Glacier Canyon Lodge 

Glacier Canyon Lodge: Discover the Outdoors  

Glacier Canyon Lodge 

Set in the city of Baraboo, Wisconsin, the Glacier Canyon Lodge is a popular vacation playground best known for its beautiful river scenery, endless entertainment options, and larger-than-life water parks. This lodge is set right in the middle of all of the fun that the Wisconsin Dells have to offer. With close proximity to parks, hiking trails, and local attractions, you won’t have to travel far to have a vacation you will be talking about for ages.  

The Wisconsin Dells is a city-based in southern Wisconsin. It is a favorite amongst outdoor junkies because it lies on the Wisconsin River. Whether you enjoy swimming, hiking, biking, or horseback riding, you can let your adventurous dreams run wild here. Mirror Lake State Park is known for its nature trails and camping, so make your way there for some true outdoor time.  


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At TZort, where you land your feet is just as important to us as where you lay your head. This is why Wyndham Glacier Canyon offers comfortable, spacious lodging options. There are one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites that can sleep four to ten guests. These suites measure between 900 to 1,519 square feet and feature private bedrooms with one king bed in the master, two double beds or a king bed in the guest rooms and a queen sleeper sofa in the living area.  


As you relax in your suite, enjoy the luxury of a full kitchen equipped with cutlery and appliances to allow you some fresh home-cooked meals. Not only does this save some money but it allows you to take a second to do something as a family for each other. It gets each member involved in some way, whether you’re preparing the food or setting the dining area. You will also appreciate the convenience of a washer/dryer in each suite that allows you to pack light. There is nothing worse than being weighed down by a heavy suitcase. For added comfort, a whirlpool tub and balcony are available in most suites, with a living and dining area and TVs throughout.   


Imagine the serenity you will feel as you awake in your comfortable bed each morning. You see the warm sun start to creep through your blinds. The nature all around you is just coming to life as you rise from your slumber. Brew a fresh cup of coffee and take it out to the balcony as you indulge in the peace of the nature in front of you. As you start your days, so you will end them. Take a cup of hot cocoa onto the balcony for the sunset and watch as the sky lights up with stars.  


This experience is all made possible because of the warm and welcoming staff of Wyndham Glacier Canyon. They are passionate about making this an easy transition from home mode to vacation mode. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions of yours and clear up any of your confusion. They want to help and can point you in the direction of all the fun and adventure in the area.   


After you have gotten set up in your room, come and explore the amenities of this resort. Splash around at one of the pools on-site and soak up some of that glorious sun. Guests have access to the Wilderness Territory, a top-ranked indoor and outdoor waterpark. This water park has something for every single age group. With a splash pad, waterslides, places to lounge, and so much more, it will be hard to pick what to do first. Feel the sweat drip off your body at the fitness center. You don’t have to skip out on your daily workouts just because you’re on vacation. If you really want that extra level of comfort, come join us in the relaxing Sundara Spa and let us take you to a state of utter relaxation.  


We want Wyndham Glacier Canyon to become your standard of excellence for years to come; come join us in Baraboo for a vacation you will never forget.  


Not Just a Resort.  


Glacier Canyon Lodge offers a vacation experience to fit every kind of want and desire. Sometimes, it’s just hard to please everyone. This resort is so close to everything that you don’t have to spend half of your day in the car trying to get to that cool waterpark you heard about online. You can split up your days to allow each person to get something of interest out of each day. And if you just want to spend your day lounging by the pool, we will make sure it is the most relaxing day of fun in the sun.  


The natural beauty of the Wisconsin River has attracted tourists to the region for a number of years. Visitors are amazed at how the river can be so calm and still yet so full of life at the same time. To just sit down and appreciate the sight in front of you is an experience in and of itself. Book a river tour or dinner cruise to really get a full feel of what this place has to offer. You will marvel at the glacier-carved sandstone formations, rocky cliff sides, and dramatic canyons.  


Follow peaceful trails on a forest hike or venture onto the lake to enjoy premium fishing, boating, jet skiing, and water skiing. The area is known for its outdoor activities so get your swing ready for any of the golf courses in the city. Get your crew together and test your wit on the greens. As the season’s change, so do the opportunities within this outdoor playground. A trip to the Midwest is incomplete without some kind of winter sports. As the snow starts to fall, break out your skis and enjoy the slopes. The snow falls and makes a perfect trail for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.  


Discover how to plan four days of pure outdoor paradise at Glacier Canyon Lodge with TZort 






Tour the Lost Canyon with the Lost Canyon Tours: a horse-drawn wagon tour that has been around since 1967. The Lost Canyon Tours is a family owned business and they are passionate about sharing their fun from one family to the next. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride through the gorgeous Lost Canyon. You will be amazed at the natural architecture that has been carved into the rock all around you. This rock has green plants scattered all throughout to really paint a picture of the serenity in nature 


Riders are seated in a comfortable yet quaint horse-drawn carriage as they begin their mile journey through cliff-walled gorges. The carriage is led by two of the most beautiful creatures on earth: a horse. Their mighty torsos and strong legs trek through the canyon’s terrain as they carry the carriage of 15 passengers.  


Of course, anybody can walk through the Lost Canyon but what an experience to be taken through with a horse! 


After exploring the trails of the Lost Canyon, explore the world of bratwursts at Brat House Grill. This German restaurant offers a plethora of options on its menu from burgers to sausages to sandwiches. Its building used to be a church, so the place really has some history to it.  


This extensive menu starts off with an awesome selection of appetizers. When in Wisconsin, you have to try some Wisconsin Cheese Curds! They have homemade specialties like the German Spaetzle: German dumplings with cracked black pepper, sautéed in butter and simmered in chicken broth. Their selection of bratwursts is as unique and creative as they come. Try the Red “Smoked” Brat for some smoky flavor or the Mushroom ‘N’ Swiss Brat for a classic favorite.  


No matter what you choose at the Brat House Grill, you are guaranteed a tasty, homemade meal.  





With a place as vast and amazing as the Wisconsin Dells, you may think, how am I going to see it all while on my vacation? BigFoot ziplining tours has you covered! Soar through the sky as you zip from tower to tower and feel the wind against your face.  


This zipline adventure takes you through the Majestic Oaks and Northwood Pines on seven separate lines. Choose your helmet and put on your harness; you are in for a wild ride! The staff here will help to tighten your straps and make sure you are securely fastened before your ride.  


Not only does this place have ziplining, it also has a ropes course for you to tackle. This ropes course is an aerial course for anyone over 48 inches! There are courses to get you feeling comfortable with the ropes and then courses that really test your wits on the ropes. The course has eighty different elements: a helicopter crawl, monkey net bridge, pyramid, jungle tracks, bigfoot, pirogue bridge, moving bridge, mushrooms, giant steps, and a Chinese bridge. No matter if you have done this before, or this is your first time, we have a course for you! 


Climb or fly your way to adventure with BigFoot Ziplining Tours.  



After conquering those courses, there’s one more thing on your agenda to conquer: your appetite! What better place to do it at than B-Lux Grill & Bar? This restaurant is locally owned and offers unique, high-quality meals.  


Their meals are made from scratch using local, superior ingredients. They use fresh never frozen hand-pattied hamburgers and source their cheese curds from a local creamery. They make their meals with care to give you an experience that feels like family.  


Indulge in one of their juicy and savory hamburgers or sandwiches. Their mac & cheese showcases all the hype for Wisconsin cheese. End your meal as you never miss a beat with one of their shakes. Their shakes feature flavors like Salted Caramel Popcorn or the Pink Monkey; for adults, try one of their hard shakes like the Kentucky Brainfreeze 





Venture into the old west at Canyon Creek Riding Stables. These exciting one hour guided tours take you through all of the best things that nature has to offer. Upon arriving at the stables, the staff are always excited about getting you comfortable on one of the horses. They will help you to pick out the horse you can bond with and trust as you ride on the trails.  


As you start on the trail, you will venture through a 200 ft tunnel to lead you deep into the wilderness. You will pass by Boot Hill Cemetery on your way to Tombstone, Canyon Creek’s very own western town. The sheriffs in this town will welcome you and give you a brief history of the town. As you cross over the bridge, you will be led to beautiful Lost Canyon, and experience centuries old rock formations. You will see high trees, rushing waterfalls, and be in the home of many wildlife animals.  


After your ride, engage in the free onsite petting zoo. Stop by the front desk and get an ice cream cone full of snacks to feed their animals. From donkeys to goats, you can pet these friendly animals as you walk throughout the zoo.  


Join us for a fun day filled with animals and nature at Canyon Creek Riding Stables.  


What better way to end your day than with a piece of pizza at The Green Owl? I mean, who doesn’t love a nice, warm slice of pizza? Just imagine sinking your teeth in that fresh, homemade crust. Your mouth will be filled with the savory pairing of the cheese and the tomato sauce as well as any toppings you enjoy.  


The menu features different options for pizzas, appetizers, salads, and sandwiches. They have the classic cheese pizza or more interesting options like the Taco Pizza or the Breakfast pizza. Whether you want to go for a family favorite or venture into the adventure of some unknown flavors, you will be getting a quality slice of pizza!  






How can you come to the Dells and not splash around in the water? Dells Watersports offers you an experience on the water no matter your preference. Whether you choose to spend your day on Lake Delton, Mirror Lake or Castle Rock Lake, you made the right choice to rent your water vehicle from here.  


There are so many rental options from this place that no matter what you choose, you really cannot go wrong. The rental options include wave runners, family ski boat, deluxe family ski boat, pontoon boats, tubing pontoon, chartered pontoon, canoe, single kayak, double kayak, paddle board, and guided paddle trips. The staff here are passionate about getting you a rental that feels right for what you’re looking for. They are thorough on their safety measure and informative on how to operate your vehicle.  


Pack a cooler for lunch and load up your bags with towels and sunscreen; this is going to be one fun day in the sun! 


Whether you are just a lounge by the pool kind of person, or you crave the adrenaline rush of hiking up and down new trails, we are here to accommodate to your needs. Glacier Canyon Lodge will become a place for you to unwind and explore some new activities!  



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