Diamond Resorts Charter Club Resort of Naples Bay

Diamond Resorts Charter Club Resort of Naples Bay

Naples, Florida, USA downtown cityscape on the bay at dusk.

This resort is located in Naples, Florida. If you have not been to Naples, Florida, join me on this trip to a great resort in the area you will love.

Day One Travel & Arrival at Diamond Resorts Charter Club Resort of Naples Bay

Just this year, I finally have been able to make myself fly down to Florida on trips as long as it is in southern Florida. So, my journey today started with a quick flight down from Virginia.

I flew into Southwest Florida International Airport which is an easy-to-get-around airport. Your alternative is to fly into Miami, but that means about a 2-hour drive versus 30 minutes. So, unless you are saving a ton on the flight itself, it may not be worth it. Since Miami is a major cruise port, sometimes you will get a great deal on a flight to Miami that may make it worth the drive.

The way to the resort from the Southwest Florida airport is pretty easy to follow. Get on I-75 S in Three Oaks from Terminal Access Rd and Exit 128. Follow I-75 S to County Rd 886/Golden Gate Pkwy in Collier County. Take exit 105 from I-75 S. Follow County Rd 886/Golden Gate Pkwy and Goodlette-Frank Rd to 10th Ave S in Naples.

It is 34 miles from the airport to the resort, but the traffic is not heavy.

My flight was on the ground by 1 PM so I knew I was early for check-in if I started heading for the resort right away. Not far from the airport is a company I have ordered fresh citrus from, so I headed over to visit them in person. I thought I could arrange to have some fresh fruit shipped home to my family and maybe grab a healthy snack or go for my stay.

Sun Harvest Citrus is like many of the local citrus companies. They offer solid mail order or online ordering options and they offer a full retail-focused store for tourists.

In April, they have most of their fruits available other than Red Navels, White Grapefruit, or Temple Oranges. So, I had like 6 others to choose from. I sent some fresh fruit and a gift basket back to my family at home.

Next, I went to lunch since I still had plenty of time before checking in. I chose the Lake Park Diner for lunch. I ordered fish and chips and really enjoyed the meal.

Afterward, I headed to the resort. I was still going to be there a little early, but it should not be an issue. I can hang out peacefully in the AC better than most.

At this resort, the accommodations are 2-bedroom villas. The villas follow the archetype that is popular with a king-size bed and bath, then the 2nd bedroom that has 2 twin beds. This works well for most families. The living room also has a queen sofa bed.

My villas were great, and I was able to check in with the staff even a tad early since my room was ready. I did not ask for it, but they kind of offering it. Maybe I was so full from lunch that I just looked tired. Either way, they took pity on me and hooked me up with an early check-in.

Once unpacked in my room and settled, I left to check out the resort and do a walk around.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services

This resort had just what I was looking for. A great pool set up that overlooks the water, a BBQ area, a clubhouse, and much more on-site. They even offer great free WIFI, which is refreshing since most places charge extra for that level of connection. They also offer bike rentals and fishing gear for on-site fishing. Another thing that helps is the Concierge Services. A talented and connected Concierge can work magic on your vacation.

I grabbed a drink and watched the sun come down over the water as a starter. Then, before it got too late, I went out to a local store and grabbed some breakfast items, drinks, and snacks for the room. One of the reasons I stay at resorts versus a hotel is so some food in my villa is possible when I want it. Since these 2 bedroom villas have full kitchens, you can start with breakfast in the villa or prepare a full meal each day if you like. It is also great to have access when you want a snack, or you have to entertain the kids.

Day Two Water Fun

When you stay in Naples, you just have to get out on the water if you can. The area is home to 10,000 islands, some of the best fishing in the world, and amazing tours and things to do on the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, the water here is that crystal clear blue water we all dream about. You can walk out into the gulf and see everything around you, which is incredible. The water here to my eye is as clear as the best pool.

I have been here before and Kayaked; I have also taken jet skis out. Today I wanted to go on a tour with a local and have them introduce me to the area properly, and receive more of a tourists introduction. I am a sucker for all things touristry.

I booked a trip out on a group boat with a local company called Pure Florida. If they are booked solid when you try to arrange things, there is another provider who also has great reviews called Naples Water Tours you can check out. The second group there have smaller boats and offers more private options.

I chose a fun and short sightseeing cruise that departed at 11 AM and lasted around 1.5 hours. It was enough time on the water to see a great deal and to hear the captain as a local guide introduce you to some of the main points of interest. As you can imagine, you can also go on fishing trips through the same companies. These are like head boat trips, where there are more people fishing than on a private fishing boat. Those can still be very fun but often cost a good deal less.

There are also special trips for sunset cruises and more available.

After my time on the water, I was ready for lunch. So, I headed into TIN CITY as it is called locally, to see my options. I landed in the Riverwalk Restaurant and was happy I did. They have a large menu and for the fresh choices, I felt the prices were good.

Fishing, shopping, and eating done, I was feeling a little tired, and when on vacation there is no need to push it. So I headed back to the resort for some time around the pool on that waterfront, and to wait to see the sunset. A little swimming and a few drinks later, I was a happy camper ready to see one of Mother Nature’s best displays. Sunset over the water on the Gulf of Mexico.

Day Three Seeing the Beaches

Today I wanted to spend more time on the beaches here. The water is so clear that you feel like you are in a swimming pool at times until you look up at all the wild nature surrounding you. You can literally see down 30+ feet here if you go out that far on the beach. I did not go out that far on the beaches I went to today just because I remember on a prior trip seeing alligators in the area and they concern me more than sharks. I do not think a gator would choose me for lunch given my size, but an arm or leg might look like a big meal said my subconscious.

Naples Beach

Naples Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. The sand is that same lovely white of 7 mild beaches in Grand Cayman and the water here is just as clear, if not clearer. It is a very Clean beach. White sand and lots of sea shells. Public parking is available, but you have to pay for your spot, which is numbered, at the beach entrance at the park and pay machine. That small parking fee helps pay to keep the beach clean and maintained, so it is well worth the small cost.

You will want to come early if you plan to park here because the spots tend to go fast. You can always catch an Uber over and then back later in the day if you do not want the hassle of parking. I like to feel in more control so I came early, paid the small fee, and parked my rental.

Another beach that has excellent views and reviews is Via Miramar Beach. I was so happy at Naples beach that I did not move to even check others out. But looking online, there are others that have a lesser review rating by.1 or so. It may be worth checking those out too. For myself Naples Beach was perfect.

There is a beach north of Naples Beach called Public Beach which also has the same 4.8 rating. If it is anything like Naples Beach, then you will not understand why anyone would rate it less than a 5.

I left in time for a late lunch or early dinner in the area. I went to Mel’s Dinner for that meal. I love all things Americana and it is hard to get more American than a classic dinner. Especially, one that has been around for over 30 years. If a restaurant makes it that long, it just has to be good, and it was. I would have had traditional dinner food that I love, but the fresh seasonal seafood options looked so good I had to try one. Man, was my guess right?

Want your own killer from Naples, Florida vacation book this resort through Tzort.com now before it books solid when you want to go. The area is nice all year round, but late spring or early fall will make you fall in love.


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