Panama City Resort

Panama City Resort

Panama City Resort and Club gives you a world-class seat to Florida’s pristine beaches. This city is home to over 25 miles of beaches to choose from, making it an ideal location for a vacation. You will never want to leave this resort as it has an ideal location for the water. Step outside your villa and you will be taken away by the sugar-white beaches and emerald-green ocean. This is the reset you have been searching for!  

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If you want to relax in style, choose from the comforts of the studio, 1-bedroom, or 1-bedroom deluxe suite. These homes can accommodate your entire group with enough space for everyone to spread out. These accommodations range in size from 400 to 963 square feet of space. Everyone can relax and rest on their own time, in their own way.  

These villas offer full kitchens and baths, master bedrooms and baths, and a cozy porch to relax on. These comforts give you that at-home feeling even on vacation. The top-of-the-line sheets line the bed for a clean and comfortable design. Every time your head hits the pillow, we want to make sure you are getting a quality night’s sleep. Because let’s face it, what’s a vacation without a full night’s rest?  

In your kitchen, you can find a stocked cooking area. They have given you the necessary tools to store leftovers or make a few meals at home. Not only does this save some, but it also promotes quality time spent together. It allows you to brew a fresh cup of coffee every single morning. From here, you can bring that cup out onto your private porch and have a moment for yourself. As you sit, the beauty and stillness of nature will take you to a state of pure bliss. What better way to start off your day?   

An underrated comfort of this resort is the availability of a washer and dryer, and an iron and ironing board. Not only does this allow you to pack light, but it’s also good for those emergency spills and creases. This is one of those added comforts you won’t find at your average hotel. At night, you can find yourself back on that porch to watch the sunset over the water. You can feel the slight sea breeze on your newly sun-kissed face and enjoy the sounds of the waves.   

If you’re in search of some aquatic fun, splash around in the resort’s heated pool. This pool allows for some fun in the water at any time of year! Rain or shine, you will be able to spend your days in the water. And if you’re in need of a little more relaxation, soak up the tranquility of the hot tub. Feel the anxieties roll right off your body.  

Guests here can enjoy a round of golf at Holiday Inn® Golf Course for half the price! Pack your clubs and get out on the greens. Challenge someone to a game and see who comes out on top. Whether you’re there in the quiet hours of the morning or the last group on the greens, you can find yourself reaping the benefits of a classic game of golf.  

There’s nothing better than a few days at the beach. It’s good for the soul and gives you the tan to prove it! Bluegreen Panama City Beach and Resort have everything in between covered for all of your vacation needs!  

The Best of Both Worlds waits at Panama City Resort  

Panama City is the place to be for those seeking the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation. Here, visitors can enjoy lounging under the sun, fishing on the pier, and adventuring through the parks. The best part is that with everything so close, you can experience more than once in a single day.  

If it’s an adventure you seek, take a trip to one of the areas of amusement and water parks. These safe, kid-friendly destinations are the perfect way to keep the entire family satisfied. The waterparks allow your crew whether big or small to feel like they can do their own thing. Race down the slides on tubes or float down one of the lazy rivers as you soak up that glorious Florida sun. Out of the water, find your fun on one of the rollercoasters, go-karts, or mini-golf courses.   

Similarly, the area is known for its ability to combine water with hands-on experience. You can embark on cruises in a boat, jet ski, or paddleboard through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the Grand Lagoon. In these same waters, you can take guided diving or snorkeling lessons. In these lessons, you will experience the abundance of wildlife that calls these crystal-clear waters their home.  

However, who’s saying the trip is all for the kids? Panama City brings on a lively nightlife scene. Not only are they known for their incredible live music, but you can also find something fun on every corner of their streets. For those wanting to try their hand behind the mic, there are a number of places that offer karaoke. Lively bars and restaurants line these streets to keep the spirit alive even when the sun goes down.  

While the city is a beach destination, it offers so much more within its limits. It’s a place to let your creativity run wild and take hold of what you want your vacation to look like. Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day vacation at Panama City Resort and Club.



Being in Florida means spending your days in the ocean. Spice up your time in the water with Panama City Diving. This is the place to be for all of your diving needs, as it was created to be a community for new and old divers alike. With a team of certified divers, you are in the right hands! They have an intro, refresher, and advanced classes so no matter your skill level, you are welcome here.  

If this is your first time, the team will take you through a classroom and water session. In the classroom, you will go over the basics of diving and the equipment you will be using. You will review safety measures to ensure you are not put in harm’s way. After, you will gear up and head out for a supervised dive in the Gulf of Mexico. This experience is perfect for anyone who wants to try out diving but doesn’t want to go through the classes to get certified.  

If you are a certified diver, you have a world of opportunity ahead of you. Panama City Diving offers a plethora of classes and experiences for you to take part in. They are a team of individuals passionate about bringing a new kind of diving experience to you!  


On your first night, you deserve the best. Allow Runaway Island to show you the best in seafood cuisine. Here you can experience the catch of the day and will taste the flavors of the sea! With a casual grill and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s as if you never left the beach.   

On the menu, you can find local crab, oysters, and grouper sandwiches among many other tasty options. Their appetizers, soups, and salads are packed with flavor and are a great intro to what to expect from the main entrée. While they have a separate section for entrees, consider choosing one of the fish tacos. Whether fried, grilled, or blackened, the seafood here will please your tastebuds.  



Take a break from the beach and explore the zoo. Zooworld Zoological Park gives a look into the exotic wildlife that calls Panama City it’s home. They bring in animals from all over the world so that you can see them in a one-stop spot! And the best part? You get to interact with them as well.  

Here, you can kiss a giraffe, snuggle a lemur, or hold an alligator! They have a plethora of experiences to be had that combine well with walking around the general park. If you have a question, just ask one of the highly trained staff! They are passionate about bringing better education about the animals to the park’s guests. For just $10 a feed bucket, you can feed over 80 giant alligators. This is all safely done from the Allapattah swamp platform. And the best part? Almost any age can participate in not only this activity but also the other exhilarating experiences this zoo offers. The park is always changing and adapting as it brings in new animals every single season.  


After a day of excitement, you will be pretty hungry! Since 1984, Pineapple Willys has been a Panama City favorite. William Buskell aka Pineapple Willy has stayed dedicated to giving visitors a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Whether that means great food, service, or cocktails, this place has it all!  

They offer unique appetizers, sandwiches, baskets and so much more. Their most popular menu item has to be their world-famous BBQ ribs. They offer these in a one-pound bucket and serve about 1,000 pounds each day. To make these notorious ribs, they cook them for eight hours and baste them in their very own sauce. This sauce is unique, as it is made with whiskey! This bucket is served with garlic toast, beans, and coleslaw to make it a complete meal.  



Paradise Adventures Catamaran brings you to the center of all the adventure. They offer four different catamaran tours and new in 2020, three kinds of watersport rentals. They are situated in Pirates Cove Marina right off Thomas Drive for easy guest access. Their catamarans are coast guard certified and manned by their professionals.  

Again, there are four different catamaran tours. The dolphin sightseeing tour offers a trip up the coast and to Shell Island. As you soak up the sun and sip on some fresh drinks, check out the movement of these incredible creatures. It lasts two hours and is a favorite of any animal lover. The snorkeling tours are for anyone seeking to explore the sea. This three-hour tour gives you ample time to swim with the wildlife and play in the water. You can discover the beautiful marine wildlife in their natural habitat.  

The adventure tours last three and a half hours and take a scenic trip through Grand Lagoon. This is the tour to get all of your pent-up energy out. With inflatable water toys, paddleboards and so much more, there is simply no way to get bored. The sunset cruise is for anyone who loves marveling at a classic Florida sunset. You can enjoy the changing sky right in front of you as you sip on your drink and listen to the live music on board. Whatever tour you choose, it will be a special one.


Firefly is a dining experience straight out of a movie. This seafood spot is the true definition of romantic fine dining. Their dining room offers your meal under a lit-up oak tree. It’s just enough to give you ample lighting, but still has a dark essence to give everyone their own privacy.  

If you have pure food indulgence in mind, this is the place for you! Their ever-changing menu offers locally sourced ingredients that capitalize on the natural flavoring of each dish. Their seafood is either locally caught or imported from exotic locations. The fish and meat are cooked on an 1800-degree broiler until it is just right. From there, it’s paired with fresh vegetables and sauces. A meal here is an investment in your night; one we guarantee you won’t regret.  



For over 38 years, Shipwreck Island Waterpark has brought aquatic fun to the scene. Since 1976, it has been a Panama City staple for guests with its unique tropical-themed rides. They offer a plethora of attractions with thrills in and out of the pool. It is twenty acres of lush landscape for you and your crew to explore.  

With over ten attractions, you will be in no short supply of adrenaline, laughs, and thrills. The Zoom Flume was the original waterslide and is still here to this day. It has three curves that were built in, out, and around a huge hill. At the very end, you will be thrown into a big splash pool! The Great Shipwreck is a replica of a 17th-century sailing ship. Any ship lovers can appreciate the attention put to detail here, as it feels like you are literally on a ship. You will zip line off the ship and drop into the lagoon pool below. A trip here is a trip you will be talking about for years to come.  


Start off your last day right at Sunrise Café and Bakery. A family-owned and operated favorite. This place serves breakfast and lunch all day. They make their menu items in-house and offer fresh, daily specials.  

Their breakfast menu offers classics like egg sandwiches, waffles, and breakfast meats. These pair well with their diverse coffee menu that offers a variety of iced and hot drinks. Their lunch menu has burgers, sandwiches, and salads served with either fries, chips, or coleslaw. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out the European menu. They offer international flavors and are always offering something new.  


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