Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort stays in New Orleans near the heart of the city. Close to everything and anything, this resort is a great choice for your first visit to New Orleans.

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Day One Travel & Arrival

This is not my first visit to New, but it is starting just the same as all the rest. I am flying into the area and than getting a driver to bring me to my accommodations. This time the Holiday Inn Club Vacations New Orleans Resort. Make sure to check the address online for yourself on Google Maps. It is 203 Carondelet Street New Orleans, LA 70130. As you can see, this is a great location inside the city that is a close walk to many wonderful places to visit and see.

I have rented cars in the past, but I find that getting a transfer with Uber or even a cab is a better choice for me. New Orleans had great food and better drinks, and I do not even want to look at a car while I am here, at least not from the driver’s side. I have used self-control in the past while here, but it is more fun just to not have to think about it. Just plan to walk or save something in the budget for rides. You will thank me later.

Once I arrived at the resort, I checked in and then got settled. I took a shower refreshed and then toured the resort site. There is a small pool that feels more like a giant spa, but it is attached to an outdoor seating area that is very nice.

I was staying in a 1 bedroom from their signature collection which you can view a 360 virtual tour of here. The chain has started to offer 360 tours on the Matterport platform, and I think it is a great way to preview the rooms and accommodations. You can see my great view, the kitchenette, bathroom, living room, and bedroom here. Throughout the Holiday Inn Club brand, when you see the signature collections listings, expect newly updated rooms that have a fresh modern feel.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • In-Room Safe
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Outdoor Pools
  • Business Center
  • On-Site Restaurants
  • Fitness Center
  • Concierge Services

Since I had flown in, I hit the bar and lounged on site for a few unwind-me drinks. I think these days I treat a few cocktails after a flight like I treated drinking a cold beer after cutting the grass. It is a pleasurable reward for taking that step. The Maritime Bar and Lounge is a nice little spot on site when you just are not ready to head out.

There is also an onsite shop or marketplace for incidental items and snacks. Next, you can find the fitness center. I hope to get myself back in fitness mode again soon, so it is nice to see the options available when you travel. Right now I have weight to lose from sitting in the house all those months on a self-imposed quarantine.

Day Two Seeing New Orleans

New Orleans in May. May is the transition month from the warm but pleasant spring weather to the more humid summer weather. Early in the month, the weather is most comfortable with early morning lows increasing from the mid-60s to the upper 60s F (about 18-21C). Afternoon high temperatures at the beginning of May are mostly in the lower 80s F (27 C. As the month progresses, the afternoon highs increase to the mid to upper 80s F (30 C).

About 4 days in May will reach or exceed 90 F (32C) If you’re looking for Sun, May has about 20 days that will normally see sunny or at least partly sunny skies. Only about 7 days see any rainfall. The risk of a thunderstorm on any day this month will increase from less than 10% to about 25% by the end of the month. As far as what to pack for New Orleans in May, it will be warm and somewhat humid so short sleeves and other summer clothes will do for most days in May.

I was here mid-month in May so it was not sticky hot yet. I timed my trip as best I could. When I was young heat did not bother me much, now if I can avoid it I will.

For the few rainy days or the brief thunderstorms, you should bring your umbrella or a plastic poncho and don’t forget a good pair of walking shoes to see all the sights. With this gorgeous late Spring Weather, there are many great family-friendly and free events going on in May. There are Memorial Day events later in the month, and festivals throughout May! Such as the Bayou Boogaloo for music and arts, enjoy local treats at the Crawfish Mambo, catch the end of the New Orleans Jazz Fest, and explore a different culture at the Greek fest.

Bourbon Street and the French Quarter are known as the crown jewel of New Orleans, the French Quarter is a high-energy neighborhood known for its rich history colorful buildings fine art galleries, and vibrant nightlife located in French Quarter. Here you will find the famous Bourbon Street named after the House of Bourbon the royal family ruling France at the time here.

You’ll find traditional Cajun restaurants cocktail bars such as the 200-year-old staple fault absent house street musicians, and famous jazz clubs.0

Drinking alcohol on the streets is legal in New Orleans. in fact, it is the norm on Bourbon Street. Many bars here are actually just tiny spaces where you can get many drinks which vendors link in plastic go cups. The French Quarter and Bourbon Street are one of the main venues for Mardi Gras also known as fast Tuesday taking place 47 days before Easter watching the carnival from bourbon balconies and throwing beads on the parade goers.

New Orleans is also famous for voodoo so be sure to check out Marie Laveau’s House of Budo in the neighborhood. Visit Royal Street, and further discover the unique French Quarter number 9 Jackson Square. This public space spanning 2.5 acres gets its name from the bronze statue of Andrew Jackson with more than two million local and international visitors every year it serves as a venue for public events, weddings, and photo sessions. This is also been a filming location for several movies and TV shows. Jackson Square which has kept its original Parisian landscape design features iron fences walking paths and benches it is also home to the Cabildo a local History Museum.

Street performers and an outdoor art colony where artists create their pieces and display them on the iron fences you can even buy the artist’s work. One of my favorite things to do is find a street artist, who might also be called a speed artist because instead of working on and off on a painting for weeks like I do my oil paintings these artists pain on the spot and create art in minutes. It is amazing to see. I have a few paintings from my last trip that I did not even frame or put up anywhere yet. They were done on butcher paper pulled out from a giant roll and painted fast with a single brush and just 4-5 colors of paint.

Day Three

I am moving slowly today. After all the walking around yesterday I treated myself to a few extra drinks for the foot pain (I told myself) and I am paying the price this morning.

After rolling over in bed a few extra times. I went for a dip in the rooftop pool. I was the only one there so it was a nice way to move slowly in the cool water. I gave up however since I felt off my game and went back down to the street after a shower and change and get a little of the hair of the dog that bit me.

If you’re someone like me who either just likes to get up and seize the day or is jet-lagged as hell and therefore it’s up to seize the day there’s not really much to do before 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. Most of the museums the shops shopping centers tours things like that don’t kick off before 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.

You get to do New Orleans and probably America’s favorite sport, which is just eaten breakfast places are generally open from around 6 a.m. some of the more touristy ones in the French Quarter attached to hotels, for example, again open around 6 AM.

I was not yet ready for breakfast and instead headed for an adult beverage. It was already 10 AM, and I was in New Orleans, so why not?

People from New Orleans are very friendly. Everyone’s going to say good morning, or how are you doing? In fact, politeness is the way to tell travelers apart from locals. Now there are rough parts of New Orleans for sure, like anywhere, but all around the resort are great spaces, and nice people.

After getting my mental and physical motor running, I headed for the World War II Museum. I do not know really why this museum is here. It seems out of place, but it is an amazing War Museum. If you or your companion on this trip love museums and especially war museums, this is the spot for you. It is one of the best of its kind anywhere in the World. By its kind, I mean historic War museums, not just World War II. It is about 6 major sections, spanning several giant buildings. With the best exhibits you can imagine and a staff that cares. I truly think that my grandfather’s WWII generation was the best we have ever produced. So many brave men and women all focused on stamping out evil and protecting others. Just amazing.

I spent half of a day here and could have happily spent more hours around the campus here.

After I headed to the St. Louis Cathedral On, the north side of Jackson Square is the iconic St Louis Cathedral, a landmark structure in New Orleans. It was built in 1794 on the site of two earlier churches and ranks among the oldest in the United States.

The Cathedral is seen as one of the best examples of French architecture in the country, with triple spires. This beautiful 18th-century cathedral is dedicated to Louis IX, the French king who sainted in 1297. With its stunning French façade, Pope Paul VI awarded the cathedral the rank of minor basilica in 1964.

Reachable via the Riverfront Streetcar to the Dumaine Station, the St. Louis Cathedral is free and open to the public every day from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

You can purchase a brochure for a self-guided tour at the entrance, or you can join a guided tour. Tours are led by volunteers and are available upon request. 3) Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art The 100-year-old New Orleans Museum of Art sits inside the 1,300-acre City Park in the Mid-City area of town and contains one of the finest collections in the South. When it opened, the museum had only 9 pieces of art but now has more than 40,000.

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