Diamond Resorts Alhambra at Poinciana

Diamond Resorts Alhambra at Poinciana is in Kissimmee, Florida. If you have not been before, Kissimmee is right next to Orlando and very close to the major theme parks and best locations.

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Day One Travel and Arrival at Diamond Resorts Alhambra at Poinciana

As I often do, I chose to drive down to the Orlando area and this resort in Kissimmee. It is a bit of a haul, so I stopped in Jacksonville, Florida, on the way down to stay a night in an older hotel there just so I would be rested for the rest of the drive today.

If you stop at the border of Florida or South Carolina, it makes your travel down to Orlando a breeze and just a few more hours the next day. You can certainly do it all in one shot. But it is best to do that only if you have several drivers and can trade off when driving over 8 hours or more.

You may live closer and that would not be a concern. But if you are coming from above Virginia, find somewhere to stop. That makes sense to you.

Since check-in time is 4 PM, I was in no hurry to get up fast and hit the road. I had until 10 AM to check out of the hotel off the interstate near the airport I stopped at. So, I moved slowly and even hit the pool before showering and enjoying the free breakfast for a moment as I checked out. Still, I was on the road by 9:30 AM and had a full stomach for the moment. There is only so much filling you can do with the cheap continental breakfast, but it was convenient. I even managed to read a newspaper in print, something I had not done in about 2 years. While the media does drive me crazy, most of the time, this was USA Today and it felt good to feel like I was on a business trip reading the paper for a few moments. Then I chuckled to myself and hit the road.

Later, as I arrived at the resort, I was impressed with the location. Alhambra at Poinciana is located on a giant stretch of land with walking trails, a lake, and some streams. It is on one side of a large 47,000-acre section of land that has great little neighborhoods all along the perimeter of it.

Being in Kissimmee, this resort is in the most stayed-at local town for those visiting Orlando, outside of Orlando itself. The town has less than 100,000 residents and most are in some way working in the hospitality industry, or those that support it. Kissimmee also boasts many resorts and hotels for those visiting Orlando who want to save a little by not staying directly on site of the major theme parks.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools

Recent Reviews

A lovely, small, quiet resort in a convenient location. The rooms were very clean, comfortable, and spacious. The decor was nice and updated. The bathtub/shower was kind of a weird design, but still very nice. The night security is very helpful when we check in late at night. If you are going to be arriving after 10 pm, I would call ahead and let them know. The only downside is that there is NOT enough parking at all. If you have a big vehicle (large truck, or any trailers) don’t come here. I have no idea why they didn’t take that into account when making the building, but there aren’t enough parking spots for the number of units. We had to park about 2 buildings away from our room, which was annoying. But they do have some little walking paths that connect all the buildings which made the parking doable.

Ernest and his Staff were very friendly and accommodating, and went the extra mile for my family!!. Rooms are very spacey and Extra clean. The tub was huge! The only problem was there was no easy access to the spacious shower/tub. It was a little difficult for my Mother in Law (82 yrs. old) to get in and out of and my 6 yr old slipped and fell getting out. (But she was fine) Maybe consider walk-in doors to be added to the tubs. The resort is very safe and secluded. Offered nice amenities to keep our family and kids occupied. It was Easter weekend when we were there and they had an Easter egg hunt on the playground, provided lots of good candy, and also gave several of our family members Easter baskets that were fantastic! Thanks again Ernest and your staff!!!

Staying in the villa. Everything you could need, they have already thought of. My favorite has to be the tub! When we needed something, they were at the door within minutes. Here for 4 days. Very happy! The only downside is nothing to do around so you will have to drive around a lot. UPDATE! So we ended up extending our stay 1 extra night just for the peacefulness. If you’re looking for a nice, clean, and staff-responsive getaway to just relax, then I highly recommend it! I was really happy to see they had a lift for the disabled in the pool area. I’m disabled with a balance disorder, so I loved this. However, it was out of order the entire time we were there, so using the pool was not an option for me. Even with that, I will definitely be staying again. Going to try the 2 bedroom unit next!

A smaller, quiet resort, away from all the activities. The main drawback is the road net in the area. One main road, though the area, does get very busy, at times. The resort is well-maintained, and the staff is exceptional. They respond to unit maintenance requests and other requests in short order. The grounds back up to the golf course, a nice pool area, and a small kids’ play area. There are 3 gas grills on the site.

First-time visit here and I am already impressed. It is like renting a small apartment with everything included. The room has a nice and comfortable king bed (at least the one I am in) also has a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and basically a full kitchen. This place is great and I would highly recommend a stay!

Those are great reviews that any resort would be proud of.

I had booked the 1 bedroom because after this I would be staying in the villas on site next, which are mostly 2 bedroom villas. So, by booking the 1 bedroom these first few days I could see what each is like.

Day Two Universal Studios

I will be enjoying this kind of dream vacation this week and next while I am in the area. I will get to visit both Disney and Universal and with about 12 days in the area, I should be able to see just about everything I want to at both theme parks. I have tickets for 3 days at each theme park, but I am starting this week off at Universal.

Universal Orlando Resort is the name of the entertainment resort complex which includes two theme parks, those being Universal Studios Florida. and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, you also have Universal’s Volcano Bay water theme park within the complex.

Like Disney’s Springs and Downtown Disney, Universal city walk Orlando, which operates primarily as a nighttime entertainment, is also in the area.

I was here when Universal first opened its doors. Literally, I did not even plan it, but I was here for the opening week a long time ago. Back in 1982 plans were made for a Universal Studios Florida theme park, and a working studio which would mark the first time that universal had constructed an amusement park prior to this universal studios in Hollywood was mainly focused on its flagship studio and tour attraction where a lot of special effect exhibits and encounters were built into the tour. For example, in Hollywood, the studio tour trams travel close to the shoreline and are attacked by jaws before they travel to the next part of the tour. Whereas for Florida, plans were made for a designated jaw attraction however, the project was put on hold in 1986 when co-founder Steven Spielberg realized that with a bit more ambition they could build back to the future attraction. Later, this delay led to Disney stealing the concept and opening its own movie-based theme MGM studios in 1989, which is now known as Disney’s Hollywood studios.

Universal opened its doors on June 7, 1990. I was there on I think the 10th and I purchased a season pass that day. The staff was new, and I did not even realize until I had purchased it that it was for local Florida residents only. I was at the window at the same time as a local woman and I guess they assumed we were together and just never asked me for ID. If so, I would have had to choose another pass option. Since I was in town for about 1 week, the season’s pass was a value for me, so I was all in.

Since that opening, Universal has expanded greatly and now has 3 parks counting the water park, and much more to offer. Universal has Harry Potter Attractions and Jurassic Park-themed areas. They also still have many of the great original rides that were from earlier days in the park that I like as well.

Harry Potter

When I first saw the original Harry Potter section with the castle and so much of the wizarding world that comes to life here, I was blown away. Now with the new area of Diagon Alley, it is a real over-the-top experience for Harry Potter Fans. I am old to say that I am a Potter fan, but I saw most of the movies with all of my nieces and nephews and even read the books with a few. So, I have been along for the whole ride from start to finish. While I am not one who would have ever played quidditch in college (yeah, that happened for some, but I was long out of school by then).

A funny story with that a family friend is a high school football coach, and a parent shared the story that their other child was lettering on a sport at the college level. Happy to hear that the coach asked which sport and the parents responded quidditch I think our friend the coach about laughed himself unconscious because he failed to take a breath. Not putting any activity down, but it was funny when I heard the story firsthand. Here is a man who made his career about helping kids grow through sports and a parent was talking about a sport at college that included carrying a broom that serves no purpose between your legs in a fictional sport. Just too funny. More power to anyone that gets out and gets moving these, however. Much better than just playing a video game.

If you purchase the multipack pass, you can travel on the Hogwarts Express from one park to the next. Which is the best way to travel?

Check out this video on the full Harry Potter Experience here.

Video by The Potter Collector

Day Three Back To Universal

Today I am going on the rides I missed yesterday and thanks to videos from previous guests I will take you along with me virtually.

First, we will do the Harry Potter Rides

The Forbidden Journey

Video by Universal Parks News Today

Next Gringotts

Video by Theme Park Shark

Finally, Hagrid’s Motorbike Ride

Video by The Potter Collector

If you want the ultimate trip to Orlando, Universal, Disney, or Sea World, stay at this resort or the villas here as your perfect launch site for all things theme parks. Just book through Tzort.


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