Newport Coast Villas

Newport Coast Villas

Newport Coast Villas is in Newport Coast, CA. This trip would mean a coast-to-coast flight for me, but I am interested in visiting another part of California. California is a state I like to visit, but I am not sure I would want to live there. They get amazing weather, but also the frequent earthquakes would keep me at arm’s length.

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Day One Travel and Arrival

This trip starts with a slight from coast to coast for me. A flight across our nation typically involves a connecting flight through one or more hubs for the airlines. A discount airline offered flights for as low as $200 one way, but those flights had a long layover (over 6hrs), so I went with another airline and paid a bit more for the flight instead.

My connecting flight was through ATL or Atlanta, which made the entire flight with the layover only about 7 1/2 hours, which was a nice flight. The other routes and airlines would have taken up to 12 hours. It was worth double the cheap flight price to save 5 hours of travel in each direction.

My flight would be to LAX one of the most widely known airports in the nation. It is the west coast center for flights. LAX is ranked the 3rd busiest airport in the World and in the USA. So, it is a beast. These days, even with all the craziness of Los Angeles, it is still that busy. From LAX I take a rental car from the airport to the resort which if I am able to pick up a low-traffic time is about a 1-hour drive. Almost the entire drive is on Interstate 405, which does make the trip easy to handle.

I was not able to avoid them, so I just got off the interstate and took a few hours and toured the harbor area near long beach, then seal beach. I then took coastal road 1 all the way to the resort instead of the interstate. I prefer to drive further versus sit in traffic, and this was a very scenic route.

Arriving that the resort it has the feeling of an ideal coastal village somewhere. Truly beautiful and in an amazing location. Once you check in and then do the tour of the resort, you are just amazed by the views. Now I have had the honor and privilege of staying in some of the nicest resorts in the world. Even last month I stayed in Aruba at an oceanfront resort and casino. But this view rivaled everyone I have seen. You are up high enough to have the perspective of the ocean and the sky at the same time. The colors of blue are a bit like those of the Caribbean. The range of blue is not as large here in this part of California, but it is peaceful and majestic.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Wi-Fi Internet Access
  • Cable TV
  • Hairdryer
  • Kitchen

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Beauty shop
  • Bar-B-Q and/or picnic area
  • Fitness Room
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Dining Options
  • Concierge desk
  • Internet Access

After checking in, my room was also over the top. Maybe it is the architecture here that is making it feel like such a natural part of the environment. I am not sure, but I love it. I just feel at peace here from the moment I arrived.

Inside the resort you have one of those Starbucks meets convenience store shops, and not wanting to leave the resort at all, I just popped in there to grab something to take back to the room. I found a chicken salad, a chicken Cesar salad, and a few snack items. It was a simple but oh-so-easy dinner of sorts.

After my little meal and a relaxing nap outside in the fresh air, I woke as the temperature dropped with nightfall, and headed to check out the poolside bar. I felt a few top-shelf margaritas calling my name, and I had burger since the salads had already left me wanting more. To me, it seems like the only thing that lasts a shorter amount of time in my stomach than Asian food are salads. I saw a quote today on the plane; I wish I remembered who it was from but it was a funny play on that saying about Asian food. It was whenever I eat Italian food; I am hungry again in 5-6 days. I will have to look up who said that because it just seems like a wise play on words. Since most people say they are hungry again 4-5 hours after eating Asian food, it just struck me as a funny quote. I love both Asian foods and Italian foods, but certainly, Italian pasta stays with me much longer.

Day Two Newport Beach

Being from the East Coast, I think I am spoiled by some of the best beaches in the world. But I love the ocean, so today that is where I am headed first. I want to see the West Coast beaches up close and personal.

I start my day close to the resort at Crystal Cove State Park. Here you find more than just beaches with miles of trails and a large underwater park that is perfect for scuba divers. It has been ages since I put on scuba gear, but I thought I would see about going with a group and renting the gear while I was right here. The underwater park is an amazing 1,140 acres, which for a maintained underwater environment is huge. I chose to go with a group because it has been a long time for me, and I think even experienced divers should not go it alone. Always safer to swim, and especially dive with others.

The park’s visitor center can provide you with more details while you are in the area. This map of the area I think, is very helpful and even shows the resort located on the map. You will also find an environmental study loop in the park that is very informative and interesting while you are here.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is fun, and it is physical. If you have not been in a while, expect to feel muscle groups the next day that you might not have felt in a long time. For me, it was my core muscles. Too much leisure travel, writing, and general sitting at a keyboard for me.

I came away from a half-day trip exhausted, but I had so much fun on the dive. The water is fairly clear here. It is not as clear as the Gulf of Mexico, or the Caribbean, but you do have a good field and distance of view underwater.

If you are certified already, there are some great areas to dive into near the resort. Beach Cities Scuba helped me find the gear and a group diving in the area. They have been in business for 55 years and were great to deal with.

Since I was out of shape after scuba, I was a bit wiped out and headed back to the resort to shower, rest, and change.

Day Three Seeing More of the Coast

It is nearly impossible to see this entire area in one short trip. Though I wanted to try to see more today. The Newport Beach area of Newport Coast is a nice area. With the views and weather, it is easy to see why the median home price is almost 4 million dollars here. Those prices sound insane on the East Coast, but out West, they are closer to normal. The average high temperature in the area throughout the year is rarely above 73 degrees and below 50 for the low. It is like God himself turned on the AC for the outdoors. The entire region appears to have very near-perfect weather.

Los Angeles just an hour north has temperatures that often get well into the 80s during the summer. Yet this one area of the state seems to be blessed with the perfect cooling breezes from the ocean.

Today I wanted to go up and see the Hollywood things to see. It is a short drive and even though things here are perfect, I did not know when I would get back this way again.

I picked a tour company for an all-day kind of tour. They offer a Grand LA tour that is 7 hours in length and includes 4 main stops with plenty of attractions along the way. All for less than $100 per person. I am not sure if the prices have come down in the last few years or if this value is just the going rate. I have paid double that price for tours to other vacation destinations in the last year.

The tour goes through Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica Beach. At the 4 stops you have a little over 1 hour to see what you want to see, then be back on the bus for the next departure. The tour itself leaves at 10 AM in Los Angeles, so I had to be up and out of the resort for the day before 8 AM just to make sure I made it in time, found the location, and generally got myself ready for the day.

Santa Monica Pier

One stop is the Santa Monica Pier. It is certainly a site you have seen in many movies and more than a few TV shows. Other than that, it is just a nice pier with great views of the ocean. You also visit the 3rd street promenade which is neat to see and look around.

LA Farmers Market

This top is about seeing the market itself and getting something to eat since you hit here at lunchtime. I found some local Tex-Mex kind of food that was good a fast.

Griffith Observatory

This is the large observatory you have seen in countless movies, chase scenes, and TV. If you are younger, you may remember the location from a video game or two as well. You also get to see many exhibits here, and weather permitting great views of downtown LA. These days, part of LA may be as close a view as you want. Since the view is mostly about the city’s architecture and design from this vantage point.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Seeing the Hollywood Walk of Fame is neat, also seeing the Grauman’s Chinese Theater was cool because some part of your mind just thinks it can not be read as many times as you have seen this area in your life in some form of screen. Just do not let your eyes wander, especially your kids, because close to the Hollywood area are signs of societal issues. It does not have to take away from your trip, just stay with the tour group and see what you want to hear.

After 7 hours of Hollywood and the sites, I was ready to drive back to the ideal weather near the resort. To end the day relaxing by the pool and watching the ideal sunset, there was something on my bucket list for sure.

In the morning I would have to be up early and with only a few days in the area, my sleep pattern still had not settled fully yet. So, taking it easy was intended to help me slow down mentally to get some good rest tonight.

Instead of flying out tomorrow, I would be going to my next resort just about 133 miles from my current resort. I was headed for Shadow Ridge and some legendary golf. Follow me on that part of my trip here.

If you want to experience amazing weather and beautiful scenery, this is the way to do it in Newport Beach. Close enough to see Hollywood, but not having to stay in LA was a great treat. Just make sure you book with TZort for the best rate and villa.

Next, I am headed to Palm Desert in Palm Springs


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