Diamond Resorts Bent Creek Golf Village

This resort is in an amazing area in Tennessee. Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is the site of this golf resort and it is a great setting for a quick getaway and vacation.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Diamond Resorts Bent Creek Golf Village

Going to a resort that offers not only golf but access to the Great Smokey Mountains and great views of Mother Nature was something I was ready for.

My trips started with a drive from the coast of Virginia over to Gatlinburg, which was a longer drive than I imagined at first. It took over 8 hours of driving and 536 miles to reach the area. To put that into context it is almost as far as a trip to Jacksonville, Florida, and 3 hours longer than a trip to Myrtle Beach. I chose to travel over on I40 because it is a bit more of a straight shot. However, instead of driving through Virginia, most of the trip then goes through North Carolina.

The last few hours of the trip were also mountain driving. Even on the interstate, there were more than a few inclines and declines on the way. It is magical to drive on I40 and look at the mountains you are driving between.

These days 8 hours is close to the top end of the distance I now want to drive in a day. I used to do longer drives but now I am over 50 and I just know better than pushing it. I want my attention to be great and do not want to arrive feeling like a zombie.

Near Hartford, you leave interstate 40 and get off on route 321, which takes you into Gatlinburg. 321 is 2 lanes in each direction most of the way so you are able to move quickly on the trip. The resort itself is just off 321 before you get into Gatlinburg itself.

The resort is directly off 321 on the right if you are coming in from the east. You will see signs for the golf course ahead of the turn. When you arrive, the main building is ahead of you with parking off to the right of the building where guest services are.

Check-in was easy, and the staff was very nice. Here the villas or cabins are either 1 or 2 bedrooms. They do have some accessible options with roll-in showers and other helpful features. Every model offers a full kitchen and a washing machine and a dyer.

Recent Reviews

My son and I and my best friend came here golfing and had a tremendous time. The golf course was in great condition considering the winter. You’re looking for a great place to go golfing and get away. This is your place also front desk Sierra is a great host and Employee working for the place.

Played here with no expectations. The fairways were ok… off-season is here, so the grass was dead. The course is nice, though. Good for the price. Some holes were very surprising. Hitting off a cliff to the green for a par 3… also 13 of the 18 holes involve water. Some holes you hit over water multiple times, making this a fun course for beginners and good for the more advanced players.

Beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains. Running water streams, greenery, wildflower, breathtaking view everything takes you towards relaxing mode.

I have been attending multiple-day golf outings for 30+ years at the Bent Creek Golf Course. This year was unlike any of the previous ones….. the reason is there have been many big improvements to the course itself. The fairways and greens are in the best condition I have ever seen. Too, the cart paths have resurfaced. Not only is that more appealing to the eye, but it also makes for a safer and smoother ride. Finally, and this is most important, the staff, including head pro/property manager Colin and his assistant Sierra, continue to be outstanding hosts. They are extremely personable and quick to help patrons in any way possible. They make you feel “at home” and comfortable in every way. I will continue to encourage my friends and fellow golfers to play there every chance they get. Jim Stewart, retired NCR.

We had a very nice quiet stay here. I loved that it was a smoke-free property. Everything in the room worked well. I attended a presentation at Sunrise Ridge. The sales team was cordial. Bent Creek immediately responded to any questions we had immediately through text. I would definitely stay here again.

The first location it’s pretty far away from everything that’s going on downtown depending on who you are. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. Outside of that, we stayed in a cabin that was single family. It was well appointed to have plenty of dishes and cooking utensils The refrigerator is a bit small but we’ll make do for the time that we are here. Check-in was a breeze. We would definitely stay here again. A queen bed in each room and a fold-out couch were great for our family of five nine out of 10 would recommend it!

I’m a little delayed in my review, but my husband and I visited Bent Creek at the end of January for a little mini-moon. On the trip, I lost my wedding ring at the resort and the customer service we received was beyond amazing, especially from Ronnie! They checked in continuously and found many methods to find the ring (which we did) and we cannot thank the staff enough! The resort itself was also a great spot for a getaway!

Great place to unplug. My cell phone had 0 or 1 bar, so I didn’t get a single call about my car’s extended warranty. Wi-Fi is available, but if you want to get away from your wireless leash, this place is great. It does have good amenities and the rooms are comfortable, so we visit several times a year.

When we arrived, we went to the welcome center. The lady who checked us in gave us lots of information. There’s a bit to do on the grounds. They have an indoor pool, outdoor pool, game room, playground, and a single-goal basketball court. The rooms were very nice for the space provided. Everything you need was provided in the room. We had a 1 bedroom suite with a pullout sofa. The mattress on the pullout sofa was way better than any other we’ve ever had! The bathroom was a nice size. I took pics of the pullout sofa pulled out, the kitchen area, and the washer/dryer. They provided everything that was needed for cooking in the kitchen. We plan on visiting again! It was really nice! Not too far from downtown Gatlinburg, either.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center

Day Two Gatlinburg Fun

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, has done a great job of making the area inviting for tourists. There is a great deal to do and see. While the attraction for many at this resort is golf, I wanted to spend the day today enjoying the surroundings and getting to know the area.

I have been once before but it was before all the recent craziness, so it has been a few years now.

If you have read my blog before you will know I am a sucker for all things touristy. I just love tourist attractions and all the little things to do and see.

One of the first things to check out is the longest pedestrian skybridge in North America. I think before this, the longest pedestrian skybridge I had been on was the old one at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. That one is scary, this one was just fun. This skybridge is 140 ft high at one point and 680 ft long. There is also a skylift here as well, which is a neat way to get back and forth between downtown and the mountain. Purchase the unlimited ticket here for just $2 more in case you love the skylift as much as I did. Then you can ride to your heart’s content. The scenery is worth it.

Once up on the mountain, there is a lot to do and see. Including a new sky trail that opened in 2022 and that gives you a perfect tree-top view which is fun. Everything here is fun and they tend to put a “sky” in front of it for the name. Sky deck and Sky center are also here for you to enjoy.

After riding the skylift so many times that the kids running the ride thought I was family, I stopped back in town to get something to eat.

I ate at Bennett’s Pit Bar-B-Que because I love BBQ and I like to try different areas to take on their best BBQ. I got the BBQ combo, which allowed me to try 3 types of meat and a few of their sides. It was great. Like most restaurants now, they close 1 day a week and the closed day here is Wednesday.

Day Three Golf & Town

I wanted to play some golf here. I am still fairly new to the sport only starting a few years ago, but I do enjoy it. Since I travel alone, I depend on the local pros to find me a foursome or someone to play with. It usually works out fine and this was no exception. I grew up playing tons of mini golf, even competing one year many years ago. So, what I lack in my long game I make up for putting (usually).

I was able to join some local friends who had an early tee time. While awkward at first, we were joking and laughing together in no time. That has been one of the things that have kept me playing (the kindness of others).

The course here showed the impact of a very warm and dry summer, yet the greens played well. I faired OK on the course but was in no danger of setting any course records, or making the guys I was playing with uncomfortable. It was still early when we finished the round, so while I normally offered to buy a round afterward, 10:30 AM felt too early for that. So, I thanked my new golfing buddies and offered them some course time at a course near me in the future.

After the round of golf, it was time to head back into town to see some more tourist spots. I had done a good job covering the mountain yesterday, so I wanted to see more of the places in town today.

Fannie Farkle’s

Fannie Farkle was my next stop. This is an old-style game room with a fun carnival-like atmosphere. I went here just for a few minutes to play some skeet ball and maybe a few other games. I grew up loving playing skeet ball. If I end up with a room in a house big enough, I will install my own skeet ball machine. That is how much I enjoy them.

This is a great spot to bring younger kids and the family. A true generationally owned location that is a business built on care for the community and the desire to provide a safe outlet for kids of all ages.

I think this must be the mini-golf capital of the world. Since I just played golf earlier today, I did not go to one of the many available mini-golf courses in the area. But this kind of old-school fun is available and there are many fun options in and around town.

It was time to eat,, so I headed to No Way Jose’s Mexican Cantina for a late lunch and a few margaritas. Had I not been driving I would have had a few more. They tasted great and hit the spot. Very refreshing on a hot summer day.

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