Oceanaire a Hilton Vacation Club

This resort is right on the beach and in a prime location at Virginia Beach. You can choose 1, 2, or 3-bedroom villas here and the views are great.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Oceanaire a Hilton Vacation Club

Oceanaire a Hilton Vacation Club is right in a prime location on the beach next to several other Hilton Grand Vacations Resorts and a major Hilton Garden Inn hotel. Sitting right on the boardwalk and directly on the beach, this resort offers all the Comforts of home and then some.

Hear your choice of accommodations can be 12 or even 3-bedroom Villas, including a presidential Villa that is a very large three-bedroom accommodation.

Clear the one-bedroom start at over 600 square feet and the presidential 3 bedroom penthouse suite is over 1,700 total square feet. This means regardless of the Villa size that you choose, you’ll have plenty of space for yourself and your guests to relax and unwind right on the ocean.

The Resort itself offers a pool, laundry, Game Room, Fitness Center, Café, and its own private Sundeck.

This resort is right next to the Hilton Vacation Club location and is just another resort down from the Hilton Garden Inn. In front of all three of these properties, you see a park-like setting that includes the oceanfront bike path, some nice walking paths, and then the boardwalk itself right before the ramp down onto the sand.

For those seeking a beachfront resort that offers a prime location, you have found it with Oceanaire here in Virginia Beach.

Anytime you’re staying on the beach, it is hard not to tell yourself to spend at least a full day right on the ocean playing in the sand and water. The only thing typically on a vacation that can put a damper on that idea is the weather other than the occasional thunderstorm or rain shower, the area boasts very good weather most of the season with mild temperatures and April May September, and October, and then the warm summer temperatures for June July and August. During the summer months of June July and August expect some 90-degree days and some with the high humidity that is possible in the area feeling as though it is in the low 100s. if you want 80-degree temps with the water warm enough to get in but not the super high heat of the days you can come in the month of May and really enjoy below 80s upper 70s temperature range throughout most of the month.

For those like me who love to be on or near the water on 70-degree days, you want to either come in the month of April or the first half of October some years you get a bit of an Indian summer or November will also have some warmer temperatures but that varies based upon the activity and airflow that year along the Gulf Stream.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services

Recent Reviews

Great place to stay – very clean, convenient, in a nice area of town, comfortable beach (not crowded). The adult pool and hot tub area are very nice for us parents of older children. The staff was friendly and helpful. They were very accommodating and kind to our service dog.
Be aware that a second car (even if your condo sleeps 6) is charged a daily parking fee.

We had a great time at Oceanaire Resort in Virginia Beach. The rooms (2 bedrooms) were set up perfectly. The bedding was comfortable. No carpet, which was so nice. The kitchen was up to date. Convenient location, the pool was nice, adult-only areas and access to the adjoining hotel gave the kids plenty of options. Would recommend the place for family fun.

My whole experience was amazing except when I extended my stay for another night, I do not think that the list was updated not to clean my room because housekeeping walked in on me while I was getting dressed but luckily my boyfriend heard them and stopped them before they could come all the way in. The view from the balcony was breathtaking, and the room was exceptional. The one amenity that I loved most about the resort is they have a 21+ pool where you can enjoy an adult beverage while swimming or just lounging around. They also have a tiki bar. 

Day Two Beach Front Fun

For me today was going to be a beach day it had been a while before my recent vacation at the Hilton Vacation Club Ocean Beach Resort right next door and I had only spent a day during that 3 day stay directly on the beach so I was ready to spend some more time on the beach during this Stay. What is great about the Atlantic Avenue location of these Resorts is how close you are to restaurants, local entertainment, and the beach itself. thanks to the oceanfront Pikepass and Boardwalk, you can almost walk anywhere along this trip that you like and you don’t have to worry about finding parking for your car or hassling with driving especially if you want to enjoy some adult beverages. Virginia Beach cell does a great job of maintaining the sand and every couple of years they will have the effort to expand the beach to maintain its nice large Beach area out in front of these Resorts and in front of the boardwalk. For you and me it just means that we could always find a place to put a towel or to set down an umbrella and really lay out and enjoy the beach and the ocean.

After a great day at the beach, you may be looking for some other distraction or something else to do especially if it is a rainy day or if the temperature is too hot, they only want to spend about half a day at the beach because you’re here during those Prime summer weeks well, you’re in luck. There’s plenty to do in the area including theme, parks historic, sites the wonderful Virginia Aquarium, and even some local zoos. top on the list for most will be the local historic sites in Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. when it comes to American history there are few sights better to learn more about the founding of the country or the Revolutionary War or even the Civil War than the Hampton Roads area of which Virginia Beach is a part.

Being on the coast Virginia Beach is the East point of the Hampton Roads area but is still within a 2-hour Drive of all the major sites that you can visit and enjoy. the only thing here to make sure that you remember is it traffic can be an issue, especially during the summer. All you really need to do though is plan your day so that you’re not trying to cross the water from one of these local cities in Hampton Roads to another during the peak traffic times in the main Peak traffic times for the bridges and crossings from Virginia Beach to the other parts of Hampton Roads are typically from about 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day. During this timeframe, you not only get traffic from all the tourists but the locals that are leaving work because we have a lot of military workers and military families in the area in addition to all the other Workforce all members that live and work in the area. But you’ll find if you are not on the roads from 3 to 6 p.m. and not trying to cross the large bodies of water like those that you cross on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel or the Chesapeake Bay Bridge that you will find traffic loads typically or not are not bad and you can get to and from places that you want to go even with a little higher levels of traffic without much more than a 15 or 20-minute delay.

However, if you do have to cross at that peak time you may find stop-and-go traffic at you might stay in traffic for up to an hour or more so it’s best to avoid that window of time, especially Monday through Friday during the summer months May June July August and early September. Even at other times during the year, that time frame is busy because of all the locals going to and from work, so from 3 to 6 p.m. is typically a time when you want to be settled already having fun somewhere during those hours.

Day Three Getting Fishy

Some other guests when they come to the area light up to take advantage of some of the best fishing in the area. still within that two-hour drive, you can also do a lot of offshore fishing. You can leave either directly out of Virginia Beach On a boat. Or you can drive out 2 hours down to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and leave out of a place going to Oregon Inlet and this just makes your time all the water easier and a shorter Journey over the water in the boat 2 the best offshore fishing that you’ll find on the East Coast. What are the reasons that the fishing is so good in the area the Gulf Stream comes within about 50 miles of the Virginia Beach and Outer Banks area? And many species of a fish link to travel in and around the Gulfstream for the warmer water and they also hunting fish themselves smaller game fish that are technically within the Gulf Stream. If you haven’t seen the Gulfstream up close it’s pretty amazing to see because you can actually be out in the water on your fishing boat and look over the side and you’ll see what looks like a stream running right through the ocean and it’s because the current in that area is so intense and the water is a different temperature so that you see the flow of that section of the ocean from the Gulf Stream actually as a separate part of the body of water that you’re on even when you’re offshore 50 miles of war and it’s quite fascinating to see this first hand. this is also one of the reasons why the area offers some of the best offshore fishing in the world because a lot of the larger fish we’re game fish are looking for the smaller schools of fish to feed so it’s a prime location to be able to fish very large fish from the ocean and do so in a position of Advantage because you know pretty closely where those large fish are going to be hunting for their meals.

There are several ways to offshore fishing gear the cheap way is to go out on a head boat or a larger fishing boat that will allow many fissures to operate off of the boat or the deck of the boat so you might have 50 or 100 Anglers fishing off of that one large boat. you can also engage a captain and a private boat for anywhere from four to eight fishermen to go out as a group you rent the boat and the captain of the boat is all yours and they will typically Supply the fishing gear and the bait and some refreshments and pretty much everything that you need for your trip and they will even help you beat the lines and bring in your catch and then if the catch is illegal catch help you prepare it or if it’s one that you want to get mounted they could even help you with that process.

Fishing in the area however is not just all about the offshore fishing here you also get access in the area to the Chesapeake Bay and for some of the best fishing in salt water but not in the ocean anywhere in the world because the Chesapeake Bay is the largest Estuary in North America.

Since I’m from the area today, I’m actually meeting several of my friends to go out on another friend’s boat in the Chesapeake Bay and go fishing as a group now if you know someone who lives in the area and they have a boat that can be a great option just because it’s much more affordable just to help your friend who is also the captain pay for a little gas that it is to rent a boat and a captain to take you out offshore fishing and going out on a friend’s boat is even cheaper than going out on one of the head boats that takes a lot of Anglers or fisherman out to sea.

There are also many less expensive charter fishing opportunities in the bay than you will find ocean-going Charters just because of the cost for the size of boat that you need to safely go offshore fishing when the Gulf Stream is fifty miles or so from the Shore. Years ago I would go out with a friend who had a 27-foot boat and well, that is a large boot for the day. It is not large at all or even considered really safe to go out on a 27 ft boat offshore. today we will be going with her friend Boston Whaler, which was a 17 ft center console model and offer plenty of room for the four of us to go out and fish for the day while taking several coolers with us and all of her fishing gear.

There are some seasonal fish in the area, but most of the year when you fish on the Chesapeake Bay, the primary species of fish that you will come into are the red drum striped bass spotted sea trout summer flounder, or white perch. one of the tastiest fish and most fun to land or catch is the summer flounder. and you can find the flounder most often in the flats off to the sides of the Chesapeake Bay or up a little into the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay or the tributaries. and fresh flounder is one of the nicest tasting, most flaky fish that you will have.

Take your own ideal Virginia Beach Vacation and choose what you want to do every day. Just make sure you book this amazing resort with Tzort.


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