Scottsdale Links Resort a Hilton Vacation Club

Scottsdale Links Resort, a Hilton Vacation Club, is located at 16858 North Perimeter Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. This was once a Diamond Resort but has changed its branding with recent resort ownership changes. It makes sense that Hilton would want this amazing resort branded for them.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Scottsdale Links Resort a Hilton Vacation Club

Normally my trip would start with a flight to the area, but I am transferring from another resort and extending my Arizona trip. I am happy to get this chance because Arizona is a special place, and this has already been a great trip.

This means a drive from just above Phoenix at Rancho Mañana Resort to this resort, which is a drive but not bad at under 4 hours. When you check out at 10 AM and check-in is at 4 PM, that still gives you time for a stop along the way. I chose to stop for some scenery and then some lunch.

The resort is almost on top of the TPC Scottdale courses, so this means there are a ton of options nearby for great meals and stops along the way.

I chose The Sicilian Butcher for my meal and wow, what a choice. It is better than even that great name might imply. I had the CHICKEN & SAUSAGE CACCIATORE, which was some of the best sausages I have had. Then I saw the meatballs go out to a table near me. I instantly thought mama mia I made a mistake. But that was quickly fixed by just going all in and ordering meatballs, too. My thought was heck, I will take what I can not handle with me to the room, then have a midnight snack. These meatballs were the best I have ever had. Just perfect and tasted like they were made fresh that very day. You could almost taste the moo if you know what I mean.

If I had started drinking here with all this food, I would have needed to sleep in a booth so I did not drink at all, but instead enjoyed the food and took a small to-go box for a snack later.

After the meal, I headed towards the resort. I was a little early, but not very early. They may allow me to check in early. I do not like asking but I am very low-key about it when I do. I do not want to press where I am staying, but sometimes they can hook you up. Either way, I would be out of the heat for a bit. It was so hot today that I was certain leaving me to go box in the car would be the same as under a heat lamp in a restaurant. The outside air temperature was 106, and I have been to places where the heat index was that, but not the actual temperature. This was nuts.

People can talk about it being a dry heat all they want, but at these temperatures, you create your own humidity almost instantly. Getting out of the car’s AC meant I was covered head to toe with perspiration by the time I got inside. I felt like I was on fire and my perspiration was the only thing keeping me from burning, so my body was producing it without fail.

They did not have my room, but they did say I would be able to go to the pool area if I liked. The pool area is wonderful but on a hot day like today crowded. Your fellow travelers would just kind of melt into the water. Also, the tables with umbrellas were a commodity. I walked around and looked while enjoying a drink, but ultimately returned to the AC of the main building after a while.

Before I could adjust to the AC life again my suite was ready and I was moving my bags inside. It was very nice. The photos do not do it justice.

Once inside, I was not fully trusting my car heat is as good as a heat lamp idea, so I went ahead and ate my snack now. I figured once the sun went down, I would go out and get some items from the store and bring them back. On the next trip where I go resort to resort, I am going to purchase a small cooler for days like this. I did have one of those cooler bags, but the 106 heat was asking too much of it. I had to trash some of my items from the grocery store. The milk has skipped cheese as a stage already and was becoming something new.

There is a Walmart and a Costco not far from the resort if you want something close by to load up on some items for the fridge while you are here.

Since this was the last resort on this trip, I did not grab a cheap cooler, but the next time I do this kind of multi-resort trip, I will.

Recent Resort Reviews

Beautiful resort, with nice condos. LOVED being able to sit outside our condo on the patio to enjoy the weather, and eating dinner while watching our favorite hockey team. Good size rooms. The furniture is a bit dated, but not terrible. Our condo was VERY clean, though! The only complaint is if you get a condo off the main road, it is a bit noisy with the traffic if you want to sit outside on your patio. But when we were inside, we barely heard the traffic.

So comfortable. Rooms are huge, clean and laid out well. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Free parking!!! Big clean pool. The grounds are well-maintained and beautiful. We had a great trip to Scottsdale / Phoenix.

Love staying here. The microwave was broken. I called the front desk and within 10 minutes, someone was there to replace it. Very friendly staff. You feel like you’re at home when you’re there.

This place was great. The rooms were great service was great location was all right I would recommend if you’re going there with your family to go hang out for the weekend other than that I’d give it four stars

Everyone there is great! Stayed there twice, just because of that! Great Atmosphere, an attentively wonderful place to relax.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range
  • Washer / Dryer

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • On-Site Restaurants

Day Two Golf at TPC

While you are at some amazing golf locations like this, you just have to play. Golf here at these premier courses is not cheap, as you might imagine, nor is finding a foursome or other players to join. These are popular courses. But traditions win out when you book ahead and you can figure out both.

Today I will be joining some other travelers for a round of golf. I have only been playing a little over 2 years now because, for some reason, I avoided playing most of my life. I had a childhood addiction to mini-golf but never stepped up until I was 48 years old.

Now I enjoy the sport some, and I can see how it works for business because even when I play with strangers I have a genuinely good time, and often make new friends.

I now play mostly when I am traveling and writing, not so much in my normal day-to-day. For that, I might choose Top Flight Golf, or something more casual.

This fall I need to go play with my uncle who still gets out and does 9 holes when he feels up to it. Such a neat guy yet we have not yet played together. I need to fix that.

We played the TPC Stadium course. The fee was over $170 per person with add, on things it came to over $200 before any tips. I think this makes it the second most expensive course I have yet played. A course in Hawaii was more, but hey that is Hawaii. I expected it there.

We had an early tee time. The later in the day you, go the cheaper it does get in summer. With the heat, the pricing does make sense.

This time, I was using my own clubs for the first time. I had used that ship sticks service, and it seemed to work well. For $30 or so, they shipped my clubs and had them waiting for me at the resort. All I had to do was chuck them in the rental car and hand them to the caddie on the course.

I like having the caddy available since I am still fairly new to the game, and I do not know the courses. For the stadium the forecaddie is included with the fee, and gratuities are encouraged. As hot as it was, I tipped a $50 because even though young people can stand the heat, it was over 100 again today. By the end of our round, it was 101.

I remember a movie I think the title was Fools Rush. In it was about a relationship between a guy from a well-to-do family and a Spanish lady he fell in love with. The families met together on a great-looking houseboat and the father of the groom says “I do not know if you noticed but the white people are melting!” That scene and line hit me around the whole 16 and I could not stop chuckling. Eventually, I had to bring that up on my phone so the other players could understand why it was funny.

I am strange, I know, but sometimes things just pop into my head at the moment and make me laugh. This was one of those times.

Day Three Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art presents an outstanding collection of contemporary art architecture and examples of design from around the world situated in a beautifully landscaped park in the middle of downtown Scottsdale. The museum offers nine to twelve rotating exhibitions per year that keep visitors on trend with what is happening in the world of art, architecture, and design.

The museum also provides exciting programming in the genres of music dance performance literature and film as well as educational opportunities and learning experiences in the form of workshops, classes and lectures, art activities guided tours, and slide presentations for all ages.

I generally know when I am looking at what most would enjoy as trending art. To me, 98% of it is not my cup of tea. Occasionally, I will see something that grabs me, but I think I am not as established in my appreciation as some. They were still doing reserved times entry here, which was OK, but it just seems odd because it is more of a semi-private experience in a museum that way.

I finished the tour feeling more in tune with art at the moment, and a little less of a Neanderthal. Though be truthful, I did want to beat my chest when leaving to announce my departure. My better nature prevailed, and I did not.

McCormick Stillman Railroad Park

If the family enjoys mini train rides in a lovely park with concessions and model railroading. make sure you stop in at the McCormick stillman railroad park kids and dads of every age will adore the huge 15 inches gage railroad. Arizona railroad locomotive, a railroad museum and much more. There are hundreds of square feet of meticulously constructed dioramas with every gauge of model train running around together with interactive buttons that allow you to activate various equipment sound and light parts. The generously sized park has several play areas, a carousel, and a gift shop to purchase snacks and souvenirs.

I think fathers and kids would like this as much and the grandfathers would too.

Do you want your own great getaway to Scottdale if so consider this resort and book through Tzort?


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