Diamond Resorts Polo Towers

Diamond Resorts Polo Towers

The Diamond Resorts Polo Towers is located in Las Vegas.

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Day One Travel & Arrival Diamond Resorts Polo Towers

 My trip to Vegas usually starts with a flight, but today I have the good fortune of just leaving another Vegas resort to head to this one. Diamond Resorts has several resorts in Vegas. So, I am transferring from one to another on this trip. It gives me a chance to save on airfare and check out several resorts at the same time.

During this part of my trip, I will be focusing on the many free things you can do while you are in Vegas. So, if you are staying a week and you really only have a budget to do a few things, with these free things you can get the most out of your vacation.

For those who have money to burn or who won at the tables, check out the other Las Vegas resort blogs to see many more paid options.

Getting to this resort was easy since it was fairly close to the previous resort. Transferring resorts is something I wish more people could do, but in reality most people come and if they can stay a week, they stay at a single resort to make things easier. It is just neat to visit several places and find what works best for you.

This resort has two big things going for it. The first is its location. It is closer to the strip and the action. Also, the pool deck is amazing. This is a different resort in that it is one giant building close to the heart of Vegas and the strip. The roof of the building also serves as the pool and entertainment deck. In my mind, as I look around the pool deck, I think this setup is much more of a party set up than several of the other resorts. Being closer to the strip and all in the one main building, I could see how the energy here would be higher and you might see and experience more of a party atmosphere. Tons of people walking back from the strip or being dropped off by Ubers after they have had a Vegas size serving of alcohol comes to mind. I will see firsthand how it goes. I know for me, thinking about a shorter commute would increase the likelihood that I will have another drink or two while I am out.

The resort itself is very close to Planet Hollywood, and MGM Las Vegas. If you look at the map on Google, you will see it is in a great section of the strip itself.

They offer studios, 1 and 2 bedroom villas here at the resort. I have a 1 bedroom villa for my stay, and they made check in a breeze. I was a little early for check in but they let me go hang out on the pool area on the roof while they finished my room. So far today I had already been to the MGM for a while just to check things out. Most casinos have rewards cards and programs. Take advantage of those to earn free meals, entertainment, and access to more special offers.

Part of the thing I like about the rewards programs is that you can feel like you are gaming the system some. You can use some basic strategies to improve your rewards points and that can be a good way to earn some great free experiences while you are in Vegas.

I have a rewards card with several other casinos in town, so I will share a little of those benefits as an example with you.

Villa Amenities

  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services

Recent Reviews

My family and I stayed here from 3/13 – 4/3/2022. The location is great, with easy access to the strip. The check-in staff was good and friendly. The building and room are a bit aged, but still well-maintained. Our rooms were clean and very comfortable. Their 2 bedroom units were actually to separate rooms with connecting doors. This was actually kind of nice because one side had a full kitchen and the other side had a kitchenette. The rooftop pool was nice. One thing I did not like was the absence of free parking. It cost $20 per day for valet parking (unlimited come-&-go). I will surely stay here again in the future, just for the location/convenience.

The location is prime. Close to all the main spots you would want to hit. The staff is friendly and super helpful. Parking is valet only, so count on an additional 20 dollars per day for parking. They offer bellhop services for free and assign you a personal concierge for your stay. The facilities are clean and super quiet. 2 major drawbacks are the height of the bathtubs and the fact that it feels like someone is constantly trying to sell you something. Within 8 hours of my stay, I started to get texts every 4 hours (except at night) asking if my stay was going well and whether I needed any supplies or assistance. One of these texts came literally 4 minutes after they had already delivered the additional items I asked for. Though friendly, it did not seem genuine and frankly, I received one too many “checking in” texts. The bathtubs are definitely not easy to get into. They are super high, so beware if you have someone in your party who is not as physically fit as they would like to be. It would be nice if they had rails that one could hold on to getting into and coming out of the bathtubs. Overall, it was a great stay, and despite the barrage of texts that I got, I would definitely stay there over and over. Their mini-apartment-like rooms are ideal for families. Side note, there is no casino at the site so definitely a plus for people looking for a more laid-back family or quiet business type of Vegas vacation.

The rooms were nice and clean. Getting extra towels and linens delivered to the room was a breeze. The valet parking services were excellent. We never had to wait long for them to bring our vehicle to the front door. Everyone was very pleasant and helpful, from the registration desk to the bellhops, the valets, and the concierge. The hotel is located about a half block from the strip. They have a small market inside the hotel which was convenient. The only complaint, if you can call it that, was getting to the hotel entrance. There is a sign beside the drive, but with another parking lot entrance right beside it, it can be a little confusing. We would definitely choose to stay here again if we’re ever in Las Vegas.

I love this resort. The rooms are fully equipped with a kitchen and stove. It’s nice to be able to cook in your room when you have kids. The pool and splash pad is very nice as well. The gym has lots of good equipment to get a good workout in before you hit the strip. It’s conveniently located by multiple restaurants and stores and a few malls within walking distance. Will be staying here again. I highly recommend this resort.

Excellent customer service with a simple check-in/check-out process! The rooms are clean and include a mini fridge which was hard to find. Great location on the strip, seconds from everything! The rooftop pool was so relaxing and in great condition, with nice lounge chairs. I highly recommend it!

Had a nice overnight stay here. The atmosphere was nice. It’s in the heart of everything on the strip. The room had a fridge, coffee maker, microwave, utensils, glasses, and plates, which were nice. Had a good view (room 7-109a) Staff at the front desk was friendly. Check-in was at 4 pm but our room was ready at 3 pm. Checkout was at 10 am but they allowed us to stay until 1030am. No casino in this hotel. $20 valet that can be taken in and out as much as you want. Upon arrival, I asked the valet whether I could stay from 4 pm Thursday to 9 pm Friday and he said yes it would be a 1-day fee but they tried to scam me into paying for an additional day when I went back in the morning on Friday. Ended up taking it to Tropicana and parking for free.

I share those reviews so you can get feedback from other real guests like yourself.

Day Two of the Strip

I wanted to get a fairly early start today. Well, an early start for Vegas. Vegas is a city that never sleeps but many things do not start until 10-11 AM since so much fun happens late at night in Vegas. You can still eat, gamble, and do many things early in the morning, but you will find shows and even outdoor activities. Do not start up again the next day first thing.

I am not crazy about all things French, but I do love the food. So, I thought I would check out the Eiffel Tower in Paris which is close to the resort. They do a full brunch on Sat and Sunday. Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

This was an amazing buffet. As a brunch buffet, you are able to sample both great custom-made for your omelets and at the same time many menu items that hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed.

After a great brunch, I then went to gamble a little and lost track of time. I have a rewards account with Bally’s, so I used some old points and new points to score a free meal. Bally’s is part of the Caesars empire of holdings. So when you have a member rewards card and account, you can score free things in Vegas at every place you own.

My meal and tickets to a Paranormal show were free thanks to the points on my account. You do not have to have member reward points to do things for free in Vegas.

My dinner was at Giada and the show was about 2 hours after dinner. The food was great, especially free.

Day Three Vegas more to see

Today I am sticking to the strip and starting off with some fun with a ride on the High Roller Observation Wheel which is the highest Ferris Wheel in the USA. If you want to get unlimited drinks for the 30-minute ride, there are special tickets for a happy half-hour at $60 per person. Regular tickets are from $23-35 based on the time of day of the visit.

There was a time when I would have been all over the $60 all you can drink half hour. I had too much fun in my 20-30s. If you are still in party, mode that might be fun to do with some friends. With $10 drinks outside of the casino, it would be a good value if you enjoy a drink every 5 minutes or so. But that is hard fast drinking, and you will feel that very quickly.

Since this is at Caesars, I had a free comped ticket that I asked for the night before. I like Ferris Wheels and this one hits 550 feet above the strip. Any time of day or night you have a great view. At night time the lights of Vegas make the views seem to come alive.

I went to Harrah’s piano bar next. one of the best recommendations is to go when Big Elvis is there. He is said to be one of the best Elvis impersonators in the world. I knew a former Elvis Impersonator who worked in Vegas in the 1980s. He had some issues and returned to the area where I live after working the strip for many years. So, this was a chance to see someone that was at the level of my distant friend from home, seeing him work in his environment.

One thing I want to mention, though, is for this piano bar. There usually is no cover from what I’m told. However, I think there is a two-drink minimum. Which is not bad if you intend to have a few, anyway.

Piano bars are a fun time and drinking in them seems like it was just meant to be. While not a Vegas must-see it was as fun as anything else, and a cheap outing overall.

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