Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort is in the amazing Clarksville, Georgia Area. The area has had songs written about it for its charm and wonderful people. So, I was excited to visit this area. I have not been before and I love new places.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Apple Mountain Resort


I had considered driving to the area because it is not too far, however there was a great deal on the flight to Atlanta and I could not pass that up. Atlanta is about 1.5 hours away and a fairly straight shot drive once you travel around the beltway to Interstate 85 that becomes I985 on the way to the resort and town.

The resort itself offers all the amenities of the Holiday Inn brand that I have come to expect visiting so many over the last year. I am like a kid because I am a sucker for the mini-golf and the pool. Easy to please in that regard. They also have tennis courts, and a game room for the kids. I like the convenience of their marketplace on site as well. These are like small onsite convenience stores for snacks, a frozen meal, and basic items you might have forgotten for your trip.

My accommodation was one of their two bedroom presidential lock offs that simply was too large for me, but I had to see the Presidential so this was me taking one for the team (joking -spoiling myself). I was playing the part of the solo travel writer again on this trip, so this was overkill to say the least.

The Presidential actually has 2 kitchens, and a lockout feature on one side. So, grandparents could be with everyone but close themselves off for an early bedtime or whatever. Great for a large family, for sure.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Business Center
  • On Site Restaurants
  • Fitness Center


Mc’s Kountry Kitchen (no, I did not spell that wrong) was my next step after putting my bags down. I felt a rib touch a rib, I think. At least I felt that hungry. So, I asked a member of staff and they recommended this local spot. This is a small local family restaurant. The menu prices were wonderfully set in the past and the simple menu called to me like a princess from a Disney movie to a young girl. You can see they have so many local customers they do not even have a website, they just use the Facebook page. This location is so close to the resort that you could walk, but with the country roads it is best to just drive over.


Recent Reviews

Enjoyed staying at the Apple Mountain resort. Close enough to Helen and other locations on our vacation. Room was great. Plenty of space and comfy. Loved the huge pool and hot tub. Didn’t use the put put but it looked fun. Check in staff was friendly and helpful. Cleaning staff was awesome. Very impressed with the place overall and plan on coming back. Laid back decor and atmosphere.

The rooms were nice, the staff was great! Netra was who checked us in I believe, and she was so kind and helpful! We had a blast with all the fun things to do at the resort and close by! My family was impressed.

Our family had a wonderful stay at the Apple Mountain Resort. Being off season, we felt as if we had the resort to ourselves. Very quiet and peaceful. We stayed in a top floor presidential suite, located across the street by the golf course. The room was spacious, well maintained and clean. We took advantage of the full kitchen, jacuzzi tub and private balcony patio. I believe the kids took advantage of the many amenities offered by the resort. Billiards, putt-putt, ping-pong, shuffle board, tennis, and basketball to name a few. We also took advantage of the horseback riding, which was a great treat. McKayla is very experienced, knowledgeable, and really cares for the horses. As novice riders, this made for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The staff were warm, friendly and provided great customer service. Joanie, in particular, is the benchmark of great customer service. She provided me with assistance prior to arrival with my reservation and with a couple of other requests during our visit. I appreciated her kindness and assistance. Overall, we had a great visit and do plan to return in the future. To have a resort option like this in such a rural area is wonderful.

My family and I visited doe the first time from Orlando, FL, during the week of Thanksgiving. The location of the resort and the surrounding areas are beautiful. The resort is minutes away from amazing waterfalls and hiking for all. A must see is Helen GA about a 25 minute drive away. This is the 2nd most visited city in GA. You will feel as if you stepped out of your car are somehow in Germany. We will definitely be back.

Big rooms. Very comfortable. Great landscaping. Very friendly staff. The activity area is great. Pool tables and games to play. Big pool and fantastic put-put course. You can get ice cream in a cup or cone and sit outside enjoying the views. I like the big jacuzzi in the room. I enjoyed having morning coffee outside on the porch. There is a laundry room with free washers and dryers.

It was amazing!!!!!! We stayed at the president’s suite and it was literally the best place! The rooms were huge, amazing spa tub, and super friendly staff. There is so much to do at the resort and surrounding areas. This is the perfect spot for an amazing vacation. We were so sad to leave!


Day Two Looking Around


This area is country and neat. It is hard to believe it is just 1.5 hours from Atlanta. Such a major difference in the pace of life and calm that this area provides. If you want peace and quite add this to your list of possible vacation stops. If, however, you want nights out in the town, clubs, and dancing, you found the wrong location. Think small town America and great country people with warm hearts, and you have the right idea.

There is local music, and entertainment, it just is that local and fun.

Today I headed to a local automotive museum called Miles Through Time their website has a great description. So good, I am sharing it here.

Miles Through Time Automotive Museum is located inside Vintage garage Antiques which is on the left side of the Old Clarkesville Mill. The Museum boasts over 100 years of automotive history, memorabilia, art, and unique historical exhibits you won’t find anywhere else.

Unlike other museums where the same displays sit there year after year, Miles Through Time changes often… which means more opportunities for you to see more cars and more history. Memberships are available so you can come back again and again.

Miles Through Time is a nonprofit, “living” co-op-style automotive and history museum in Clarkesville, GA. Automobiles, memorabilia, and historical exhibits have all been donated or belong to those who support the museum and the historical preservation mission of Miles Through Time. This is not one man’s collection but a cooperative collection of dozens of supporters.

This unique exhibit style makes the museum ever-changing, unlike some museums and collections that may remain static for years. This is not the case here, as we are frequently changing and expanding our displays.

Here the vehicles are on loan from their various owners. Which is an amazing thing for people to do. The collection averages about 60 cars at any time. I counted 61 on my trip. They let you in to all the fun for $10 to help keep the lights on and pay the bills, which was very nice and cheap.

Next I went to lunch at the Attic. They have a good sized menu with many options but when I saw a burger go out to a table near me it made up my mind. The burger was as good as it looked and the fries tasted like they were freshly cut on site.


Day Three in Clarksville


So far, I liked Clarksville and the people I had met. Yet, I did not know why there would be songs written about the area. I wanted to find some of the hidden magic that often you find when you are not looking in an area.

Well I have seen the movie a river runs through it. I also grew up on the water on the East Coast in Virginia and have fished most of my life. But I have not fished fresh water much, nor done the whole wader in the stream deal.

I thought today was the day. I called last minute to see if I could get with a guide and make something happen. I found Blackhawk Fly Fishing online and called about something last minute. To my shock, they said they could make it work. They hooked me up with a guide, some gear and in a few hours I was knee deep in water trying to fly cast.

Fly casting seems more like an art that a skill. One of those things that goes more by feeling than anything else. Your little lightweight fly just will not shoot off on its own. It takes more of a gentle whip like action to get it to go.

After 30 minutes, I made it to a level where I would not want to be video tapped but I could get close to where I wanted to go. My younger guide laughed with me as a learned and offered tips that were helpful.

As we fished, we occasionally talked a little about life, and what it was like working from home doing all my online stuff. Then I asked him about what else he does, and how the fishing guide thing was working for him. Seemed like the guides here were a good group of friends who got together to make this thing work.

This company provides private fishing along approximately two miles of the spring creek fed waters of the Soque River as it runs through Batesville, Georgia from the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was worth the drive out here to get away and unplug from it all. Then just relax and focus on fishing. I would not want to depend on this for food, but it was fun and something I do recommend. Especially if you are not used to fishing, it would be fun for newbies.

At the end of my trip here I did not find something magical, just wonderful people and nice country. Fresh rivers and streams, waterfalls, and great people. Everyday nice folks that share a little of their lives with you, and help you city folk enjoy their place in the world with them. That is worth a trip for sure.

If you want to fish, see a country side of nature, and visit with some good people put this resort on your list. Just make sure to book with TZort.