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Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas

Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas sits on a dream-like spot in Kauai. If you have not been to Hawaii, you are missing out. As prices continue to rise, the time to get the best rates on that dream Hawaiian vacation through TZort is now.

Video by Gareth Leonard

Day One Arrival at Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas

After almost 16 hours of flight time, I was ready to get to the resort and settle in for a drink, then a nap. Unlike most trips, I did not plan to do the tour of the resort first thing. I was feeling the need for a nap.

Shortly after arriving, I was downing a drink, having the bags taken to the room, and following behind for a nap. I did not intend to go to sleep for the night it was still early in the day, but I needed at least a nap to feel more human again.

After the nap, I work to then do the tour of the resort and grab something to eat. Now slightly rested, my body was remembering it had been 14 hours since I even had a peanut.

Before I talk you through a tour, here are the website’s top tips for this resort.

A rental car is highly recommended as there are limited public transportation options and most attractions and activities are not within walking distance.

This resort is 100 percent smoke-free in all of its units and buildings. Smoking may be permitted in designated areas on the property. Not complying with this policy may result in the assessment of a substantial fee.

Wyndham Bali Hai Villas is not air-conditioned. However, there are ceiling fans located in each unit.

When I first read that there was no AC installed, I was worried, but one quick look at the weather on this island and you see the average high temperature rarely ever gets above 76. This means you are going into a zone where the weather is just ideal.

Guest registration is located in the Clubhouse and is available 24 hours per day.

VIP benefits are exclusively for our VIP members.

Wireless Internet is free for up to 4 devices, ideal for emails and basic web browsing. For more streaming and surfing options on unlimited devices, Enhanced High-Speed Wireless Internet is available for $5 per day, $25 for 6-10 days, and $30 for 11-30 days.

The resort was amazing with an outdoor pool that was more of a lagoon in paradise complete with waterfall features and natural rock. The main building and fitness and other facilities all seemed top-notch. But as I said, I was starving. So my first real mission was to go out and find something to eat.

Close to the resort, I found TIkiiniki which was a Tiki bar, and had some great drinks. To me now this sounds crazy, but even though they had many items on the menu, I chose a burger. The reason I did was it was a burger made with Teriyaki and fresh pineapple on a half-pound burger. It was as good as it sounds, or better.

I also had some mashed Okinawan sweet potatoes just because they sounded great, and they were.
After the meal, I stayed and had a couple more drinks. With the rental car with me, I kept it calm. I even managed to give a lift back to the resort to another couple that was there and had struck up a conversation. I typically get an SUV or a full-size executive car when I rent because of my size, and the legroom I feel I need at 6’4”, so I had all the room in the world.

Before we headed back to the resort, I realized we were right next to the local grocery store so I and my new friends went in and got a few things. Since most things are a drive away from the resort, I picked up items for breakfast, some beer, and a few locally prepared meals for the fridge in the unit. That way, if I started to relax tomorrow and did not want to go anywhere, I would not have to.

Once back at the resort, we exchanged a few pleasantries and then went on away. I headed to the pool after dropping off my food. Then collapsed in the chair by the pool. Falling asleep at some point. After a while, I woke up and found that someone had put a towel over me nicely since the nighttime air gets down to almost 60 this time of year.

I had not been wearing my watch but it must have been a couple of hours since I was out there because I had a slight sunburn from the late afternoon and early evening sun, before sunset. Remember when in Hawaii wear sunscreen.

Day Two at Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas

I started the day with a big breakfast that I made simply with my grocery trip the night before. I made a ham and cheese omelet, and sausage, and microwaved some frozen biscuits. After some warm butter melted on them, those biscuits tasted great. I had forgotten my omelet’s secret weapon of ziplock bags, so I just used one of the pans from the resort. I did cheat a little and used the blender to whip the eggs some with a little milk to make sure they were fluffy and light.

I had purchased a slice of local ham and it was great. Whatever type of pigs they had in Hawaii provided sweet meat. Hard to explain, but it was great. Not as salty as the Smithfield-style ham and home, but very tasty.

After breakfast I had finally caught up on sleep, so now, I wanted to tour the resort more, than the island.

I started the day going to a local plantation. Kilohana Plantation it has a railway around the plantation that is very enjoyable, especially to have a guided tour of the grounds and learn about the local history.

You can see on this one large plantation they grow just about everything from the islands. Which gives you a chance to see all the local plants growing naturally on this one plantation. I found out they do a luau here as well so I made a note of that and may well come back. Then I looked at the menu and the all-you-can-eat and drink with entertainment and I was in. So much so that I booked it for tonight.

I am a sucker for all things Polynesian so when they said Mai Tais, BBQ, Fish, Chicken, and more were all included along with the show, I was in.

But it was hours before the 430-arrival time for the luau so I had time to see much more of the island. I chose to go on the Best of Kauai tour. It was one heck of an option.
I did not have enough time before the luau for the full tour with the 1-hour flight as well. This meant that I splurged and got the personalized tour. I figured if it was just me and a tour guide, I could see much more in a day. Also, I would benefit from a local’s knowledge, and could really pick their brains.

I chose the North and East shore route which included.

Kee Beach

Haena Wet/Dry Caves

Hanalei Bay

Princeville Resort

Anini Beach

Kilauea Lighthouse Wildlife Refuge

Sleeping Giant

Lydgate Park

Hauola Place of Refuge

Wailua and Opaeka’a Falls

Wailua River State Park

Sacred Heiau’s

This was a day I will never forget. Check out the photos on their website and you will see why. You name it on that route and we saw it. Some locations I just stood taking it all in for a while, others I got out and really asked questions, and found out some amazing history.

I was lucky my guide/ driver had more knowledge than one should expect someone to have even in his position. I think my guide must have truly loved local history. That is the only way you would have learned all that he knew. It would be like me taking someone around the Yorktown Battlefields where I grew up in Yorktown Virginia. I spent so many years growing up in that area and was fascinated by the history that I could literally lead tours if I wanted.

After the tour was over. I drove to the plantation just in time to see the lighting ceremony that starts the luau.

Day Three at Club Wyndham Bali Hai Villas

One perfect day under my belt, I did not know how I could top it today or even if I should try. On this trip to Hawaii, I was truly being spoiled because I was assigned to stay at two resorts to write about them and share my experiences with you. I know life is hard right?

That meant today I was going to go more at an island pace. I could use this day to decompress before moving on to the big island and another resort.

I chose today to go see the Botanical gardens. When in Hawaii, you do not have to be a flower lover to appreciate the amazing plants they have here. Some flowers from here are the most amazing of any in the entire world. All my life my grandmother had a nephew that lived in Hawaii. She had watched him when he lived in Virginia in his youth. He remembered her for that and always sent her some flowers on her birthday. He did this for over 50 years. This meant the world to her.

For me, the flowers were a source of a fond memory but also inspiration. I paint a little as a way to keep myself creative, and these flowers would make for some great oil paintings. If I could capture their beauty.

Again today I took a tour, but this was a 3-hour tour of the gardens, and the wild plants near the gardens. It was a very interesting tour. Not every guy might enjoy the tour, but it is worth a try just because there are plants here you will never see anywhere else.

I returned to the resort on this my final day and relaxed by the amazing pool. Tomorrow morning, I would wake up and head to the airport to go over to the main island, and my next resort.

Day Four Leaving for the big island

Since I was leaving the island today, I went to Kalapaki Beach next after some lunch because it was right by the island airport. It is a great beach and the location is excellent.

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