Wyndham Smoky Mountains

Wyndham Smoky MountainsReaching New Heights  

Wyndham Smoky Mountains

No trip to Sevierville, Tennessee is complete unless you are staying at Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain. This mountainside resort offers the most gorgeous views of nature. Look out any of the windows and you will be immersed into the serenity of the forest in front of you.   


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This resort is right at the heart of America’s number one park destination. This park is a must-see when in the area. It is the place where you will be making memories that you will talk about for years to come. The views you will see are so simple yet so intricately detailed at the same time. They will make you appreciate all the little things in life; like these small, slow moments with the people you love. Just imagine waking up to the sweeping countryside of Sevierville. As the sun slowly cascades off the trees and peaks into your room. Another gorgeous day is upon you.  


At TZort, we want everyone to have a place to rest their heads at the end of the day. This is why we offer accommodations to include the entire family. Choose from our one- two-or three-bedroom suites and relax in comfort. They comfortably sleep four, eight, or ten people and range from 558 to 1,532 square feet. These suites offer private rooms with one king bed in the master, two double beds or a king bed in the guest rooms, and a queen sleeper sofa in the living room. These beds are dressed in soft and clean top-of-the-line bedding.  


As you relax in your suite, enjoy a mini or full kitchen to keep you well hydrated and fed. Get the entire family together and cook a nice meal as one. This a good way to save some money while still bonding with the entire family. The best meals are always the ones we make ourselves because we know how much care and effort went into them. You will also appreciate the convenience of a washer/dryer in each suite that allows you to pack light. There is nothing worse than being weighed down by a heavy suitcase. For added comfort, a whirlpool tub and balcony are available in most suites, with a living and dining area and TVs throughout.  


This experience is all made possible because of the warm and welcoming staff of Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain. They are passionate about making this an easy transition from home mode to vacation mode. They are available 24/7 to answer any questions of yours and clear up any of your confusion. They want to help and can point you in the direction of all the fun and adventure in the area.  


Explore the amenities of this resort as you walk throughout. Enjoy a game of miniature golf and see who can get the lowest score. Navigate the greens and the challenges of this course. Splash around at one of the four pools on site. Two of these pools are indoor and two are outdoor, so rain or shine, you can enjoy your swim. Enjoy your pick of two fitness rooms with top-of-the-line equipment to make you feel like your best self. Feel your worries escape your body as you relax in the sauna. Let the heat take you to a place of pure bliss.  


A resort with this much to offer seems too good to be true but we promise you, you will be satisfied when you travel with us to Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain. 


Into the Mountains. 


Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain blends perfectly into the serene landscape of Sevierville, Tennessee. It doesn’t take away from the beautiful trees and mountains you will see while on your outdoor adventures. Instead, it acts as an accessory to these great sights.  


As in the name, the Smoky Mountains are a non-negotiable part of this trip. I mean, how could you miss these gorgeous views?  These views are just a short drive away and are just waiting for you to come and explore them. Once you enter these mountains, they are yours to explore and adventure through. With miles upon miles of hiking trails, get outside and experience the fresh, crisp air of the mountains. Pack up a lunch for the day, lace up your boots, and be on your way! The mountains are calling your name.  


The hiking trails range in length and views, so you get a little something different from each of them. These rocky pathways may seem difficult but the feeling of accomplishment you will get once you reach the top will be well worth it.  As the weather changes, so do these trails. You will never go on the same hike again as each season has a little something different to show you.  


Watching a TV show and seeing a clip of a bear is very astounding. As the big creature makes its way across your screen you may think, I wonder what this would be like in real life. Now, you can do exactly that. Bear watching has become a popular attraction and millions of people come to the area to catch a glimpse of these amazing beasts. Cades Cove has become the most popular spot for some wildlife viewing in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This valley of open road features 11 miles of road for you to keep your eye out for the bears. This place along with many others will give you a thrill that is second to none.  Make sure as you venture through the forests and trails that you are leaving it better than you found it. These places are someone or somethings home!  


Take a peek into the life of the great outdoors and discover how you can plan the perfect four-day vacation at Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain. They call it the great outdoors for nothing!  





As vast as the Smoky Mountains are, you may find yourself thinking, what if I don’t get to see it all on my short trip? Not to worry! Take a trip on one of the Scenic Helicopter Tours and experience the mountains in a new and exciting way. Choose from one of the 11 options of helicopter tours. These trips range from 8 to 100 miles in length.  


This has been said to be the best way to see the Smokies as it gives you the perfect birds-eye view of these vast sights. Headsets are offered to communicate with each other, and the pilot will provide an informative narration of the flight. This way, you are able to fully understand the landscape you are flying over. Depending on the flight you decide to take will determine the altitude you reach; you will physically be reaching new heights!  


We recommend taking the ride around the time of sunset. This experience is like a two-in-one. You get to see the gorgeous sunset in the Tennessee skies as you are surrounded by your friends and family. Even better, you are in a helicopter. How many people can say they watched the sunset in a helicopter?  


After such a perfect experience, you may be craving something the trip could not satisfy. Fill your stomachs at Cheezy Steaks and enjoy authentic Philly cheesesteaks. This family-owned restaurant has the vision to sell a quality, consistent product with fast, friendly service.  


With rolls brought in from Philadelphia and meat made from certified Angus beef, you are getting a sandwich crafted in quality. With toppings like onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, banana pepper, and jalapeno peppers, you can mix and match to get a combination that will leave your taste buds satisfied. They also offer three cheese options to really give you what you want. These options include white American, provolone, or cheez whiz. To give some more flavor to your meal their menu also has pizza cheezy, a buffalo chicken hoagie, and a BBQ chicken hoagie.   


You don’t have to travel to Philadelphia to get a taste of these mouthwatering cheesesteaks! 


DAY 2: THE SOUND OF TENNESSEE  at Wyndham Smoky Mountains


Come and watch the show that has won awards year after year: Country Tonite. In its 24th year, this show offers entertainment through singing, dancing, comedy, gospel, American patriotism, and so much more. This two-hour show will leave you wanting more and the best part? You don’t even have to be a country music fan to enjoy your time.  


This experience mixes hot new country hits and hilarious country comedy with your favorite country classics. Fall in love with something new or get taken back in time as you listen to the musical talents of the cast and crew. This is truly an experience for everyone as they make the music and comedy relatable and fun for every person in the audience.  


They just launched a brand-new Pigeon Forge, so you are getting an experience even better than the last. They have new production numbers, new choreography, new lighting effects, new comedy, and new costumes. This change is a fresh experience to surpass all expectations you may have had.  


With so many notable awards won, once you come to Country Tonite, you will understand why it has been a favorite for generations.  


Are you looking for a real Tennessee experience? Visit the Old Mill restaurant for authentic, hearty Southern classics. This destination is not just a restaurant, but an entire experience all combined in one. The Old Mill is one of the oldest continually operating gristmills in the country.  History is carved into every inch of this place; before or after your meal, we invite you to explore and look around.  


Throughout this menu, you will find the food of the South. As they say, there’s nothing like a southern meal. Indulge in any of their fresh, homemade meals and you will not be disappointed. Start the meal off with one of their garden-fresh salads that come with a cup of their delicious corn chowder and corn fritters. Follow that with any of their delicious entrees. Choose from fried chicken, fried catfish, homemade meatloaf, the BBQ platter and so much more. End the meal with one of their sweet, homemade desserts.  


You will be leaving this restaurant feeling grateful that you are in the South. 

 DAY 3: THE WORLD OF ANIMALS  at Wyndham Smoky Mountains


Some of our fondest memories as a child were at the zoo. These memories don’t have to stop when we grow up! Find the child inside you at Rainforest Adventures Discovery Zoo. Because after all, who doesn’t want to be a kid again?  


This zoo is located in the heart of the beautiful Smoky Mountains and is open year-round for you to explore. It features over 600 animals and represents over 130 species. It is home to some of the most unique and beautiful creatures. These animals are tropical and temperate creatures and the majority of them have been born or hatched in captivity. There are reptiles, mammals, birds, and amphibians.  


Here, you can learn so much about these animals and how they are cared for. You are able to become immersed in an environment that teaches you about what life is like for these animals. This is so much more interesting and fun than just looking at pictures of these animals online!  


After a long day of adventure, you are bound to be hungry. Satisfy your hunger at Bennett’s Pit BBQ. This restaurant has been locally owned and operated for over 26 years. They know and understand that you work hard to enjoy the good things in life. They have made it their passion to make your dining experience one of the good things.  


They serve meals that are moist, tender, and packed full of flavor. Their menu features pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork and beef briskets that are basted in their own special sauce. This sauce is so good you will be wishing you had the recipe! Their meat is placed over hickory wood and smoked for up to 14 hours for maximum flavor. The end result is a meat with rich, smoky flavor that just melts in your mouth. They serve their meat with a side of their sauce, so you can control how much is on there.  


This is simply a BBQ experience you cannot miss out on!  





No trip to the south is complete without trying on some cowboy boots. At Stages West, you can do just that. This apparel store offers a wide range of cowboy’s boots, hats, belts, and other authentic Southern dress. They offer so many different kinds of cowboy boots with short and tall styles and simple or intricate designs.  


This store has something for everyone. The employees are experienced in their craft and are available to get you sized for the correct boot or hat, even if it’s just to try them on. However, once you try them on, we just know you will fall in love with them. When you return to Tennessee, show off your Stages West gear!  


Join us in Sevierville, Tennessee at Club Wyndham Smoky Mountain and discover why they call it southern hospitality. We want to make this vacation worth every mile you traveled to get here!  





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