Club Wyndham Riverside Suites

Club Wyndham Riverside Suites

Club Wyndham Riverside Suites is in wonderful San Antonio, Texas. Since Texas is such a long drive, I will be flying for this trip.

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Day One Travel & Arrival

The flight itself was less than 5 hours’ total travel time, which was not bad at all. You fly into San Antonio Airport which is also close to this resort.

Approaching the resort, I had the feeling that it was in the heart of the city. It is, and it is also within walking distance of the Alamo. When I realized how close I was, 2 percent of me wondered if I might be visited by the ghost of Davey Crocket or another legendary figure while I was at the resort.

For Americans, the Alamo is like our Thermopylae. Instead of 300 Spartans, we had 300 Patriots who stood against over 10,000 soldiers. Now the Spartans had many thousands of Greeks with them fighting and faced much larger numbers, but at the Alamo our 300 were all each other had. No reinforcements or support would come to help.

I know for sure being so close that I will go back and spend the good part of a day at the Alamo.

Checking into the resort was easy. It really pays to book through TZort they just have their act together and make everything so easy when dealing with the resorts.

The resort itself sits on the banks of the San Antonio River Walk, which is a nice small waterway that literally runs through the heart of the city. The villas are available as 1–2-bedroom units, and there are also a few studio units.

I had a 1-bedroom booked and felt fortunate to have it because the resort seemed busy and active. My room was about 600 sq ft in size, which I felt was generous for a resort in the city. They do have larger 2-bedroom units that go as large as 1,200 sq ft here. So, if you need space, this resort has options.

The room felt modern but also had a nice Tex-Mex feeling to it. The architectural notes had a cross-cultural charm to them that I think most travelers would really like.

Villa Amenities

  • Cable TV
  • Coffee Maker
  • DVD Player
  • Hairdryer
  • In-Room Safe

Then the resort itself offers all of these options.

Resort Amenities

  • Activities Center/Desk
  • Shuttle Services (Limited Area Attractions)
  • Concierge Services
  • Business Center/Fax

For dinner, I walked from the resort along the River Walk about a block to Bubba Gump Shrimp. It could never happen in these politically correct days, but I would have loved for the waiters here to act like Bubba and or Gump. That would have been fun. But the food was good and the prices for a themed chain were not expensive. I had the run across America sampler and was a happy camper. Then I also ordered a Shrimp Po Boy but ended up taking that back with me to go because the sampler had done me in.

I may go back to their shrimper heaven before I go because I like shrimp and it was, I think, 5 kinds of shrimp on one platter.

Day Two the Alamo

Now, to say this resort is close to the Alamo is an understatement. I can not imagine a better place to stay at any age if you wanted to visit the Alamo and see it all. No driving, parking, or any hassle. Just go out of the door of the resort and in about a city block, you are there. Amazing!

I am amazed by the grit and bravery of the men who founded our nation and made the State of Texas. Character back then meant so much more than it does today. In part, because we have it so easy with life in comparison. All of our modern conveniences and the high level of safety are truly blessings. These are often blessings we have because of our amazing military and the founders of our great land.

Few places help you process that like the Alamo. I was born and raised near Yorktown, Virginia, where Cornwallis surrendered. I am used to visiting amazing battlefields and sites. I even played on them in my youth. As much as those fields feel like hollowed ground to me an as an adult, the Alamo has a sense of that but magnified somehow.

Maybe it is because it is something I am not as used to. Or it may be because of some good Hollywood movies about the Alamo over the years. Whatever the reason is this place feels very special. I went to the Alamo Gift Shop here and picked up a few things. Then since my birthday was less than a month away. I also arranged to have a U.S. Flag flown above the Alamo on my birthday and then have it shipped to me with a certificate that I will mount on a wall in my man cave somewhere.

I have a flag flown at the Capital during the Regan Presidency, so I thought this would be a neat thing to have next to that in my home. The certificate will say the day it was flown over the Alamo and I do not know why, but I felt like having it flown over the Alamo on my birthday would be a cool thing to have. I also purchased a few other items and had them set to ship back to me with my flag when that order was ready.

I booked a guided tour of the Alamo after my shopping. I do really enjoy a docent tour when they are done well. This tour was flat our impressive. My guide was a walking encyclopedia in the best of ways. I got to know a local historian in my youth that knew the local history of Yorktown and the surround areas. If any man was competition for Eric Sherriff (the historian I knew) this man was it. A published author in the area, and a person so passionate about the local history that it poured out of him like a cup that was overflowing.

While on-site, we also visited the Alamo Church. This was an important link for me because I have also been to the Church at Jamestown Virginia many times on the tour and for Texas, this was that parallel to the Jamestown Church for most average Americans. I found out from my guide that later today he was going to be doing a small private after-hours tour, and I immediately signed up.

The after-hours tour was an opportunity to be more hands-on with history, and ask more questions, and just spend time with the amazing staff here in an almost 1-1 session. I think there were 8 people in our little group and it was 2 families and me. I must have asked more questions than a kid in a car headed to a theme park vacation. But for a man who loves history, this was like a mental candy store experience.

Our guide even took us to the places where some of the legends were thought to have died and told us what they believe happened during the fighting. Being onsite, you truly appreciated the danger and courage of the men at the Alamo.

Day Three Seeing San Antonio

The major draw to the area must be the Alamo, but once you get to San Antonio, you learn there is so much more to do and see here.


Even if you are not a person of faith, the beauty of some of the original churches in this area are worth the trip.

San Fernando Cathedral

Founded in 1751 by 15 local families, this Cathedral is one of the most historic and lovely in the Nation. For nearly 95 years prior to Texas’ independence, this Church was the only recognized house of worship since Mexico only allowed Catholicism.

The Church also has a nice gift shop that helps support the upkeep and needs of the community.

St. Joseph Parish

called by some the jewel of San Antonio, is a lovely church to tour and visit. If you like architecture, this is another historic location to visit. Here, the church was founded in 1868 and completed in 1871.

The San Antonio Visitors Center

This center is even closer to the resort than the Alamo, so it is a must-see and visit on your trip. These folks are not only here to help you purchase gift shop-like items, they will help point you in the right direction to see and do what you want to do in the area.

For me, I felt like it gave me a local inside scoop on places to visit and things to do. Well worth the quick walkover, and the staff was very kind.

A few churches visited and the visitors’ center and I was ready for some lunch.


For lunch I headed for The County Line this is a BBQ/Bar kind of spot with great sausages and brisket options. I can be a sausage nut of sorts. Even just typing about sausages now, I may have to get some today for dinner. I had a sausage platter here that was great. The hardest thing to do was to choose the desert here. They had several items I love. Banana Pudding, and Pecan Pie. After trying to convince myself that I should just order both because I have been walking so much and it was OK, I stopped and ordered the Pecan Pie. It was very good and the kind of darker Pecan Pie that many adore.

After lunch, I spent the rest of the day in the River Walk area, it was just so nice to be down by all the shops and the water on a hot summer day. The area is shaded by many buildings and a few bridges, and the water seems to cool the area nicely. Then if you get warm, you can stop into one of the many restaurants, bars, or shops for some AC and a drink or snack.

Club Wyndham Riverside Suites was a great location for seeing the Alamo and enjoying San Antonio, Texas. I would highly recommend this resort to all my friends and readers.

Just make sure you save by booking through TZort.xxxxx


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