I absolutely love this resort! At one of the lowest prices possible, this thing is amazing! With a beautiful pool, super fun water slides, and nice rooms, it’s truly a blessing. The staff also seems very nice and helpful. I’ve left some photos of the view from our room, and I just think it’s gorgeous!

This is the 3rd time we are back in Las Vegas this year. I love the Penthouse Suite we stayed at. We came in really late last night, but the lady was very understanding and friendly to us. The phones weren’t working, and the refrigerator was leaking in the kitchen. Luckily, they both got fixed right away by the serviceman and he was friendly as well. I recommend anyone to come to stay here if they have a trip to Vegas.

This place is amazing. Great for a family stay. Everything you need. There is a grocery store right across the street (Smiths). The public library is just next door. Other amenities are within walking distance. But you also have a pool, a restaurant with reasonable prices in the resort. Plus, day spa, game room, and laundry room. You really do not need to leave the place. And there are NO gambling machines on the premises. Friendly staff and very helpful.

Great place for the price. It’s essentially a 1 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with a small full kitchen. If you don’t mind not being on the Strip, then this place is great. We didn’t use the pool, but it looked pretty nice. The staff were really nice and checked on us to make sure that everything was okay.

Everything was great; the balcony was a nice touch. The pools and restaurant had very limited hours, but the amenities were still great; the room was clean and everything was great. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will definitely strongly consider staying here next time we visit Vegas.

The rooms are nice here. Classic Hotel! This place is also very convenient and close to the airport. Good place for tourists to visit. Good rates and good service. What not could you ask for? I would recommend this place to people who want to stay close to the airport.

After reading nearly every review of this place, I came to the conclusion that I would have to visit myself. My wife and I recently went there for our wedding anniversary and we brought along one of our daughters, son-in-law, and grandson. The first thing we noticed when we checked into our room was the space. For a family of five, this two-bedroom suite had plenty of space. We live in a big house, so space is very important to us. The rooms were a bit outdated, but they were clean and very comfortable. Since the place has a full kitchen, we bought our own groceries for the five days that we were there and we prepared our own meals. Plenty of utensils and again, plenty of space!! Some of the resort areas were closed due to maintenance, but that didn’t ruin our experience. The strip was only about 2 to 3 miles down the road but yet far enough away where we didn’t have to deal with crazy traffic. Directly across the street is a supermarket and not far from there are many shopping outlets. In my opinion, Cancun resort is the perfect place to go if you want to bring your family and enjoy a nice relaxing stay. There are many things to do on and off the resort. Many places are short drives away if you’re driving. At the end of the day, each review is based on that individual’s experience. My visit exceeded my expectation based on the reviews I read. Cancun resort was the type of getaway that “I” was looking for, so it suited “my” needs and that’s why they get 5 stars from me.

Those are some great reviews, and they include honest takes from real people which I enjoy reading. For this part of my trip to Vegas, I want to share with you some things you can and may want to do in the area while you are here away from the strip. There is so much to do and see in Las Vegas and the surrounding area that it is a shame to spend all your time on the main strip.

Here they offer both 1 and 2-bedroom options and the layout is perfect for families or small groups. The main pool area is amazing, with more water slides for the kids and a large Aztek-style pyramid that you climb up to enjoy all those slides down into the pool. Below the pyramid, there is also a grotto-like area with a hot tub and an entry into the pool under a waterfall. If I ever won a ridiculous price in the lottery, these are some of the water features I want on my property.

Villa Amenities

  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Business Center
  • On-Site Restaurant
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services

Day Two Grand Canyon

You may have not done the math before, but when you are in Vegas, you are surprisingly close to the Grand Canyon. You are close enough that some major tour operators have something for people with almost any budget. I am not showing off with you when I share this story. This is an experience that I have done once before with a friend. So I have a good friend, no wait, a great friend coming into town today to share this experience with me, and then hang out tonight and tomorrow night. The flights are so cheap to Las Vegas that having someone join you during the leg of your vacation is not expensive or a waste.

Since I have been before but my friend has not and she is taking the time and expense to travel out. I booked us the top-level tour you can get. I literally spared no expense. You should not feel pressured to do this when I share the story. It is just an example of the top-tier offering available from a leading vendor.

After picking my friend up from the Airport we returned to the room to allow her to freshen up from the very early flight from the East Coast. She was up before dawn so I wanted her to unwind, take a nap, or do whatever she wanted to do before our big outing.

It turns out that if you give a single woman that option, she may spend a good deal of time dressing again and working on looking amazing. I wanted to tell her to not worry about it, it is just us, but she looks so nice when she does put in that I kept my mouth shut. I even joined in and changed from shorts to a decent pair of pants and a nicer shirt.

A few hours later, our limo arrived. The limo took us to the site for our helicopter ride not only over the Grand Canyon but down into the canyon itself. That was flat-out amazing. You cruise along the rim of the Grand Canyon and then you descend 4,000 ft to the floor of the canyon and enjoy refreshments while you watch the Colorado River. That drop of 4,000 ft does not take long and once you are done taking it in, the helicopter takes off, and then you go back and view the strip from the air.

This is an expensive outing. For each of us, before a tip, it was over $500 per person. You can do a 5-day cruise for that cost if you shop hard. But this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. My only great fear was in overdoing it. My friend might think I was going to pop the question or something. I tried to deflate that football before it was thrown. I told my friend that I was up to nothing sneaky, but I booked us an adventure that was over the top just because I wanted us both to experience the best available for a change. I also said she should just enjoy things and feel no stress about anything, just be in the moment and have fun.

When I shared this story with other friends, they told me what I said likely made things worse, making it seem like more of a big deal. I explained that this was over the top for me and I did not want my friend to start imagining things that were not happening to be happening. They verbally slapped me on the hand and said, well she likes you. She was certainly going to be thinking about a few possibilities.

The experience was pricey but a great one that anyone would enjoy as long as they can deal with heights. For someone afraid of heights, it would have been worse than you could imagine. The descent into the canyon itself felt like you were being dropped by a giant hand. It was so straight down that it felt at moments uncontrolled. But it was a great experience and view. Here you are in the air, then you go down the depth of the Marianas Trenches in one straight drop down. I was glad that it was controlled. I can not imagine having to auto-rotate down from that height due to a mechanical problem.

The helicopter they use is the EC-130 helicopter manufactured by Airbus. It looks like a speed demon of a machine and on the inside q like a limo with sport seats. At 6’4” I was happy to see the legroom and space available. I opted to sit with my friend in the back row of seats and I helped balance the aircraft some by sitting on one side opposite both my friend and the pilot since I likely weigh more than both of them together by a bit.

The entire trip was about 3.5 hours, including the limo drives to and from the airport. There are many tour providers in the area, but I must say I was very happy with this one. They also offer more affordable tours like the one I have done before to the West Rim that included access to the Skywalk, which is most certainly not for those with a fear of heights.

I think in my lifetime I have been on a helicopter maybe 10 times. Most are for very short tourist trips up out, back, and down. This was the longest and most enjoyable trip yet. The only one that can compete was a great ride I took at sunset in Hawaii. That too was jaw-dropping and life-changing just for the scenery alone. I remember on that flight there were so many small tourist copters taking off that I felt like I was in a scene from Apocalypse Now.

Once you elevate your game like this, you can’t really go for dinner and get a hot dog after that experience. I had the limo drop us at our next stop instead of the resort and tipped the driver for his trouble.

We had a table reserved for  SushiSamba which is in the Venetian. This is one of over the top restaurants that, while affordable, has the look and feel of one of the most expensive on the strip.

Now, after the meal, I may have really screwed up. I had us booked for the Gondolas to end the night. Now I realize, hindsight is 20-20, that this was like a day of romance that would be labeled a 10 for setup. But truly, while I care for my friend, I was not going to be taking out a ring. I am just not the ring kind of guy. I do have some amazing examples of great couples and marriages around me in my life. Both family and friends offer a great example. My problem is that I am so set in my ways I just do not see anything working long-term. I have 50+ years of habits and actions.

I was just enjoying the boat trip and the end of the day. When we got in the Uber back to the resort, she turned to me and said she was sorry if she seemed distant. Well, like most guys, I said I had no clue what she was talking about. She explained that we had known each other a long time and her mind was rolling some around on this trip. Then I added all these romantic things into the day, she was confused. I apologized for the appearance but also defended myself with the disclosure before the day began.

Luckily, after talking it through, we both were able to laugh it all off. I also advised that I was grateful for the compliment of her even thinking that way.

Day Three Strip Fun

There is much more to do and see in Vegas. Yes, Vegas has the strip and you could spend a week or more on the strip and never see it all. Yet, there is a ton more to do in seeing when you are in town. If you have the time and take a break from gambling and partying, there are amazing things to do.

You can go visit the Hoover Dam you can walk across the dam itself which goes from Nevada to Arizona and if you’re interested, you can take a tour of the inside of the dam but for a really spectacular view, you have to walk across the Mike O’Callahan bridge that arches above the Hoover Dam for an amazing aerial view.

I was not up for another big trip today. We really overdid it yesterday but it was great. Today I wanted to start off slow and just play around on the strip.

Another free thing on the Vegas Strip is going to the Crystals shops at Aria. I swear every time we walk in there, we’re like “Oh the smells!! Yeah, it smells so good. But inside there, there are also art installations, sculptures, photography, and a kind of rotating version of all of those things. There are also high-end shops that you can look in and wish you could afford the things – if you’re going there for the free stuff like us. But it’s really awesome architecture and inside there it looks super cool. Bonus, it’s also air-conditioned, so, in the hot months, it’s a great reprieve from the heat.

Skyfall Lounge was our next stop. It’s on the 64th floor at MGM and as a bonus tip, they have their sunset hour from 7:30 to 8:30, which is like their happy hour. And of course, you get to enjoy the sun setting over Las Vegas, the strip, while you get a panoramic view of it. So yeah. It’s pretty cool.

And that’s on the far south end of the strip, so you have views of the whole strip north of there.

After a few drinks and sunset, we were way pastime for food. Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge the food here was great, and the setting was great with a table with a view of the dancing fountains.

If you want your own dream Vegas vacation, you should consider a stay with this Diamond Resort and book through Tzort


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