Wyndham Flagstaff

Wyndham Flagstaff: This Wondrous World 

Wyndham Flagstaff

Become immersed into the world of Flagstaff, Arizona at Wyndham Flagstaff. Known for its ability to take you into a completely different world, this resort will be the getaway you have needed for a while. It is 2,200 acres of the purest views in nature. Once you step foot into this spectacular escape, you will be taken into a state of utter bliss  


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The fresh mountain air is crisper with every new waking day. It has the power to refresh and rejuvenate. This is how Wyndham Flagstaff differs from other resorts. It has set themselves in an environment that promotes healing and relaxation.  


Choose from the one- and two-bedroom resort suites to call home for the next few days. These suites comfortably sleep four to six guests and range from 460 to 963 square feet. They have one king bed in the master bedroom, two twin beds in the guest room and a sleeper sofa in the living area. These beds are dressed in thoroughly cleaned, top of the line bedding. This comfort is to ensure you are getting a good night’s sleep every time your head hits the pillow.  


In your suite, you will enjoy the privacy of separate bedrooms, the economy of a fully equipped private kitchen, and the convenience of a washer/dryer in each suite. In the bathroom you can run yourself a relaxing bath in the whirlpool tub. The bubbles will soothe your body and release all the tension in your muscles.  


Enjoy a hot cup of cocoa by the fireplace and curl up with a good book. The heat will put you at ease and it’s one of those things that are a simple but very needed comfort. Once you awake in the morning, you can brew your coffee in the kitchen and bring it out onto your own private balcony. If you’re up early enough, you can watch as the sun rises and peaks out over the mountain tops. This is such a simple way to start or end your day, but it makes the world of a difference.  


If you find yourself with any questions or need some assistance with something, the Wyndham Flagstaff staff are passionate about making you as comfortable as possible. They want to make this transition from home mode to vacation mode an easy process. Whether you need an extra towel or need directions somewhere, give them a call and they will be happy to assist.  


Once you settle into your suite, come and explore what the resort has to offer. It is just packed with exceptional amenities to compliment any age and lifestyle.  For some fun in the sun, there are two outdoor swimming pools. They are the perfect spot to splash the afternoon away and soak up those glorious rays. Basketball courts, billiards tables, and eight tennis courts offer action-packed days of recreation. Whether you’re big or small, nothing beats the friendly competition that can be produced on these courts.  


Whatever reason you need to be on vacation, we won’t judge. We are just here to sit back and give you the tools to make this the trip of your dreams.  


The Greatest Game.  


Wyndham Flagstaff is the perfect place to touchdown for all things golf. Golf, the favorite pastime of so many Americans, has been bringing vacationers in Flagstaff unforgettable memories for years. Whether you have a large group or a small group, you will be playing the game of your life.  


Onsite is an 18-hole championship golf course with greens that have been taken care of with such quality and care. Just imagine the serene feeling of your club making contact with the ball only for it to fly down the greens. As you take your swing and finish through, you will see some gorgeous sites of nature. The mountains and the green all in front of you is breathtaking. As you get to the hole and make your final putt, just imagine the feeling of accomplishment that will overwhelm you.   


Before or after your round, you can practice hitting a few clubs on the 12-acre driving range. And for some fun and for golfers of all skill levels, check out the par 3 chip and putt course. It’s a little practice mixed with a little bit of competition to make your day complete.  





What better way to see Arizona than the Snowbowl Scenic Chairlift? This alpine ski resort is located on San Francisco Peaks has lots to offer whatever season of the year it is. On a clear day, you will have a view as far as the Grand Canyon.  


The views from the bottom, during the lift, and at the top are spectacular. Each season brings something new. In the summer, the sun shines on the various wildflowers and leaves on the trees. In the fall, you see the golden colors of the leaves on the ground. The cool air is crisp and fresh.  


Once you reach the top, you will be greeted by the rangers who can any answers you may have. They are trained and educated on the biology, geology and history of the region. After your off the life and settled, there are various walking trails to make the day your own. You can explore the grounds and take a long walk or just a short stroll through.  


Shift Kitchen & Bar is an American shared plates restaurant where food is meant to be enjoyed in a family style manner. It reintroduces the basic notion of “dinner with the family”. Their atmosphere encourages togetherness with the comfort of a good meal. Their menu is driven by bold flavors, locally sourced ingredients, and artfully composed plates. It is sectioned into 5 different regions: snacks, vegetables, house made pasta, meat/fish, and dessert.  


The snacks feature house made sourdough, pickled French fries with secret sauce, and crispy brussel sprouts with soppressata vinaigrette. For vegetables, we recommend the sunflower seed risotto. For house made pasta, we recommend the black garlic and baby turnip tortelletti. For meat / fish we recommend the Australian lamb loin, or the line caught lingcod. And to finish off the meal, try the sticky toffee apple cake. Amongst many different options and flavor profiles, you really cannot go wrong when you dine here.  





Heritage Square is a gathering place located in the heart of historic downtown. It’s the perfect meeting place to begin to explore. It is constantly being filled with the sounds of local talent. This has been through live acting performances, comedians, music, movies, and so much more.  


There’s always something happening in the square. Especially for the kids, events are being put on all the time to get the kids involved and interacting with different experiences. It is also a good vantage point for all of the nearby retail shops and restaurants with outdoor patios. The cool thing about these local shops is that they all bring something new to the table. Some of the stores are women’s clothing stores, some are home décor, and some kid’s toys shops. Whatever you find here, you are almost guaranteed to be the only one with it once you return home.  


Heritage Square is that sense of home away from home. It gives you a central, safe point to enjoy your day. It quite literally draws people to its center like a magnet. It’s a collection of small, local businesses coming together to give the community a sense of belonging.  


Opening its doors in 2016, Nomads Global Lounge is travel inspired. It is that warm comfort of home mixed effortlessly with the wonder of travel. The original fireplace and antique windows are still intact and operable to give you that sense of nostalgia.  


All of their menu items are prepared from scratch using quality ingredients. They feel a good meal doesn’t need to be rushed. They know the hustle and bustle of traveling and want to offer the experience of stopping to just enjoy the moment. They offer appetizers like Meatballs in chianti marinara sauce and currywurst. They also have cheesy baked dips, Lahvosh pizza, and main entrees like Yucatan chicken, salmon cakes, and lamb kafta 





Walnut Canyon National Monument features a true step back into history. It is the cliff dwellings of the Sinagua Indians. These were built in alcoves in the sandstone walls of a deep, wooded canyon. It is truly breathtaking to see the preservation of these past moments.  


The Rim Trail is accessible to the first overlook. This trail is paved and relatively flat. It is a journey through a mixed juniper and pinion pine forest. Those kind of views by themselves is enough to take your breath away. Through this trail, you will explore a partially rebuilt pithouse and pueblo set back from the canyon rim. And during the summer, get the experience of growing with the Sinagua. You can visit the demonstration gardens that grow traditional crops.  


The Island Trail is a one mile round-trip that gives you access to 25 cliff dwellings. This trail; has been around for more than 700 years. Just imagine those that have walked before us. These walls echo the voices and sounds of the robust pueblo community. This trail is paved but not accessible with wheelchairs due to its steep canyon terrain and many stairs.  


Karma Sushi Bar & Grill is an immersive experience into Japanese culture. This locally owned restaurant capitalizes on its reputation of sophisticated but tasty food. They have based their work on key values of innovation, excellence, community, and history.  


Start off your meal with Zensai, and try out the Edamame, veggie spring rolls, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. Next have a salad, and try out the Flagstaff: broiled Atlantic salmon, arugula, spicy yuzu vinaigrette, avocado, red onion, mandarin orange, and cucumber. From the sushi bar, try sashimi, nigiri, maki, hosomaki, combos, and signature rolls. You can really taste the freshness of the rice and seafood.  


10.1 MILES VIA I-40 W 

Come and experience some pulse-pounding fun at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course. This is Arizona’s only adventure & zip line course. It is the place to test your limits and feel the adrenaline surging through your veins. There is an adventure course, adventure zip lines, kid’s course, and private guiding for individuals aged 12-15 who do not have an adult to climb with them.  


The adventure course has multiple large circuits that contain a mix of approximately 10-17 different obstacles and zip lines. The obstacles range from rope swings, scrambling walls, ganging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended “surprises”. Before you embark on this journey, you will get a 30-minute training session. You will then proceed to the green course, then the silver, the blue course, and the red. These lines are marked by colors to break up the elevation and skill   


On the zip lines, you can conquer more than 30 lines. These are suspended 15 to 80 feet high in the tall Ponderosa Pines. They really will test your nerves. Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and let the lines take you. It’s not just lines that take you, they also include ladders and bridges and keeps you active. Take control of your own adventure at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course.  


Pizzicletta is just the meal you need after a day of adventure. It serves wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas at their intimate Italian establishment. These pizzas cook in 90 seconds to bring you that crisp, fiery taste.  


The dough is hand-tossed and prepped for each day. This means the pizza you are eating is the freshest possible. The ingredients used are locally sourced and grown. Their menu includes a starters list with classics like prosciutto, marinated olives, and Caesar. For pizza flavors, they have Margherita, pepperoni, bee’s knees, bacon and shallot, veganara, and funghi. 

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