Diamond Resorts The Cove on Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is an amazing beach community in Florida. I have stayed near this beach before and even been on the beach, but I have not been able to stay on this beach before. As a dedicated traveler and travel writer, I am excited to stay on a beach that I have not had the pleasure of staying on before.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Diamond Resorts The Cove on Ormond Beach

It is a 10-hour drive for me from Virginia, so I chose to drive down for my stay. I95 is normally good unless there is an accident during your pass-through. I was lucky again on this trip, not only that I arrived safe, but that it was a smooth drive. Even the two places that had construction were not an issue with slowing down to a halt, just a few miles reduction in speed.

When you first arrive at this resort, it is impressive. There are two buildings right on the beach and ample parking. I also like that it is not parking garage based since that can be a pain and tight in those beachfront parking garage setups.

Check-in was a breeze, and that is to both the resort’s credit with their staff and Tzort. I have never had an issue when booking through Tzort. It is seamless and simple, just as you want all travel to be.

After checking in, I toured the resort as I often do. The resort has a great fitness room, indoor pool, and direct beach access. The ocean on the beach at high tide is almost at the building. You are so close to the water it is perfect for a swim, or for the kids to go and battle the waves.

When I was young, that was how I spent my time in the ocean. I would pretend like I was battling the waves. Throwing my body into the waves as they came in about chest-high. It was a great time. I never got into surfing, but I sure liked battling the waves.

Once I had completed the tour I wanted to grab something to eat, then be on the beach at sunset. While on the east coast of Florida, the sunset is not as special as the sunrise over the water, but any change to night from day, or night to daylight on the water is special. There is something about the changing of the light over the waves as they come in. Today the waves were coming in strong too. I think they were 5-6ft because there was a wind coming in just right to build them up.

For dinner, I went to nearby Lulu’s, and the food was great. I chose to walk once I looked the location up on my phone. It was just a few blocks away, and I figured this way I could have a few drinks and just walk back to the beach after dinner. My plan worked perfectly, and I did just a little better than stumbling back along the beach.

An interesting side note. The beach here has a number of people who drive their trucks or can onto the beach. It does not happen directly in front of the resort because they have umbrellas and a nice setup. But in that distance, I walked back. I saw several people with their pickups or jeep on the beach. It reminded me of parts of the outer banks of North Carolina where you can do that. I have my mustang with me so I will not be doing that myself on this trip, but if you have a rental that is 4-wheel drive you may want to look into the rules and laws around that. It might be fun.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range
Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center

Recent Reviews

Great service! We had a phone call and text before checking in to see if we needed anything. VIP check-in was awesome and very helpful. Views from the balcony are amazing. The pool and lazy river are awesome for the kids and the hot tub is for adults. Beach access is great and they even provide chairs and umbrellas. Love having laundry in the room for all the wet swimsuits. Definitely, the place to stay is at the beach.

This hotel is very nice. The location is excellent!!! Right on the beach and has private access. Some of the hotels are a bit dated but you overlook that because ALL THE staff is so willing to help and be nice. (even though shorthanded). There is no housekeeping right now, which we missed because we like a daily clean room, especially with all the sand that comes in with you. The large lazy River pool, heated indoor pool, hot tub, game/craft room, and snack bar are very convenient. I am very hard to please, but I’m glad we stay here with our kids. Will consider doing this again.

Absolute perfection, celebrating a birthday weekend. The staff was courteous and accommodating, happily taking care of a hot water issue as soon as we called. Matthew, on the beach, was always ready to help set up umbrellas or grab a couple of extra chairs when needed. He even brought out a surprise for the birthday girl and serenaded her! The room was clean, with great soaking tubs, an adequate kitchen, and plenty of room to spend time with wonderful friends. We’d definitely go back!

Perfect, intimate hotel to stay at with a beautiful ocean view to watch the sunrise. The property was VERY CLEAN, and the staff was super friendly. Plenty of parking even though they had no vacancies. Your step from the beach and have your own access walkway. Will stay here again when I come back to Daytona Beach.

I enjoyed the fact we had access to the beach just outside our hotel. We were given excellent customer service. I truly wanted to stay there forever. Very relaxing!!!

Day Two Beach Time

When you stay in an ideal beach location, it is a sin not to go spend some time right on the beach. Unplug everything and just relax. I am a sucker for all things touristy while I am on vacation. But nothing compares to direct beachfront relaxation. It is the best of any beach community. Mother Nature can really show off and impress.

I started my day by getting up for the amazing sunrise here. I could have watched from my room, which had a nice window view of the beach, but I went down onto the beach instead. Sitting in the sand listening to the ocean, and watching the sunrise over the water was simply perfect. I paint mostly oil painting for recreation, enjoyment, and to get my creative juices flowing. I have painted a few beaches at either sunrise or sunset, but I can never capture the true beauty of it all. The colors in the sky through the clouds, the steams of sunlight dancing on the waves on the ocean. It is closer to a symphony of color and light than it is to a painting. This morning’s sunrise was no different.

After sunrise, I walked out to the beach road, took a left, and walked the block or so to the local IHOP for breakfast. Say what you want about their attempt to rebrand as IHOB briefly, (that was a marketing blunder). Their breakfasts are very good. I had the country-fried steak and eggs with pancakes and needed the walk back to the resort just to help me start to digest it all. What a huge meal.

Once back in the room, I set myself up with some water, sunscreen, and a plan for my day at the beach. I would spend the full morning on the beach, break for lunch, and feel things out from there.

The hours on the beach were great, and I could not resist being the weird 50+-year-old who went and dived into the ocean. It was time for one more battle with the waves. This time the battle only lasted a few minutes, but the trip down memory lane was fun. I did not see anyone pointing and laughing, but I am sure someone did, and I was happy for them. I was just letting off steam and life’s pressures and having fun like a kid. If you ever stop having fun like a kid some of the time, then your run is over. Enjoy life and enjoy yourself.

If a full breakfast is not your thing, it is worth mentioning that there is a Dunkin Donuts just another block down past the IHOP. Hard to beat a fresh donut and freshly squeezed Florida Orange Juice. Though I get it, some of you will grab a coffee instead.

The next block up from the Dunkin Donuts is Beachside Johnny’s where I went for lunch. I had the crab fish sandwich and the crab jumbo and they were both good. I think the jumbo was my favorite of the two, but I bet when the tomatoes are local that sandwich wins the food taste fight. Again, I walked, so I also enjoyed a few beverages. They have larger entrees here but after my breakfast, I stuck to the 2-course choice I made for today.

After the great lunch, I walked back and then return to the beach after taking a short cat nap. Hey, it’s vacation after all, and the AC felt great.

Day Three Seeing Ormond

As you may have gathered from the video I shared with this blog, there is some great history in this little beach town. You just have to get out and find it.

Daytona Beach sees at least 10 million visitors a year who spend a combined 6.2 billion dollars on their trips. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Florida and for good reason. Since Ormond is just north of Daytona, many of the same fun, destinations are a close-by option to visit.

Have a Willy Wonka moment

The Phelps chocolate factory it’s been in business since 1925.

You can take a 20-minute tour to learn about the chocolate-making process. It’s available every hour from 10 am to 4 p.m. with a free sample at the end. You can even purchase more than your free sample, or like I did have some gifts mailed to family and friends at home.


Moas the Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences abbreviated as MOAS is one of the best things to do in Daytona Beach if you want an educational experience that covers a variety of subjects it has over thirty thousand pieces of art an interactive children’s museum a nature trail a fossil display and more it also has a cafe and store on site and hosts regular events such as yoga in the gallery cc in Hyatt brown museum of art this is where to go if you want a more art-focused museum even though it refers to itself as a history museum it has 2600 pieces of local Florida art pieces the largest in the world the exhibit span several decades from pioneer times to the modern day they cover a range of subjects including weather the Seminoles the everglades and Saint Augustine.

Do not miss the planetarium, which is an extra included with your admission ticket. The show here is great, and it is a nice addition.

Want your own amazing vacation to Ormond and Daytona Beach? This is a great resort choice.


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