Wyndham Patriots Place

Wyndham Patriots Place

It’s never too early or too late to visit different times in history. Wyndham Patriots Place gives you a place to relax as you take a step back in time in beautiful Williamsburg, Virginia. It is situated about a mile away from the historical area and was built on the lush grounds of a former golf course.

This beautiful resort really blends into the peaceful atmosphere of this area. It isn’t a resort that feels out of place; it just feels like home. The difference is that you are on vacation. It is a quiet resort community surrounded by the lush landscape and historic spirit of Williamsburg. This is the place where you start to create history within your own family.

Wyndham Patriots Place offers studio, one-bedroom standard, and one-bedroom deluxe resort suites that can comfortably sleep two to four guests. These suites are spacious offering 380 to 870 square feet. The studio suite features one queen bed and a kitchenette. One-bedroom suites feature private bedrooms with a queen bed and queen sleeper sofa in the living area. These beds are dressed in top of the line bedding and are frequently changed to ensure a clean environment.

Of course, we love our family, but it is so important to give everyone a place to unwind by themselves at the end of a long day. The separate living and dining areas create the perfect balance between relaxation and play. You will enjoy the comfort and warmth to cozy up on chilly nights in some resort suites. There is truly nothing better than making yourself a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. Maybe you will add some marshmallows or some whipped cream, or maybe just enjoy it plain. After you make your drink you can curl up and watch the fire in front of you come to life.

These rooms are neatly polished and well-maintained for Wyndham Patriots Place guests. This experience is made possible by the friendly staff who work hard to make sure your stay is all about you. They are around 24/7 for any trouble you may run into fixing the TV remote or bringing some fresh towels. No call is too small or too big; we are here to make this feel as relaxing and worry-free as possible. Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction of a good place to eat or the nearest gas station; stop by the front desk and we would be more than happy to help you out.

After getting comfortable in your room, come and explore the resort’s fabulous amenities with your entire family. Take a dip in the outdoor pool and splash around. Lean back and soak up some of that sun in one of the lounge chairs. This area is perfect to relax under the umbrella to catch up on some reading or talk with the other vacationers. Enjoy some friendly competition in a game of tennis, basketball, or horseshoes and see who will come out on top. The resort’s outdoor playground is a sure place for the kids to run around and play as it is fenced in and placed atop woodchips. It is just the right size and height for kids of all ages to play on.

Whatever reason you need a vacation, is a good enough reason for us. Join us and let us make Wyndham Patriots Place a part of your vacation memories.

The Past, Present, and Future   

Because the beautiful old brick buildings have been so well preserved, many generations have been able to visit and learn about this country’s history. It is an overwhelming feeling of history and culture all in one place. The history within this area is so alive that it almost makes you feel like you are back in time.

The area forms the “Historic Triangle” together with Jamestown and Yorktown. With live-reenactments, museums, stores, and many restaurants, there is always something to do in this city. Whether you are just starting to learn about some of these events in school or you have studied them for years, being in the town is a complete learning experience. You will learn something new every time you visit!

This resort is perfectly located to give you the serenity of nature and the close proximity to a bustling town all in one. Whether you have fun running around waterparks or walking around where some of history’s most significant events happened, this city is truly fit for anyone.

Find your piece of history in Williamsburg, Virginia at Wyndham Patriots Place. Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day family getaway with us!



Colonial Williamsburg is the largest outdoor living history museum. It’s hard to miss the history carved into every inch of this authentic abode. To make it feel like you really are in this decade of history, all of the staff are dressed head to toe in clothes appropriate to this time period  When you get the chance, stop one of them and ask about their outfits and the way that people’s dress varied amongst age group, gender, and class. It is so interesting to learn about how clothing has changed so drastically across the decades.

There are two special houses on site: Rockefeller’s Basset Hall and The George Wythe House. Both of these homes are gorgeous to look at but even more interesting to see the beauty as you go inside. The art and pieces in these homes are effortlessly beautiful and have been restored and preserved well. Even more, art can be found in the two art museums that Williamsburg has to offer. They feature the best in American and British fine and decorative art, ceramics, and a premier collection of American folk art.

For an even better look into this historic site, try a horse-drawn carriage or ox wagon ride. These beautiful animals will take you through the streets as you take a ride back in time. You will be surrounded by the sights of this unique city as it is more relaxing and calming than your modern-day busy streets.  As you slowly ride through the sites notice how the architecture has changed since this time period.

There’s nothing quite like taking a day to learn about some of the places our country was founded upon. The events that took place in this city were important back then and they will continue to be important as the years pass!


Such a full day calls for a full stomach! Fill your stomachs with the classic Amber Ox Public House: a seasonally inspired brewpub with a modern approach. Upon entering this seasonal new American fare, you will appreciate the interior design and industrial vibe it emulates.

Have you ever read a menu and thought wow that sounds good? And then the meal comes to your table and it is not as appetizing as you originally thought? The Amber Ox menu features plates that taste just as good as they sounded on paper! They are aesthetically pleasing and blend the right ingredients to excite your taste buds without overpowering them. Start your meal off with one of their appetizers, refresh your body with one of their salads or veggie dishes, and end it with one of their larger plates.



Have you ever wanted to play at a playground, maybe eat your lunch at a picnic table, or even canoe in a reservoir? Look no further than Waller Mill Park! This 2,705-acre lake is open for you to explore. This place is your oyster; the possibilities are endless!

With 360 acres of lake, the water offers the opportunity to kayak, canoe, pedal boat, or Jon boat. With onsite rentals, don’t worry about being weighed down by the heavy equipment; they have you covered. A tunnel connects the upper and lower sections of the lake, so you have the choice to explore the sections you want. With an onsite boathouse store, you can rent rods and purchase bait to fuel your fishing expeditions.

The fun doesn’t stop when you get out of the water. Explore the disc golf course, the playground, and the picnic shelters. Pack up your cooler with some refreshing drinks and tasty sandwiches and enjoy your lunch at one of the picnic tables. If you brought your furry friend along for the ride, take them to the dog park to allow them to playfully interact with some of the other dogs. The playground area is nestled amongst trees and wildlife to give a scenic outlook as you enjoy your time. Many wildlife such as reptiles, amphibians, and birds call this place home so keep your eyes open!

Come and play with us at Miller Park and see why the outdoors is so great!


1.8 MILES VIA VA-132 S

We can’t talk about history without honoring the music and performing arts communities. The historic Kimball Theatre has become the cornerstone of Williamsburg’s performing arts community. Since 1933, it has had its doors open for the talent of actors and actresses alike.

This theatre has 410 seats and features a main theater with a stage for live productions and a movie screen, a 35-seat screening room, concessions, and a box office. It is home to stage productions, musical performances, speakers, and more produced by community groups. Its central location in Merchants Square allows you to grab a bite to eat before or after the show. You can visit our shop and learn more about the history of this theatre. The show truly speaks for itself and is an experience just to be in the seats of the theatre.


Such a classic performance is incomplete without a meal to complement it. 2nd Street is an updated tavern fare with a twist. It is styled in a gold-hued setting with a patio & koi pond. Their food is unique enough to allow you to explore new tastes and flavors but classic enough for you to enjoy.

They have a lunch and dinner menu to excite your taste buds. Their appetizers feature tried and true favorites like onion rings and cornbread or more interesting items like sesame tuna or thai popping shrimp. Try one of the pizzas like the chicken bacon ranch pizza or an entrée like the grilled salmon with scampi butter. Indulge in one of their juicy burgers like the classic 2nd st burger. With a menu like this, you really cannot go wrong, especially when you follow any of the meals with one of their desserts!



There’s nothing better than spending your day splashing in the water or riding a roller-coaster, but you know what’s even better? Doing both on the same day. Busch Gardens offers this two-in-one experience for you. They were voted the World’s Most Beautiful Theme Park for 29 years in a row and are Virginia’s largest water park.

Start the day early with some thrilling rides in the theme park. Fun is never out of season at this adrenaline-filled destination. Pick from any of the eight rollercoasters and feel your body fly through the air. Don’t worry, you will be securely fastened in your seat. On these steel and wooden rollercoasters, you will experience free-fall drops, speeds that seem impossible, and twists and turns throughout your ride. These coasters are high thrills and have you reaching new heights; at the top, you are able to get a quick glimpse of the entire park.

After spending some time in the sun, you’re going to want to cool off. Join the fun in the water park for an aquatic thrill. At Water Country, USA, there is something for everyone. There are pools for the kids with fun fountains and slides in the splash areas and water playgrounds. For the thrill-seekers, there are water slides and rides that take fun in the sun to a whole other level. Race down these slides with your family or simply be a part of one and enjoy being the captain of your own raft. For some relaxation, a wave pool and lazy river is just waiting for you to take a dip into.

With many hours of the fun comes a hungry crew, so join us for a satisfying, tasty meal at one of our restaurants. There are so many options, whether you want a hearty feast, a quick refreshing drink, or a sweet treat. The sit-down restaurants feature a plethora of cuisines. Excite your palette with some of these international cuisines from German to American, Mediterranean, Asian, or Irish.

The best memories come when you don’t even realize you’re making them. These parks are such effortless fun and are the perfect location for your entire family. Let us be a part of those memories!


The best thing about coming to Williamsburg is there is so much fun to be had. It is a fun learning experience and is the perfect place to create new memories that will become a part of your new history. Wyndham Patriots Place is the place to be to let your adventure and creativity run wild.

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