Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country Resort is in lovely Canyon Lake Texas. This is the first time I have been in this area, so I am excited to spend some time and get to know the lake and all there is to see and do.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Holiday Inn Club Vacations Hill Country Resort

Since I am on the East Coast in Virginia, the journey for me began with a flight. My flight took me from Norfolk, Virginia, to San Antonio, Texas. It was a little over 5 hours, mostly because of the layover on the way, and some mild turbulence with a rainstorm. Rain and wind do not bother me on flights, but coming down through lightning can be a little eye-opening.

I felt bad for a woman on the flight because despite the flight being calm; she was out of her mind with fear. Literally ran in the aisle and cried at one point. I wanted to try to talk to her to calm her down, but I felt that may make things worse. The flight crew must have been busy because they just let her kind of lose it. Maybe they can’t offer people pills on flights anymore? It would make sense from a liability standpoint.

I imagine she had to be going somewhere very important because she clearly was terrified. It is strange watching what in effect is a train wreck and feeling you can do nothing about it. The flight later landed, and she just disappeared. Maybe someone quietly helped her off the flight. Not sure how she would make it home from where she was going, hopefully, her home was in the area, and this was her trip home.

Well, once I was off the plane, taking my carry-on with me, I headed for baggage claim. I checked a bag this time. While more of a pain than I like, it was nice to have more changes of clothing since I was not sure what this area offered. I had looked online but I think you do not know until you get somewhere, unless you find a blog like this one.

I was here in June where the average high is 91 and the low is 70. So a great deal of what I packed was shorts and nice but cool shirts. This was not the month to wear anything heavy. For me, I feel warm even at 72+ so 91 or more was like an oven.

When I got out of the airport, it felt hot but it was a dry heat unlike what I had felt before. Growing up on the coast and traveling to islands and beaches a lot, I think my brain was used to registering heat only on a humidity scale. Without the humidity, the low 90s are much more enjoyable. It felt like the low 80s to me, which is close to ideal for outdoor fun.

It turns out that Canyon Lake is just Northeast of San Antonio, Texas. This meant that the drive from the airport was less than an hour and a fairly straight shot. That always helps if you feel a little spacy after a flight. I was not closing my eyes while driving, but I did think about that lady and hoped she was calm, cool, and collected now.

The drive to the resort was simple. You have one main turn onto 306, which follows along the length of the lake and then some until you reach the resort. Once you get close, the resort is very easy to find. I was running a little ahead of schedule so I stopped near the resort to eat since I was about 1 hour before check-in time.

There are several dining options right near the resort. I chose to try Lucky’s Sports Bar and Grill it is as it likely sounds reading the name. I a good spot for a drink or two, and a bite to eat. A relaxed Texas-style sports bar with plenty of outdoor seating options. Likely for the early evening as things cool off. Inside was like a smaller version of the old Bennigan’s chain if you recall that spot. Decorated with fun and sports in mind. I enjoyed some queso and chips and a few beers. They have maybe 16 beers on tap and all the usual bottles of beer, too. There is also the (almost legally) required frozen margarita machine. You know the type. If they keep enough alcohol in the mix, those machines never break. I had a margarita too while I was here, but I opted for the hand poured on the rocks with salt version.

Next, It was time to drive the few blocks to the resort, check-in, then check it out.

Here they have 2-bedroom townhouses and lodges. The difference seems to be the lodge is all on one floor and easily accessible whereas the townhouses are on several floors and require some stairs. I had the lodge for my stay. You can find a virtual tour of the lodge here. As you can see in the tour, the lodge is unique in that it has the first bedroom on the left, and that also has a stovetop with burners in that room, then the main room ahead of you has a small kitchen with a full stove as well. That may be the first time I have seen that.

It is more common to see an extra microwave in a guest room than a stovetop, but hey not an issue, just unique.

The master has a jacuzzi tub in the room which was nice but also made me mentally play the cord “bow chica wow”. Maybe now the kitchenette set up in the 2nd bedroom was because someone could go in there and stay for a day and not have to come out to see the couple in the other room in the kitchen? It is funny, but still a neat setup once you get used to the idea.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Business Center
  • On-Site Restaurants
  • Fitness Center

The resort has several outdoor pools, giant hot tubs, an outdoor bar, and much more to enjoy. Even a tennis court for those that want to be active and get in a game. I like that the resort has all of this because the weather here is warm and makes you want to get outside.

Recent Reviews

As soon we arrived received absolutely wonderful service friendly people and were given a wonderful beautiful room that the bed was so comfortable I slept all night and really regretted leaving wish I had had more days to stay. Will certainly return as soon as possible. Cleanroom beautiful view of the lake and is very spacious.

Nothing to say other than it was a great hotel. I would definitely go back and I will tell my friends.

I enjoyed everything so much I extended it for two days. The staff was friendly.

The presidential rooms are great! Lots of room! Will definitely be back.

I loved this property. It was clean and nice to have so many pools to choose from. I would recommend it to anyone with a family or girls’ weekend.

If you haven’t been there…you’re missing out. The facility and grounds are maintained beautifully. Staff is first-rate and family oriented.

Day Two Local Lake Front Parks

This area has more parks than most I have been to. It is nice because it keeps access to the lake affordable, clean, and well-maintained. I started my day at Comal Park many of the other parks in the area are geared toward campers with, tents which is awesome, but I wanted to get water and beach access primarily just to check out the lake firsthand.

River Tubing

If you have not been river tubing, you have missed out and it is time to correct it. Here you get a giant river tube, hop on in and float down the river for a planned period. There are a few companies in the area that provide the service of driving you to the drop-off, setting you up with a tube and gear, then pointing you in the right direction. You can then float back to your car and the parking area. It was a great experience and nice people.

Time in the water on a tube is hard to beat. On all but the hottest days, being in the water on a large tube is very relaxing and enjoyable. Especially if you are with a good group of people. But even solo, if you are an independent person like me, it can be a relaxing experience.

After my time on the water, I was ready for something to eat. I went to Jay & Diane’s Horseshoe Grill. They do not have a website to share with you, but they do know how to make a killer burger. Their reviews online are at a 4.8 out of 5 which you never see, and it tasted like they earned that high score. That is a 4.8 after over 500 reviews. As online reviews go, that is an amazing score.

Day Three at the Resort

Today I just wanted to absolutely relax and unwind, not going anywhere, or even really doing much. This resort has you covered with great pools and mini-golf for the kids (and men, if you have read about me and mini-golf before you understand, I love it.)

Something about mini-golf takes me back mentally to my childhood and I really enjoy playing. I spent a few summers playing almost any day. It was not raining at the local Putt Putt. My grandparents lived right by a location and I could walk to it alone (in those days) and not even have to cross any street. So, it was a bit like my babysitter. They would give me money for a round and maybe a few video games, and I could go off and entertain myself for hours. Still, to this day, I love the game, and it takes me back to those wonderful moments in my life. The first taste of freedom and independence.

The resort has several pools and a game room, as well as pool tables in the marketplace. At one point, playing mini-golf, I was adopted by a little guy and I cleared it with his folks so he and I could play a round together. The crazy world we live in now I do not want anyone worried for a moment about the grey-haired guy talking to their kid. So much so that I will not approach kids. Sometimes now if I have my beard grown out, I do get a kid or two that mistakes me for a tall Santa. So, before I get into a long conversation, I ask the child to introduce me to their parent and make sure it is OK that I have that conversation with their kid. I do not mean the conversation where I correct them about Santa. No, I believe in Santa Clause and I support the story. Just from a Santa helper’s perspective. Kids that believe always wonder about how Santa can be at several malls at once, and things like that. So, Santa’s helpers are my answer.

Long story short, we had a great game, and I made sure the little guy made it back to his folks after playing mini-golf with a “Santa Helper”. I could hear the mom ask as I walked away did you enjoy playing with Santa? His tiny fellow response was “yes, but he is not the real Santa.”

I just smiled to myself and walked on, feeling that I have saved him for at least another year of wonderful imagination.

You might not want to look like Santa and are too young, but you may enjoy being the family hero taking your group to this resort. Just remember to book with Tzort.


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