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Bluegreen Mountain Loft: Adventure into the Outdoors

Bluegreen Mountain Loft is the prime destination for the outdoor junkie inside all of us. Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this resort is based in an outdoor playground of adventure and fun. We just know that the second you step into this mega-resort; you will never want to leave!

Built amidst some of the most breathtaking views in nature, this alpine paradise is sure to give you peace of mind and a feeling of everlasting bliss.  Just imagine being pulled into a serene atmosphere the second you wake up as you look out your window and see the sun reflecting off the warm-toned trees. You can make all these dreams a reality at the Bluegreen Mountain Loft.

With a Southern-inspired design, modeled after the vastness of The Great Smoky Mountains that surround it, Bluegreen Mountain Loft is one of the best-designed resorts in Tennessee. Its best-in-class amenities and well-appointed rooms just add to the list of things that make this resort the right choice when traveling to Gatlinburg. With everything created to help guests relax and just let go, how could it not?

We offer a wide range of lodging options from suites to townhouses. The one-bedroom standard and deluxe suites as well as the one-, two- and three-bedroom townhouses offer spacious accommodations for everyone in your crew. All these options offer rich, earthly colors and ‘Traditional American’ furnishings fashioned all throughout their respective spaces. The townhouses can accommodate four to ten guests, making them the perfect place for families, company outings, and get-togethers of any kind. Whenever and whatever the occasion may be, we are here to make it possible.

These lodging options offer full kitchens with marble countertops and baths with vanities, master suites, separate living and dining areas, washers and dryers, and balconies with seating areas and fireplaces. At TZort, we strive to offer vacation living situations that feel just like home to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for you to relax. We understand that traveling can be expensive which is why we offer options for you to enjoy home-cooked meals. Not only does this save you some money, but it increases your family bonding experiences and can get everyone involved in the process.  The views you will experience outside of your windows and on your balconies will be second to none. When you show your friends pictures, they will hardly believe the sweeping view of the mountains you got to experience.

These rooms are always being cleaned and inspected to make sure you will be experiencing the highest quality of stay. They are done so by the fabulous staff of Bluegreen Mountain Loft. This staff is passionate about keeping you well attended to and making your stay as comfortable as possible. They are available to help you with anything you find yourself needing some direction with, at any time of the day. We have 24-hour on-site security to make sure your safety is never put into question. For added security and peace of mind, there is a safe in the rooms to store any valuables.

We don’t just offer amenities in your lodging situation; they are fashioned all throughout the resort. TZort wants to make your vacation an experience that is top-of-the-line in all categories. Enjoy a rewarding workout at our fitness center or relax at one of our hot tubs, three heated pools, or sauna, or challenge some of the other vacationers to a game in the game room. With so many more fabulous amenities to explore, you won’t know which to pick first!

While Bluegreen Mountain Loft, Gatlinburg is best known as a mountaintop ski resort, there are activities for every season at the Great Smoky Mountains. In the winter, it is all about powdery slopes made for skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing family fun! After the snow melts, the crisp spring and summer air invites you to hike, raft, fish, and golf.

With no off-season, come and experience all that Gatlinburg, Tennessee has to offer.

Experience Everything

Bluegreen Mountain Loft, Tennessee is the perfect destination for family vacations and travelers to unwind in the great outdoors. It is a year-round vacationer’s paradise, with a range of family-fun outdoor attractions, amusements, speedways, golf courses, outlet malls, theaters, entertainment, and dining that has made it a favorite among generations of vacationers.

With miles upon miles of hiking trails within the proximity of the resort, get outside and experience the fresh, crisp air of the mountains. These trails range in length and views, so you get a little something different from each of them. These rocky pathways may seem difficult but the feeling of accomplishment you will get once you reach the top will be well worth it.

Have you ever been watching a TV show and seen a clip of a bear and thought to yourself, I wonder what it would be like to see one in person? Here, you can. Bear watching has become a popular attraction and millions of people come to Gatlinburg to catch a glimpse of these amazing creatures. Cades Cove has become the most popular spot for wildlife viewing in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. This valley of open roads features 11 miles of road for you to keep your eye out for the bears. This place along with many others will give you a thrill that is second to none.

Take a peek into the great life of the outdoors and discover how you can plan the perfect four-day Bluegreen Mountain Loft getaway.



The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, with a wide variety of plants and wildlife, is the most biodiverse park in the National Park system. This area of the Southern Appalachian Mountains is 800 square miles; the vastness of these mountains is a sight you just have to see in person to believe. Trust us, you will not be disappointed. This park features a wide variety of recreational activities including hiking, bicycling, fishing, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, picnicking, and so much more.

A hike or bike through these mountains is like taking a step into a completely different world. As it is part of nature, these trails are ever-changing. Each season brings a completely different experience. In the winter, you will experience the absence of the leaves from the fall which will reveal stone walls, chimneys, and foundations from past residents. Spring offers an abundance of wildflowers and blooming plants all around your pathway. In the summer, hikers will experience the cool air of the mountains as they journey through the spruce-fir forests. They will encounter the calmness of mountain streams or the massive falls and cascades. Autumn will offer a calming, transformative retreat. The crisp, dry air and variety of warm fall colors will engulf the hikers in a state of bliss.

When we think of the mountains, we often forget about all the other activities available besides hiking. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers an array of outdoor activities for the outdoor junkie inside all of us.  With around 2,900 miles of streams within its boundaries, this park is a fisherman’s dream. These streams hold species of headwater trout and smallmouth bass and fishing for them is permitted all year round. Horseback riding is an unparalleled experience in these mountains. With four different locations to explore, you can encounter the mountains from new heights as you adventure through on the back of one of these beautiful creatures.

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park invites you to explore its mountainous expeditions every day of the year.


The same feeling of greatness you felt in the mountains doesn’t have to stop at the expense of a hungry stomach. Alamo Steakhouse & Saloon offers a meal of pure culinary perfection. With a menu that hits the spot with every choice, this place is sure to impress.

Here, orders are prepared with care and have the freshest ingredients that are beautifully combined to make delicious meals.  Their menu features an array of appetizers, soups, salads, and quality meats cooked just right. To top it off, they offer a dessert menu that is the perfect end to your satisfying meal.



Escape to the home of underwater creatures at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. This aquarium is one of the top five aquariums in the USA & the world! This is an adventure you just cannot pass up. With over 1,000 exotic creatures inhabiting 10 themed galleries, this is an aquarium like you have never seen before.

We have all wondered what it was like to be up close and personal with some of the most interesting creatures in the water, now you can! With two floors of fun, you are sure to encounter your favorite underwater animal. Just to name a few, this place has eel, sharks, stingrays (that you can touch and feel their soft covering), piranhas, and penguins, and features a look at real coral reefs.

This place is the perfect balance of education and fun, so come learn with us at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies!


Delight your taste buds at Gatlinburg’s best-kept secret: Taste of Italy. This restaurant offers authentic Italian fare with a nod to the cuisine of Naples. This dining experience is set apart from others in the Smoky Mountains area because of the quality and care of the ingredients they use, and the cooking techniques they practice.

Their genuine Italian recipes are crafted with fresh ingredients, made from scratch dough, and 100% whole milk mozzarella. Just imagine biting into a piece of their soft, hand-tossed pizzas. With savory sauces, crafted meats, and toppings, this pizza experience will take you to the streets of Rome itself. Their menu offers all kinds of pasta, calzones, stromboli, soups and salads, pizzas, seafood dishes, subs, sandwiches, burgers, and wraps.

They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options to ensure everyone can enjoy this taste of Italian cuisine. With a fabulous, warm staff, you will be well taken care of. They are passionate about making this experience one of a kind to set themselves apart from your typical Italian restaurant.



Dollywood is a theme and water park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee jointly owned by country music star, Dolly Parton. With world-class entertainment and one-of-a-kind dining, this is a must-stop when you’re around the area. Enjoy the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains and take on the adventure of the heart-pounding, thrilling rides.

This theme park offers a little something for everyone with a wide range of rides and attractions. For the true adrenaline junkies, check out the Barnstormer, where you will reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and 230 degrees of rotation, and a peak height of 81 feet in the air. Just imagine the thrill that will overcome your body once you reach the top. And for those seeking some thrill with just a little bit of water, check out Daredevil Falls. In a cart you will wind through the unexpected turns of an old abandoned logging camp and just when you think the ride is over, your cart will plunge down a waterfall with a 60-foot drop at a heart-racing 50 mph.   For the younger ones, try out the amazing flying elephants, black bear trails, or the busy bees. These rides are safe and give your little ones just enough thrill with rides packed full of fun.

The fun doesn’t stop at the parks, they are brought right to your dinner table. Enjoy an appetizingly fresh meal and the excitement that comes with Dolly Parton’s Stampede or the Pirates Voyage shows.


J.O.E and Pop’s has the best subs and cheesesteaks in all of Tennessee. With only one location, you won’t get a sub like this any place else. With fresh, simple ingredients, they create delicious hand-crafted sandwiches.

Choose from their aesthetically pleasing menu and dive into one of the best meals you will ever eat.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is the place for unprecedented adventures, and it is best experienced here at Bluegreen Mountain Loft. Come “Travel Resort Style” With Us!


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