Wyndham Ocean Boulevard

Wyndham Ocean Boulevard

Wyndham Ocean Boulevard is an ocean-side resort that allows you to relax and unwind in one of the most carefree places in the U.S.: Myrtle Beach. The beaches extend for miles and the sun never seems to stop shining; it is a trip you will never want to end. Its prime location, warm hospitality, and fabulous amenities are what have kept vacationers coming back for years.  

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This resort is spacious and features a view of the ocean as you have never seen before. With beaches in walking distance from its front doors, just imagine sinking your toes into the warm sand. You will feel all of your stress rush off your body as you watch the waves come crashing down before you. The tan you get from that glorious South Carolina sun is enough to tell of the vacation you took. Every day you stay with us will be spent exploring and enjoying some new part of your resort.  

Want to be taken into a state of utter peace? Take your pick of our one-, two- and three-bedroom resort suites that comfortably sleep four to ten guests and range approximately from 780 – 1,120 square feet.  Each room contains one king in the master, one king or two full beds in the guest rooms, and a queen sleeper sofa in the living area. You will appreciate the convenience of a washer/dryer to allow you to pack light! You no longer have to be weighed down by the weight of a heavy bag. Once you have unpacked, come and enjoy the economy of a fully equipped kitchen. This allows you to wake up to the view of the ocean with a nice home-cooked meal every single morning.  

The features don’t stop there. For ultimate privacy, enjoy the experience that a whirlpool tub can bring to your vacation. After a day out in the sun, run yourself a bath and you will be reset and ready for the next day. You can even add some bubbles or salts for some added relaxation. End your night with a movie on the TV. There is also a private balcony to give you your own view of the ocean. Come out there every morning with a fresh cup of coffee and allow the sounds of the ocean to put you in a state of utter bliss.

At TZort, we make sure that your quality of stay is of a high standard because our customers are like family to us. We would never consider letting our families go somewhere they weren’t treated highly. Wyndham Ocean Boulevard staff is always on call to help with anything you need. And when we say anything, we really mean it. They are passionate about giving you a room that’s clean, well-maintained, and safe. Whatever we can offer to make this as easy a transition as possible, we will provide.    

After indulging in your private room, come out and explore the resort’s wonderful amenities like our fitness center to keep up your workout routine. Splash around at one of our two indoor or three outdoor swimming pools.  Feel all the anxieties within you wash away at one of the eight hot tubs. The best moments after a long day are the ones you spend giving yourself some extra TLC you need. Step out onto the swimming pool deck or white sandy beaches and catch a gorgeous sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.For the kids, come and enjoy the game room and challenge someone to a game of table tennis! This is your opportunity to meet some of the other vacationers and make new friends.  

Here at Wyndham Ocean Boulevard, we make sure that this vacation is one you will talk about for years to come. Come down to Myrtle Beach and experience the difference with TZort.   

The Perfect Catch

South Carolina is the perfect destination for family vacations because it offers an abundance of opportunities. With a plethora of shops, restaurants, museums, and annual events scattered throughout the state, it’s the land of laughter and lifelong memories. All of this excitement is just minutes away. You won’t have to look any further than the city of Myrtle Beach!  

Try your luck in the fun and exhilarating sport of fishing. If you have fished freshwater before, you know the adrenaline you get from feeling a bite on your line. You have been waiting for that moment and all of a sudden, it’s just you, your fishing rod, and the fish on the line. The feeling you get when you finally catch the fish trumps all of the time you spent waiting. This excitement doesn’t stop in the lakes, you can deep-sea fish at a number of different charters or marinas around North Carolina. Experienced guides will take you out and show you the lay of the land. Your next step is to catch that fish that’s been on your mind since you stepped on the boat!

In the center of all attractions, Wyndham Ocean Boulevard is the perfect home base for you to explore and experience South Carolina’s vibrant atmosphere firsthand. As the Children’s Museum of South Carolina, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Broadway at the Beach is conveniently located within miles of this resort, you could say that it’s the right spot to drop to explore all kinds of Florida adventures.   

Come and explore all of the fun that’s happening in Myrtle Beach, Florida. Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day family vacation at Wyndham Ocean Boulevard.  



There’s nothing quite like a ride on an ATV. At Carolina Backwoods ATV Adventures, you get to experience the thrill of your vehicle through the dirt paths of Myrtle Beach. Get ready to get down and dirty, this is one activity you won’t want to miss out on.  

Carolina Backwoods ATV Adventures has been named the #1 ATV tour destination for the past six years. It is family-run and operated so you know you are guaranteed a safe ride. These adventures are guided by the experienced staff, so no prior experience is needed. They will provide an in-depth run-through of the vehicle and the safety precautions you must take while riding it. The tour typically runs for about an hour and a half. During your trip, you will cover a lot of terrain like hills, trails, open fields, etc.  

Some of these trails are dry, and some are very muddy, so prepare yourself for a dirty ride. You definitely will want to wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. This is a true experience of the backwoods of Carolina and the staff cannot wait for you to join.  


The Shack is an old-school café serving classic Southern cooking for all three meals of the day. Whether you’re feeling grits for breakfast, seafood for lunch, or chicken for dinner, you will find it here. This restaurant is a true testament of what it’s like to live and eat in the South.  

If you’re coming for breakfast, get a classic meal like eggs and your choice of meat. This will come with grits, toast, or a biscuit. It sounds simple but this is what they do best. They make sure their basics are the best of the best, and they only go up from there. For lunch, try out one of their delicious sandwiches. They have creative takes on the classic sandwich like the First Mate’s Shrimp BLT: a classic BLT topped with fried shrimp and served with French fries. For dinner, try any of their fresh seafood options. These are served with sides like vegetables, fries, or salads.  


4.1 MILES VIA US-17 S/HWY 17 S 

Who doesn’t love animals? How close have you gotten to some of your favorite animals? At Alligator Adventure, they are closer than you think. This park is one of South Carolinas most outstanding tourist attractions and one of the largest facilities for reptile life in the world.  

Don’t be fooled by the name; this place has more than just alligators. They have three kinds of alligators: albino, Chinese, American, False gharials and a special creature Bob. Bob is a female alligator born in 1997. The special thing about her is that she was born without a tail, which is the most common birth defect among American Alligators. She has become a favorite of the park so when you visit, be sure to say hello!  

The other animals include a bobcat, cassowary, Chilean flamingos, crocodiles, Eurasian eagle owls, frogs, kookaburra, lizards, macaws, ostrich, snakes, spotted hyenas, squirrel monkeys, tortoises, turtles, and yacare. As you pass through, be sure and stop to learn about all of these amazing creatures. Stop by for one of the live shows. The alligator live feedings, alligator handling, and lecture, and snake handling shows are all a favorite amongst visitors.  


Hoskins Restaurant is a family tradition like no other. This establishment has been passed down through generations since 1948. Here, you’re like family because they know what their family wants in a meal. You can taste the difference here as their ingredients are locally sourced and caught. Everything is homemade and so much care is put into each dish that is sent out.  

This seafood restaurant offers a diner-style experience. It’ll take you back in time to all the classics that people have enjoyed for years now. Check out their extensive menus, and trust us, they are just as good as they sound on paper. For seafood lovers, people have raved about all things flounder here. Some enjoy the fried entrée and others prefer the sandwich. Come and try it for yourself!  


8.8 MILES VIA US-17 S 

Allow your ears to be opened to the fabulous talent of The Carolina Opry. A performing arts theatre located in Horry County; this has been a fan favorite for years. This state-of-the-art building has 2,000 seats and has been voted the best for 30 years.  

On their schedule, this year is the classic Carolina Opry, the Time Warp show, The Carolina Opry Christmas Special, Pure Magic and Calvin Gilmore’s Myrtle Beach Performing Arts Series. Whenever you’re in town, they have something new to offer you. This experience is all of the best in live entertainment. Whether you want to see live music, dancing, or acting, they have it all. They offer genres like country, rock, gospel music, etc. The shows range from comedy, dancers, and magicians. There really is something for everything. The best part about it all is that no matter where your seats are, you will have a great view of the stage and every single performer.  

Get in the spirit and join us for a show with the stars of the Carolina Opry.  


The Original Benjamins has been a family tradition since 1986. It is home to the world-famous seafood buffet, and trust us, this is a buffet your mouth will water over. With 11 dining rooms, a dry sea aquarium, and a master model ship collection, this is a dining experience not to miss out on.  

This seafood restaurant has served fresh, local seafood since it opened its door. Their fish is caught every day so you know you will be getting the best of the best with every bite. They cook their seafood Calabash style, which means its lightly battered and deep-fried. With over 170 items, this all-you-can-eat seafood buffet is sure to excite your taste buds.  


4.0 MILES VIA US-17 S/HWY 17 S  

While on vacation, you got to take care of the parents or anyone of age. Join the staff at Duplin Winery to unwind for a day of wine. Maybe this is your first time at a wine tasting or maybe you have been to many before, whichever it may be, this winery will set this experience apart from the others.  

Duplin Winery is home to the recipe for America’s favorite Muscadine wine. This dry wine will delight your taste buds and have you coming back for more. Kick back and relax with a glass of cool, refreshing wine and feel the anxieties of life fall right off. The wine tasting here allows you to sample at least ten preselected Duplin wines and one of the associates will walk you through the flavors and history of each wine. They also can suggest meals that will pair nicely with each wine.  

For an added bonus, opt for the $10.00 deluxe wine tasting that includes a gourmet cheese dip, homemade gourmet crackers, and a glass of wine after the tasting has been completed. Enjoy yourself but make sure to drink responsibly!  

0.5 MILE VIA HWY 17 S 

If you find yourself wanting something to eat either before or after your tasting, come to Flying Fish Public Market & Grill for a satisfying meal. This festive eatery serves Southern seafood favorites, sushi, and many creative cocktail choices. It is a part-restaurant and part-seafood market, so you get the best of both worlds.  

Their menu ranges from appetizers to salads, burgers & sandwiches, southern fried favorites, and a list of house specialties. Their seafood is caught fresh daily from local water sources, so know that whatever you’re eating was caught on the same day you came. At this restaurant, you really cannot go wrong, every menu item will satisfy some part of your palette.  


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