King 583 Resort

King 583 Resort

King 583 Resort

King 583 Resort Charleston SC. Charleston South Carolina is an amazing town. One with a deep history and strong art culture. I looked forward to this trip.

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Day One Arrival


The drive to King 583 and Charleston is a good one. It takes about 7 hours or so from my home. But it is all interstate driving down I95, which is fast and easy.

Checking in the view of this resort is impressive. I had booked a 1-bedroom deluxe villa. It is 588 square feet in size. Each villa provides the following amenities.

Villa Amenities

  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Refrigerator
  • Partial Kitchen


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Internet Access
  • Valet Parking
  • Elevator


The resort villas are the main attraction along with the location. This resort is all about being able to stay in modern surroundings in this great southern city.

King 583 sits in the very heart of Charleston. Just blocks from the historic city market. It is very close to several well-known locations. After getting sorted, I walked a few blocks to a neat spot called Prohibition. As one might imagine, it is a great name for a bar. They also have quite a menu. Once I saw that I was ready to order.

I started with one of their specials they offer dollar oysters during happy hour. They also have several drinks and more food items on the happy hour menu. I tried the charred wings and had a Margarita Picante. Both were outstanding.

Then I found an entrée that called my name. I had shrimp and grits, and it was buttery and fresh.

Enjoying all things touristy, I chose to do the Walking Ghost Tour. It started at 7:30 PM and was set to last about 90 minutes. The tour is a little of a walk, but you stop regularly for ghost stories and points of interest. This would be a neat thing for older kids to do with you, and it is fun for active adults.

After a few ghost scares, it was back to the resort for some sleep.


Day Two at King 583 Resort


I woke up at a sensible hour. If I had not already seen the sunrise at Myrtle Beach this year on several occasions, I may have woken early to go catch it at local Folly Beach.

Instead, I was waking slowly and taking my time. I walked to nearby Browns Court Bakery. They had a variety of pastry that would make anyone happy. I picked a cinnamon roll which was so rich and sweet that it was near perfect. In addition to these rolls, they had many other versions available. Another treat was the many muffins available.

I looked at the lunch and dinner versions of the menu, which are rich with many pizzas. These looked good and great use of bakery ovens later in the day. I wish every bakery that is expert and working with bread, and the dough would consider making pizzas too. The idea sounds like the best of both worlds.

One of the great things about Charleston is the art. I started my day visiting one of the most renowned and well thought of. The Gibbes Museum of Art first opened its doors in 1905. When you go on the first weekend of the month now, many museums are offering free admission thanks to a program through Bank of America.

Next, I visited another one of my passions, a history museum in Patriots Point. This also allowed me to board and visit the Aircraft Carrier, the USS Yorktown. Many members of my family have worked their entire careers in the Newport News Shipyard. So, it was interesting to go through the site, and on the carrier.

An interesting thing to do would be the overnight program. From their website:

The best overnight shipboard camping experience is at Patriots Point! For more than 30 years, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, JROTC, churches, schools, and other youth groups have been staying aboard the awe-inspiring aircraft carrier, the USS YORKTOWN. Campers sleep in the berths that sailors once occupied and immerse themselves into the lives of heroes. With packages that include lodging, meals, and educational activity, your group is sure to have an unforgettable stay.

Check the website itself for tickets and times, and for all there is to do. But remember children 6 and under are always free. At the museum, there are destroyers, subs, aircraft, and so much more. I thought I would go for just a few hours, but I ended up spending more time and seeing much more than I thought I could.

Virtually everything was open and had interactive features. There was even a Vietnam experience with a full section that really connects you to those who served.

After hours of art and then science and warrior experiences, I was ready to eat again. I decided to go for BBQ and headed to Rodney Scotts this man can cook BBQ. Now I love North Carolina-style BBQ, but I like all other kinds of BBQ as well. This was a joint that offers many kinds of BBQ. There is so much here to try that it makes sense to get a plate and mix and match some of your favorites. I went with a 3-meat combo, which was outstanding. It reminded me of the newer Mission BBQ chain. All the meats were cooked to perfection.

I chose the pork, turkey, and brisket and I was happy with all 3. Then I saw that they did real banana pudding and I had to try it. It was so large that I had to take some back to the resort with me. This chef has even one of the best chef title for the Southeast for this Charleston location from the James Beard Foundation.


Day Three in Charleston


Today I was back on the art tours early in the morning, well not too early I waited until the first was set to open for the day. I also went ahead and checked out of the villa I was just staying two nights.

I started at the atrium art gallery. Here they have the collected works of 17 artists at the time of my visit. It was a smaller gallery, but one worth the time to visit. They also offer some online virtual visits which are nice.

After Atrium I headed to Anglins Smith all the artist’s work was impressive but I liked the voice of Kim English. It was interesting to see his work here since he is a Colorado-based painter. But I guess you show your work where the market and your heart is.

I paint with oils as well but I do not pain on Linen and that seemed to bring the light alive in his art. Maybe I will try that on my next painting. Some of his paintings were smaller and would be affordable for many new collectors.

Again all the artists were great, it was just his work with people that caught my eye. One named Donna’s Garden looks great and was on the website now as I am writing this looking back on my trip.

Finally, I went to the City Gallery at waterfront park. Here they had some great exhibits and a lot of visitors. Oh, it would be nice for an artist to get in here.

Next, it was back to the history of fun with a visit to the Old Exchange. This was a neat experience where you could step back in time. There is a guided tour of the lower level which is about 25 minutes and if you can you should make sure to take that while here.
After much art and history, I wanted to get on the road home and at least get started before late afternoon. I wanted to stay in Charleston longer, but business and life were pulling me home.

You too can visit Charleston and see all this amazing city has to offer. Just travel with TZort to save a bundle on the trip.

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