Lake Tahoe Resort a Hilton Vacation Club

Lake Tahoe Resort a Hilton Vacation Club

Lake Tahoe Resort a Hilton Vacation Club. Tahoe is an amazing area not just for skiing but also for all the lake fun, including great scuba diving. My niece has worked in the area for many years now, first as a Snow Ski Instructor, and later as both a Ski instructor in winter and a Scuba Instructor in the summer months. She loves the area as an active outdoor person and you will too.

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Day One Travel & Arrival at Lake Tahoe Resort a Hilton Vacation Club

A trip to Tahoe begins for me with a flight. Lucky for me that it is such a popular location year round that the flights can be affordable. I am excited to visit the area again not only to see my hard-working niece but also to experience the area in the summer.

This resort I am flying to was a Diamond Resort that has been rebranded by Hilton after its purchase. I have been staying at these resorts recently to learn more about this brand as it is absorbed into Hilton over time.

I have stayed in many locations in Arizona and now I am staying at Diamond Resorts or rebranded resorts under the Hilton flag in many new locations. This resort is only about 1 hour away from the Reno Tahoe Airport, so my commute in my rental was a breeze.

Unlike many resorts in the area, this one is almost right on the lake and for your ski fans, this resort is very near the Heavenly Gondola Run. Heavenly Ski Resort has some of the most amazing skiing and I am not just saying that because I know an amazing ski instructor. The ski runs in the Tahoe area are amazing. For one, they can reach heights of 10,000 ft or more and decent thousands of feet to the bottom of these mountains. Lake Tahoe is at over 6,000 ft in elevation but the difference between that and 10,000 ft is something you feel in your body from head to toe.

In the summer you can ride up for the view and the experience, and in the winter go up for great skiing and fun.

As I reached the resort, I was impressed with the location and how conveniently it is located. I do not know this area well, since I have only been once before. But this is a great location, and I found that out quickly because of how close this is to the gondolas. That is just critical to the fun during the ski season. This location on the lake is also great for summer too.

Once at the resort, I booked into my 1 bedroom suite, and for those with families or larger groups, they also have 2-bedroom suites available.

Villa Amenities

  • Balcony/Porch
  • Blender
  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Ice Maker
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove/Range

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Free WiFi
  • Pools

Recent Reviews

Everything was high-class and super nice. We had a room with a kitchenette and a living room with a large bathroom that had a large shower and separate bath. The staff was super nice, and someone must have given them extra customer service lessons to make everyone feel like royalty. My only complaint would be the parking is off-site for non-owners and the TV has limited channels/movies available. The on-site restaurant was excellent, had a $50 steak that was worth $50, and for once someone cooked brussels sprouts that were excellent. Lastly, the staff gave us a visitor map and exclusive locations that locals love, so we wouldn’t be stuck with just the tourist attractions.

Karen, the night person is amazing. Great resort! It’s a little tiring but hopefully, the Hilton merger will fix that. Great location! The walkways were maintained better. Got locked out in a courtyard with no way to get back in, and had to climb over a snowbank and bang on a window.

We loved this resort! It was our first time staying there and visiting Lake Tahoe and we were disappointed at all! The concierge and staff were very friendly and responsive to our needs. The in-house restaurant had wonderful food and drinks. There was a small gym, pool, and indoor/outdoor hot tubs. The hot tubs stayed packed tho, which I could have done without, but they were still relaxing, nonetheless. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we would def stay again!! Highly recommended!

The staff is super friendly and the standard room let me tell y’all it’s more than a standard room. It has 1 private bedroom with a shared bathroom that leads to the kitchen and living room that has a pullout couch, fireplace, and balcony y’all. At least on the 6th floor where we stayed. They are very accommodating. They gave us extra blankets, towels, and laundry detergent to wash our clothes. We even got picked up after having too much to drink and the next day they took us to pick up our car. This place is definitely worth the stay 5/5. I will definitely be coming back.

Super service. We were snowed in one day and the food at Bear Moon cafe was delicious! Chicken piccata and Prime Rib-delicious! The furniture in the rooms needs updating. Other than that, it was clean, warm, and acceptable.

Love the resort. The rooms were great, the service was great, and my kids loved the place so much they didn’t want to go home. The lake was so close that we just walk to the lake no need to drive. The wonderful place will come back again.

We were thrilled with the accommodations for my daughters, grandbaby & myself. Very helpful to have a kitchen to prepare our food and assist in baby bottle preparation. The space had good vibes for winter snow and relaxation.

Day Two Touring with a Local

I had the inside scoop and white glove service experience today. My wonderful niece showed me around the area, starting with a Gondola ride up to her work area at Heavenly Ski Resort. Like today in summer, you will often find that the gondola stays open for people to enjoy access to the mountains and the amazing views. The gondola ride is not a cheap experience, but it is worthwhile. There is also the option of adding a coaster ride to your ticket as well. I opted out of the coaster ride despite being likely within the weight limit, which is a generous 375 lbs. I am a wimp at coasters.

It was an amazing 2.4-mile ride up the gondola with views that would make any height-adverse person uncomfortable, but even most of them would be engaged by the beauty of the area scenery.

Once the gondola gets you to the top, you can take a separate Tamarack Express chairlift for some great views and access to mountain hiking trails. The cost is covered by your ticket cost, there is no additional fee.

Day Three Casino Time

Since I am here in the summer, I thought some time at the casino would be fun. Then later I was going to go out on the scuba boat with a team. Not to dive on this trip myself, but to see my niece in her element and see the lake itself.

From the resort, you are only 1 mile from the casino area. Bally’s itself is just beyond the point for the gondola to Heavenly, so seeing that yesterday likely planted the seed in my mind.

I figured some gaming fun and maybe running up some more points on my games card might earn me something neat I can do with my niece like a nice dinner, or even maybe something like a great gift card, or tickets for her and a friend.

Also, the casinos often have good meal deals and options for breakfast, so I headed in that direction first today. Since I would not be going up in altitude again today, I also had a soda and then since I was on vacation a drink as I gambled some. I kept things to a dull roar because I would later meet some of the people my niece worked with, and I did not want to be the intoxicated uncle from Virginia.

Later, as I talked to the staff, I learned more about the diving in the lake from them and input from my niece as well. I was struck by how much she had learned and was able to share. I was scuba certified when I was in my 20s but she clearly had a level of passion for this that I did not. It is safe to say that not only can you get some great training in scuba at Lake Tahoe, but you can enjoy some pretty amazing dives as well.

If you want the best place to access the lake or to get on the gondola for world-class skiing, this is a wonderful resort close to everything. Just book through Tzort.


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