Understanding the TZORT Community Fee

Supporting the Team that Supports Your Travel

Behind every remarkable TZORT resort stay, there is a dedicated team making sure the whole process runs smoothly. We want to be certain that our employees are well-compensated for their hard work. The TZORT Community Fee makes that goal possible.

What is the TZORT Community Fee?

When you reached the checkout area during the booking process, you may have noticed our Community Fee listed as part of the cost. Because you are staying in resort accommodations, there are no cleaning fees as you might see with other online accommodation sites.

We know you will receive excellent service from our resort partners, but you may not realize the behind-the-scenes services that make your trip possible. Our friendly, efficient hospitality staff members are easily accessible whenever you have a question and take pride in responding quickly to your needs.

We want to treat our valued team in the Philippines fairly, offering a competitive wage that makes a difference in their lives. Our Community Fee supports them and their families by rewarding their loyalty and unsurpassed customer service. Thank you for helping us maintain a strong TZORT community!

tzort employees

Your Luxury Vacation Is Our Priority

The dedicated TZORT team will take the hassle out of your next resort stay. Our committed staff members combined with five-star resort partners will provide an unforgettable experience. Start booking your next adventure today.