Diamond Resorts Greensprings Vacation Resort

This resort is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is close to all the Colonial Williamsburg, historical sites, and fun in the area. Williamsburg offers world-class golf and literal tour courses. It also offers the best historical sites in the United States.

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Day One Travel and Arrival at Diamond Resorts Greensprings Vacation Resort

When you arrive at Greenspring’s Vacation Resort by Diamond Resorts, you have just come in probably off of Route 19912 Monticello Avenue and the resort itself is so large-scale that when you turn off of the road, it’s on a private road for this Resort alone.

When you book this particular resort you have to choose either a two-bedroom or four-bedroom Villa for your stay. I had booked a two-bedroom unit for my own stay and was very impressed because the overall size was very comfortable at over 1200 square feet. your Villa or Resort accommodation here in the two-bedroom has one room that has a queen-size bed and then two twin beds most Villas also include either a balcony or a patio that is attached to the unit you also find an electronic fireplace and complete kitchen and a washing machine and dryer in every unit. Just as many other Resorts offer, the sofas are also sleeping sofas in the main living room area. This means that the two-bedroom units can comfortably accommodate six people, which is great for families or groups coming into the area to play golf. Williamsburg has many major draws to this area, one the historic Colonial Williamsburg itself, but also the other historic areas in Jamestown, and Yorktown.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center

Recent Reviews

Stayed here with my teammates for a triathlon happening at the James River. There was a bit of a miscommunication with the type of room set-up we wanted but overall is worked out just fine. We stayed in a space with two rooms, one with a queen bed and the other with a king bed as well as a pullout couch. The pull-out couch was very comfortable, but there were stains on it. It was nice though because they put a mattress cover that was clean in the package for the linens for the pull-out couch. There is a table for family style dinner, and a full kitchen with resources to eat in the room if so desired. There are two bathrooms, one off the king bedroom as well as a washer and dryer in the unit. They prefer to keep the AC temp at no less than 72, but it was comfortable. There is a nice patio with a table and chairs. It looks out on the golf course and the golfers were very friendly! One even shared a can of drink with us. This place seems amazing for families with a pool, activity room, tennis courts, a basketball court, and mini golf, I believe. It was quiet and calm.

This place was a gem! We traveled from SC to the North and made last-minute reservations. It is a full-family resort. We paid for 1 bedroom but upon arrival received an upgrade to 2 bedroom full apartment with 2 full bathrooms and everything you would need to have a home away from home. The property is secured, clean and gorgeous. The pool provides towels, there is a hot tub, mini golf, and many more. Will definitely come back.

I do liquidation for my career and I am doing the installation of all the new furniture and appliances after the renovation is done with the company I work for, the Greenspring vacation resort. This is a pretty nice place. I’ve been in a lot of resorts over the last year and this is up there within the top five places I visited for family vacations. Seems like everybody I’ve run into was having a super good time either playing golf or swimming or tennis walking the trails or believe it or not working, I have to resort. It’s pretty clean, it’s very nice to live in. I’m sure we will be coming back in the future, but the last two weeks of being here I’ve been a blast. I’m super lucky to be working for southern hospitality liquidation and being able to travel to all these beautiful resorts and as I said, this is within my top five of the nicest places to go to so far.

Enjoyed my stay here. I was impressed by the customer service and cleanliness of the rooms and amenities. Everything updated outdoor activities for the whole family. Money well spent and will be back! You can’t go wrong choosing this vacation spot and its manicured grounds!

Day Two Golf

Another major draw though is some of the golf courses in the area, which are parts of the pro golf series and have over the years been a location of some very serious championship golf events. Two of the major courses are very close to this resort and those are Ford’s Colony and the very popular Kingsmill golf course. These are just a few of the major courses in the area however because Williamsburg and many of the surrounding communities offer golf courses and some of the golf courses are on Direct Waterfront locations and others are really encapsulated in just some of the most beautiful natural environments you can imagine.

Today I would play with some friends at Kingsmill, which itself has been the site of many major golf events and televised competitions. Today was amazing, and a bit odd at the same time. The local Marriot here offers an amazing brunch on Sundays, so our foursome started off there for a great meal before we played. Which was backward I know, but based on our noon tee time, it worked OK for us.

This is one of those brunch locations where much is served buffet style and the remainder is served at custom-made for your stations with a chef preparing your selection like amazing omelets made with your chosen ingredients.

After that major brunch, I did not want to go do anything athletic but we looked at it like it was our way to burn off the calories and have a ton of fun. In the 18 holes played we collectively burned off enough to be able to go for a few beers afterward. I have not been playing golf long and several of my friends play well enough to have been on some tours in the past. So, playing with them made me want to do better, even if that was not possible. The guys have a great sense of humor though, and the day on this course was amazing.

Day Three Local History is American History

When staying in Williamsburg so close to Colonial Williamsburg Yorktown and Jamestown, it is hard not to take time and visit these amazing historic sites. one interesting way to visit the area is to start in Jamestown and learn about the Jamestown Colony and the local Indian population. then after you spent your day or part of the day in Jamestown go to Yorktown and the Yorktown museums as well as the Yorktown battlefields to learn more first-hand about the Revolutionary War our fight for independence and ultimately the surrender of Cornwallis from England to our troops in Yorktown. finally, after visiting both Jamestown and Yorktown you could then go visit Colonial Williamsburg itself and see some of the original buildings including the governor’s mansion and many local shops that are attended by historian workers who are Craftsman or Tradesmen within their fields but also very qualified historians who act out their roles from that. And you can see them making local crafts for preparing local dishes and they’ll interact with you either 101 or in your groups and you can learn directly from those individuals who are in character and dress from the time. Itself.

If you do this in their natural order pending on how long you’re staying at the resort you could really spend a full day at each stage of History starting with Jamestown then going to Yorktown and then finally Colonial Williamsburg spending a day at each and really getting the most out of your visit. The area also supports this kind of historical process of visiting the different sites and learning all of its histories on one trip by providing substantial discounts to the museums and all the grounds when visiting multiple local historic sites. So instead of paying a higher price for just access to one Museum you can access all three or four of the museums locally in different areas and pay one low price which makes it more affordable especially if you’re trying to bring the family along to enjoy all that is available.

When visiting Jamestown, one of my favorite things to do is to interact with those local historians. Often one of the ones that I truly enjoy talking to and learning from are the local boat builders. Often you will see one of two different boat Builders either a colonial boat builder from the Jamestown Settlement and an English boot building the skilled perspective, or a Native American boat builder who will demonstrate how they built the Dugout canoes that they date of American Indians used in the area during the time of the Jamestown Settlement. this is very fascinating because you can actually learn a bit of the skill and the methods used with the tools from the time to make the boats that either went across the ocean bringing those from England to the new land or how the Native Americans use their Dugout canoes to get up and down the local waterways to fish and to hunt the area.

The Jamestown Settlement Museum also has a really good store on site where they do a great job of keeping a good variety of things available If you have the kids and toe, there are even some inexpensive things that you can get as gifts within the stores that they change out all the time but one of the things that I enjoyed as a kid and now my nieces and nephews of enjoyed is getting replicas of Pieces Of Eight from sunken you know treasure ships that you can purchase others that sometimes the boys have enjoyed getting a cap gun that is a gun from the time of the settlers those are fun for the boys to have and some of the girls. Here in the store, you’ll also find many knickknacks and types of art that are not very expensive, but then they also offer some very expensive pieces of nice artwork from local artisans.

Again, if you’re even a casual golfer and Joy golf, this area is one of the best in the country to visit because of the variety and high quality of the golf courses in the area. Today I wasn’t able to get a last-minute green time and group to golf with at Kingsmill, so I booked a game at Ford’s Colony instead. At Ford’s Colony, you find 3 Championship level golf courses: Blackheath course, Blue Heron course, and Marsh Hawk course. each one of these courses has amazing water features, fast-moving dreams, and picturesque surroundings. the tee time for myself and three friends was 11 a.m. so it was an early start to the day to get ready, meet up with the friends and then ride over to Ford’s Colony from the resort.

After we finished your game, we headed to the on-site restaurant Murdoch’s to enjoy some lunch and a few beers for the winner. Their lunch menu offers many seafood options, appetizers, and amazing entrees.

When you were visiting if you want some of the best golf and golf courses imaginable, choose either Ford’s Colony or Kingsmill and some of the top courses in the entire region.

If you want to experience this ultimate Williamsburg vacation, choose this resort, and just make sure you book through Tzort.


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