Diamond Resorts The Point at Poipu

Diamond Resorts The Point at Poipu

I never dreamed I would get to return to Hawaii again. I have had the honor, privilege and good fortune to have been several times to the islands of Hawaii. Now I am going back to stay at yet another amazing resort thanks to Tzort. This amazing brand is taking action in the travel space and I like it.

Finally, the average person or family can stay at nicer resorts and locations while saving on travel. I like hotels but even the best ones do not offer what a nice resort does.

This resort is on Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii island which is an amazing island to visit and stay on. If you want the full nature feel this is a great location to choose.

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Day One Travel and Arrival at Diamond Resorts The Point at Poipu

Your journey to Hawaii begins with your flight. The flights are still expensive and long. That is the downside. Once you land, though, it feels like you are on a different planet.

Hawaii has the lushest vegetation, and amazing views you will probably ever see. My flight got in around 5 PM Hawaiian time, so once I traveled from the airport to the resort it was already time to check in. I wanted to get into my room, turn down the AC and take a short-timed nap. My goal was to get adjusted as much as I could to Hawaiian time today. If you go right to sleep and stay asleep, you are going to screw up your inner clock, and throw off your sleep schedule.

However, after 15 hours of flight, you will probably want a nap. I feel like this is a parallel experience to the movie Defending Your Life, if you have not seen that old comedy rent it. It was well made and you will cherish the lines and light observational comedy.

When the lead character arrives at his hotel, there is a speech that the hotel staff gives everyone. I’m paraphrasing from memory here “Welcome today. You are going to feel disoriented and tired. That is to be expected. So, you are going to want to sleep and get some rest so you feel better in the morning.”

Just do not go straight to bed and stay there or you will wake up at 3 AM Hawaiian time and not be able to go back to sleep. Jet lag after a 15 hours flight is real, and not being able to sleep well on a plane is a reality for most as well. It is not a big deal, just have a strategy in place. For me, I just wanted to nap before sundown and then go out and get something to eat somewhere with a sunset view. It was a solid plan and thanks to the new alarm I downloaded to my smartphone, a successful one.

Since the view from the resort is one of the best in the entire area, I ate at the restaurant on-site for dinner. The bar closed early at 6 PM so I missed that other dining option, but the restaurant was open until 8 PM which worked. I ate, then walked out and toured the grounds some after sunset, which was about 7:15 PM. It was going down as I was sitting at my table for dinner and I had received my first drink.

I often like to have a few drinks after a flight as part of my process to decompress. For me, that is a thing since I am too large these days no matter where I sit at 6’4” I feel like I have no legroom. I try to get the emergency aisle seats, but sometimes that does not work out.

On this trip, I had some advance notice, so I brought a friend along for her first trip to Hawaii. When I can, I love to bring someone along to special destinations like this. I really try to do that when I can, especially when all the accommodations at the resort are 2 bedrooms or larger. It seems like such a waste not to. My friend and I worked on a deal. If she paid for her, flight I would take care of everything else. This enabled her to take the trip of a lifetime, which she could not have done otherwise, and for us to enjoy each other’s company during the trip.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Center

Recent Reviews

We had a wonderful stay. Great beaches are nearby on both sides and several good restaurants are nearby. The pool is very child friendly and has a couple of nice large hot tubs. The rooms were well-furnished, clean, and comfortable. The front desk was amazing and took very good care of us. Feels very safe as well. I hope to go back someday.

We really enjoyed our stay!!! Very spacious! The full kitchen was great for making a pot of coffee and snacking when we were hungry instead of having to find a restaurant for everything. LOVE THE TEXTING OPTION FOR THE FRONT DESK! Seriously cannot stress enough how nice it was to text the front desk to ask for laundry detergent or the closest grocery store. They would even text throughout our stay to ask if we needed anything. It was great. The facility was clean, and very quiet where we were. The porch was beautiful, and we even watched whales from our room! The coast right near our room was full of sea turtles and tide pools and it was only a short walk to a sandy cove (shipwreck beach). And the hotel right by Shipwreck had a ton of delicious (and expensive) restaurants. I would 100% recommend this hotel to anyone going to Kauai. Their pool was nice, and the tiered coy ponds were beautiful!

Had ground floor 2 bdrm. Nice size. The kitchen had bare necessities but was functional. Master bdrm has a huge shower. The resort is right on the coast so you have proximity to ocean views. The pool is frigid but doable if you go in while the sun is up. There is a bar and grill by the pool where the food is reasonable if you don’t want to leave the resort. Check-in and out were easy.

Awesome property. Well kept. Beautiful ocean and mountain views. Nice bar n grill at the pool. My two-bedroom apt. was very spacious, with a full kitchen.

Day Two Me and Mother Nature

I found something that is a neat thing to do, especially if you are someone who likes to hike. You can contact the local humane society and take a dog for the day. This allows you to take a pawed friend on your hike and enjoy active time with your pet pal.

For a donation of $40, you can have an outing with a new paw friend and support society at the same time. These field trips for shelter dogs are a great idea and something that can be a fun game changer. I thought this would be something unique that I and my friend could enjoy together for a few hours and it would be something neat. Also, unlike doing this at home, you do have the quarantine and other challenges to prevent you from feeling like you have to adopt and take your friend with you. Instead, you just enjoy the outing and the fun you have with your pal.

This is a great program and I would love to see other human society locations adopt this program and put it to use. Especially in travel cities and locations. It was such a neat thing to do that I had never thought of before. Playing at the beach with a dog will make you feel young again, no matter what your age.

We returned our pet pal, and I felt like I had just spent time with a young energetic nephew or niece. You can have all the fun and some temporary responsibility but return them home for regular care. It was a neat opportunity.

Pono Market

When traveling, I love to eat where the locals eat at least once during the vacation. Often when traveling you are eating a higher cost tourist attraction kinds of restaurants. Doing so is fun, but you miss out on the local food and culture. When on the islands, that is a mistake.

Insert the Pono Market into your plan for lunch or dinner. It is very affordable, and the food is authentic, local, and great. Now, this location is closed Saturday and Sunday, so be aware you need to hit this place during the week.

It was Friday for us and I had the Kalua Pig and my friend enjoyed the Chicken Lau Lau. The food was excellent and so reasonably priced you could see why locals love it.

We spent the afternoon visiting several of the beaches and walking together talking about life and the last few crazy years. Then we headed back to the resort to shower and change for tonight’s luau. I love luaus. They are where great food meets touristy sticks, with live music, and drinks. Kind of like my personal perfect of fun. One of the best in the World happens to be on this island. It is the Smith’s Family Garden Luau. For $125 per person for adults, it is well worth the ticket price. The only other that can even compete is the Hawaiian Cultural Center. But Smith’s is amazing too.

Now it would depend on your child if they would enjoy it or have the patience for this type of entertainment. I went to one as a child and still remember it fondly, but I had some kind of setting I could get my attention span on that made me like an old man even at 5-6 years old. You might have a child that would get bored and even though the kids’ tickets are $25-35 per child based on age up to 16, it still may be something you do without the kids.

Another option is to just get tickets to the show portion. Which is very affordable at only $20 per person.

Day Three Island Time

Yes, we have toured the island some, but really taking the time to just check things out firsthand is my focus today. I want to see more and not miss anything.

I spent the early part of the day touring the island and seeing the beaches and local nature close up and hands-on. I was looking for an amazing thing to do on a day that might be my last trip to Hawaii and certainly my last trip to this island. I say that based on my age, nothing like my love for this amazing island. It is breathtaking here.

Weeks before booking my flight, I was looking for something special to do. I ended up contacting Holo Holo Boat Tours and booking a dinner sailing cruise that is also a sunset cruise. You can see the details of this cruise here. The cruise starts at their location at 3 PM and goes through the sunset. They feed and pamper you as well as provide some adult beverage options.

On my cruise, I found the hibachi-style food great, and the Mai Tais perfect. My friend preferred the wine, but we were both feeling wonderful by the time the sun descended for the day. This cruise travels up the leeward side of the island and then returns and the end of the cruise.

If you are good with motion in the ocean and would like to sail, this is a good option. It books weeks in advance and is a great trip, but it does have more of a party feeling than a private lovers’ cruise. You sit with a group of people and it is a good deal of fun.

If you want to see the best of the islands, this is significant.

A stay at this resort can be the best choice you will make in travel. Just stay at this amazing resort and book through Tzort.


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