Valdoro Mountain Lodge

Valdoro Mountain Lodge

Valdoro Mountain Lodge is in Colorado in the Breckenridge area. I am going to check things out in the late spring here, but the main time for travelers is in the winter for all the skiing fun.

Valdoro Mountain Lodge

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Day One Travel and Arrival


Being from the east coast for me, any journey to Colorado starts with at least one flight and often two with a connecting flight and transfer involved.

The resort is located at 500 Village Rd #7247, Breckenridge, CO 80424. The nearest airports are a regional airport, Eagle/Vail Regional Airport or Denver International. I have flown into Eagle/Vail before and it is a little closer, but on this trip Denver International Airport had more flights and a better price. Since the roads were not snowy, and I was renting a car, the few extra miles did not matter, so I got the tickets to Denver.

To be honest, I had also seen some wacky conspiracy video about their being an underground facility below the airport and I thought 20 minutes looking around might be fun too.

If you take the fastest route from the airport, this meant about an extra hour drive or a little over 2 hours’ drive to the resort from the airport.

With that and my flight time, by the time I reached the resort, it was well after 6PM and I could check right in without waiting. That is always nice. Often when I travel I get somewhere and have to kill some time while dealing with bags or other minor hassles. This was easy.

My first impressions of the resort were ones of comfort and a modern rustic feeling that I really liked. Everything had a rustic feel but in a brand new modern built version. When I checked into my room with the full kitchen, large rock surround firewood throughout, I was regretting not bringing a date. This screamed romantic to my lizard brain.

Most resorts offer internet now with general wi-fi but this was free high-speed internet. I was able to do a video call with ease from the room, which is nice for those of us who work remotely. It is also nice for people who do not work remotely yet but might have that company cell phone lease that you have to have with you. I know the feeling I spent years with the company cell phone and spending my days off in a state of on call that was frustrating.

The resort offers suites from 1 to 3 bedrooms and they are spacious and very comfortable. I could see either a large family or several couples going and booking a 3 bedroom together and having a great time any time of year, but especially the winter with the skiing here.

Everywhere you look, this resort screams skiing and winter fun.

After getting settled in the room, I wanted to grab some snacks and drinks for the room just to make my time easier and more restful.

Villa Amenities

  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range


Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services



A quick drive (3 minutes) will take you to the Breckenridge Market. There are tons of dining options in the area but if you want some things for the resort room, this is a great spot to load up.

They have a deli here as well as meat department and normal grocery options. In addition, there is a liquor store that offers beer, wine, and spirits. I grabbed a 6 pack because I like to support local businesses. Also because the craft beer looked great. I am a sucker for locally made spirits and small batch offerings.

I was able to get a few light sandwiches from the deli and a few other prepared items, in case I got hungry after hours, or felt too lazy one day to head out.

On the way back to the resort, I stopped at Wasabi Japanese Restaurant which had a nice staff and menu. I enjoyed a Teriyaki chicken dinner that was excellent.


Day Two Surveying Breckenridge


Today I wanted to start with breakfast out, then go out and get the lay of the land. I wanted to find the great things to do in this town in spring, summer, and fall. Then find out more firsthand for you about the skiing in season in the area.


Breckenridge Colorado


Breckenridge is a city in Colorado, United States. It is the principal town of Summit County, Colorado. The town is located near the base of the Ten Mile Range. Since skiing trails were first cut in the 1960s, Breckenridge has become a popular destination for skier. In summer, Breckenridge attracts outdoorsmen with hiking trails, fishing, boating, nearby Lake Dillon for swimming, whitewater rafting, three alpine slides, a roller coaster, many shops and restaurants up/down Main Street. The historic building along Main Street, with their wooden and log exteriors, adds to the charm of the city. Since 1981, Breckenridge hosts the Breckinridge Festival of Film in October.

A festival is held every year in January. It celebrates winter sports and the Norse god Ulnar. Many people attend this event. There are also many summer events, such as a Fourth of July parade.




Snow tunnels are used to protect people from the cold weather. People pack snow into the tunnel to make sure that they won’t freeze. This is done because there is no heat inside the tunnel. In this case, the person died while he was trying to get more supplies. He froze to death.

Gold mining was once very common in Breckenridge. Now, most of the gold mines are closed. Some are open to tourists, but the characteristic gravel ridges left behind by the gold dredges are still visible along the Blue River and the Snake River. A dredge is still floating in a pond near the Swan River.

Edwin Carter was an important person in the history of Breckenridge. He was a pioneer in the logging industry and he collected many types of animals. His cabin still stands today.

Harry Farncomb was a prospector who found the source of the gold in France. He struck a rich vein of gold called Wire Patch. This mine produced the richest gold ever seen in California. Farncomb also found other veins of gold, including Ontario, Key West, and others.

Summer Fun

Video by Breckenridge, Colorado

Winter Fun

Video by Breckenridge, Colorado

Winter fun is more than just amazing skiing. There are also two Nordic centers (Gold Run Nordic Center & Breckenridge Nordic Center) which boast more than 30 miles of perfectly manicure snowshoe and cross country skiing trails.

Snowmobiles are great fun and Good Times Adventures offers access to many models you can rent and enjoy.

The skiing here is outstanding and the runs and entire town is built around your skiing happiness. Do book ahead, get your lift tickets as soon as possible and plan for crowds during the busy dates.

Day Three Rafting

Today I am going whitewater rafting. I have signed up with a local guide and provider for a more tame whitewater experience than some. This half day trip would be good for a family that is active and has older kids who are responsible.

For me this worked as a tag along group member or the adopted Uncle for a trip. I was more ballast than they likely wanted, but the river can handle any weight if the raft can.

The tour provider says kids as small as 4 and 30 pounds can go on this trip but I would want the kids to be very spatially aware for 4 year old. The raft guide was very capable and knew this waterway extremely well, but as a parent I would have pause if my child was not good at paying attention to rules, and safety. If they are it might become their favorite thing to do.

Want to have the ultimate ski vacation, or just enjoy the amazing summer environment like me, book through TZort.