Lodge Alley Inn

Lodge Alley Inn: Charleston, South Carolina

To stay at Lodge Alley Inn is definitely one of the most spectacular experience I have ever had as a traveler. Lodge Alley Inn is located in the heart of old Charleston at 195 East Bay Street, near the beach area. This place gives an experience of living in the historic times. With its European vibe, you will feel like an old soul. For couple travelers, staying at this place feels so romantic, I will highly recommend it.

To move beyond, let’s get to know this perfect vacation location and what it offers to a traveler like you.

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Getting there

There is only one way to travel to the islands for most travelers. It all begins with a flight. From your airline, you have to travel to Charleston International Airport. It took me 12 hours to travel from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). It was a very long flight, which is not a problem at all because I am a sleepy head.

From the airport,

From the airport, I rode a taxi to get to Lodge Alley Inn. Charleston is the cultural capital of the South. It is really a place that will give you a glimpse of history. Looking around through my windowpane as we head to the Lodge Alley Inn, I was amazed by the European vibe it brings. The place also is a great cultural site where there are numerous museums and heritage area around. It took us only 11 minutes to arrive at our destination.


Day 1 Arriving at Lodge Alley Inn

Upon entering the Lodge Alley Inn, I was welcomed by a huge old fountain. There are tables and chairs nearby where you can relax at nighttime drinking your favorite vodka. It is a perfect place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also an ideal place for a date night. Just imagine being served a sumptuous food for a dinner outdoor with a natural dim light with a scenic view of the historic hotel. It is so romantic.

I hopped out of the car and roamed around the parking area. Who would have thought that this resort is a collection of warehouses during the 18th century? The resort is beautifully restored. You will find yourself constantly amazed by the historic vibes this resort brings. My old soul is brimming with joy. Even the resort seems part of the history, it serves the luxuries and amenities of today. Pure bliss, that is how I would like to describe it.

With the resort’s proximity to the famous landmarks, it will be easier for you to experience what Charleston has to offer. The place is just a few steps away from the Rainbow Row, Nathaniel Russell House, Charleston Harbor and the Market, to name a few. You will never run out of places to visit and activities to do. What is good about staying in Lodge Alley is that it offers an excellent concierge who will assist and arrange your travel to these landmarks. It is also nearby numerous museums and restaurants. What a great convenience!

Entering the Resort

Upon entering the resort, I was greeted by the staff smiling ear to ear. The kind of smiles that make you feel very welcome and accommodated. As I was waiting for my room keys, I moved my eyes around. Just wow! The place is very rich in style. The place feels so warm, ancient, and laid back.

The staff handed me keys to my accommodations. Wow. The place was so impressive. It was so neat and organized. I looked at every corner in the room and not a single item seemed to be out of place. The room is spacious and has this Victorian vibe. The first thing that I saw was the oriental carpet in the living area. The sofas are comfy and can be a nice spot to cater to a group of friends. That way, you can catch up with one another’s life, and just chill with a bottle of vodka. Before I forget, there is also a fireplace in the living area just in case you want to feel just warm.

The room has a kitchenette with kitchen wares, which I am glad about. Just in case you want your food delivered straight to your room, you would not have to worry about spoons, forks, plates, and glasses. It also has a fridge and a microwave. Though I am used to staying in four-star hotels, this one works fine for me. The room is air-conditioned and has a flat screen TV. Plus, you can go online at anytime you want with their free Wi-Fi access. Everything was nice. It has the comfort and feeling that I was looking for.

I found my eyes dumbfounded at the paintings, which are all on nature. The furniture, they were so ancient and classic. The chandelier looked like the ones from the old era. The wooden bed frame, the lamps, the cabinets, everything will make you feel like you are living in a house heritage. It feels like the place is rich with stories. Not the scary ones, ones that are treasured.

I stopped by the rest room, and it was just okay. It is small, just like the ones at home. But the shower area is separated and enclosed by a glass door. It is spacious and definitely a high score for me. If you are not used to bathing in a roomy and well-lighted shower room, you will certainly love it here. They also have the basic toiletries, towels and slippers.

Villa Amenities

  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Hairdryer
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • On-Site Security
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Fireplace
  • Concierge Services
  • Restaurant(s)
  • Valet Parking

I determined that I should start fixing my things, putting them in place so I can take a shower.

After a shower, I heard that there are restaurants nearby and for dinner I wanted to have some seafood. I walked around to find a restaurant that offers my dream dinner. In less than 5 minutes, I found the place to dine in. It was in Peninsula Grill. It offers a variety of food and the place is really cozy. I decided to get myself some oysters, and it never disappoints.

Inside tip folks. For dessert, you must try their best-selling coconut cake. Got myself a slice of it and it tastes like heaven. Overall, it is a nice restaurant, and their service is over the top.

After dinner, I determined to go to the Pavilion Bar, which is just near the area. There are many bars and restaurants around, but I heard Pavilion Bar is the place to be. It is a rooftop bar that offers an amazing view of the city and the beach. Located on the rooftop, it has a large pool where you can dive in and just enjoy the night. The side of the rooftop where tables and chairs are situated is the perfect spot to have a view of the city lights. I just love this kind of scene. It somehow has the power of clearing my mind, taking the stresses away.

Day 2

I was awakened by a call from home. I forgot to turn of phone’s Wi-fi connection. It was a call from my mom informing me of the delivered package, which I ordered a few days ago. To my surprise, it was already 9am. I am used to waking up at 6am. It’s nice to have a time-to-time pause from the busy schedules that we have. Getting reset and energized through these kinds of travel does so much that we could ever imagine.

I decided to get some coffee for dinner. I determined to go to Bitty & Beau’s Coffee, which is 3 minutes away from Lodge Alley Inn. I am a lover of coffee. My expectations went up as the place is nice and heartwarming. I have never entered a café that brings this kind of unexplainable feeling. It was superb. They also offer some merch, and I decided to buy a shirt for myself as a remembrance. I ordered hot Americano and decided to take out a frappe so I have something to consume in the courtyard.

I was thinking of staying at the hotel and maybe just roam around the beachfront, but I also wanted to discover what else this rich city has to offer. I chose the latter. Upon arriving at the hotel, I arranged a tour with the front desk. A concierge accompanied me as I tour around the city, which I think was good. It saved me time since it was my first time in Charleston and I am not familiar with the places. Aside from that, it was also good to learn from the local and have someone to talk to as I roamed around the city. I did not have to worry about the transportation because most of the attractions are nearby.

If you want something extra, you may book a bus tour, a harbor cruise or a horse-drawn carriage tour, which seems exciting. They are open to service every day.


We went to Rainbow Row. If you have not been there, it refers to Georgian row houses in the United States. It is named Rainbow Row comes from the colors of the houses. It replicates the colors of the rainbow. It is a nice place to take a picture which I enjoy so much doing. Rainbow Row was built between 1670-1680 and was initially a house for merchants and a place for their shops. It turned to slums after the war and was restored in the 1930s. I find it amazing how it was beautifully restored.

If you are looking for a place of fun and games, Escape in 60 is an excellent place you have to go to. It is located just two minutes away from the Lodge Valley Inn. This is where you can experience a real-life adventure with your friends. Solving riddles, puzzles, challenges and finding hidden clues are some of the games you will surely enjoy. I will definitely come back here and bring my friends to this amazing place.

If you love history, there are lots of museums in Charleston. One is The Charleston Museum, the Americas first museum. It aims to preserve the cultural and natural history of Charleston and the South Carolina. From the bricks, textiles, armors, animal relics, statues and a lot more. It is amazing to see these items as they contribute to the history of the city. Being in museums is really wonderful, it gives a feeling of time traveling, revisiting of the past.

If you are a fan of theater, there are perfect places for you to explore in Charleston. One of these is The 34 West Theater Company. It was 6 minutes away from the Lodge Alley Inn. You may spend the night and feed your eyes with the spectacular live theater shows written originally by the company of actors and designers. It is where you can have a drink of your favorite champagne cocktails and snacks.

It is so nice having to enjoy this comforts and fun of life. I will revisit these memories and will definitely be talking about it soon as I get home. The tour was tiring, but it is the kind of tiring that gives a feeling of joy. Something I cannot explain.

We headed back to the resort, and I decided to go straight to my room and have some long shower.

Day two ended much like day one, but this time I decided to have my food delivered in the hotel. It was just me planning of the idea of having dinner in the courtyard in front of the fountain. I settled for a porkchop and a soda for dinner, which is great. As a complimentary, I also got freshly baked cookies and a sherry from the hotel. I realized how romantic this place can turn as daytime begins to end. I love how relaxing it feels watching as the color of the skies alters as the sun sets. It is always pleasing to my eyes. No wonder people keep coming back to this place. It is the feeling it leaves and gives.

Day 3

It was my last day in the resort, and I determined that I should just stay in the vicinity of the area. I still feel a bit tired from my adventure yesterday and staying in just to enjoy the place, I thought, may be a good idea.

I planned to have some walk by the beach in the morning. I definitely love the view of a beach; it makes me feel so relaxed. Though swimming is not my thing, just having to see and hear the waves gives me a feeling of relaxation. I settled on a certain spot in a hammock, to enjoy the view and the sun. It was really a sunny morning, but the island breeze kept the temperature bearable and comfortable.

If you are someone who loves beaches and sunsets, Charleston definitely has a spot for you. You can enjoy a sunset boat cruise available every day. There are also bars and restaurants that will satisfy your eyes with the amazing view of the beach and the sunset. Everything that you are looking for, you can find in this place.

As I was resting in a hammock, I have seen locals jogging around the area. It feels nice watching people move around doing their own thing while you are just sitting comfortably, observing their smiles. Sometimes, we are too busy with our lives, and our commitments that make us miss noticing these small things. We miss the opportunity to just slow down, rest awhile and enjoy the little things, which creates a big impact in our lives.

Looking back at the time I was planning to go to this place, I was already in awe. Not just because of the amazing places around, but also the rich history that this place holds. Seeing the places from brochures and over the internet is way different from having it seen in person, in your own eyes. It is the feeling it gives that makes it so much different and special. I will definitely go back here, bringing with me the love of my life and friends.

There are many historical attractions to visits. You can choose from hundreds of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Even if it the place seems so busy, it is busy of fun and entertainment.

Then, I went back to the resort to have some breakfast. I settled for an egg, ham and bread. An orange juice for a beverage was perfect. I went back to my room and took a shower. Headed to the Grill 225 for lunch. It was just two minutes away from the hotel. The restaurant looks so elegant and a perfect place for dates. I ordered my favorite Oyster Rockefeller, Poached Salmon, and white wine.

I enjoyed my lunch so much because of the delightful food and the over the top service. After eating, I decided to go back to the beach front where I stayed in the morning. Just savoring the moment while I am still here.

I would say that it is one of the most wonderful experience that I ever had. I will certainly not forget how this place made me feel a lot of wonderful feelings. I spend the whole afternoon in a hammock, watching the beautiful view and waiting as the sun goes down.

I then decided to go back to my room for another shower. I determined to have dinner in Grill 225. It was a sumptuous dinner. Then, I returned to my room and fixed my things. I slept early, knowing that I was going to fly early the next day.

It was heard to leave. This place became near to my heart. I found a place that I can consider now as my home. Charleston is my happy place and my comfort space. The memories I got from this trip will surely be treasured. I’m glad to have the chance of staying here, and wherever I will go, I will surely bring the memories I had I this place with me.

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