Paradise Isle Resort 

Paradise Isle Resort 

Paradise Isle Resort could not be in a better location. Surrounding the beach town of Gulf Shores, Alabama, let the waves take you to a place of tranquility. With over 30 miles of pristine white-sand beaches, the world is your oyster.  

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Arrival at Paradise Isle Resort

Enjoy your stay at the resort’s spacious 1- or 2-bedroom deluxe suites. With up to 530 square feet of space, each member of your crew can comfortably stretch out. These suites feature full kitchens and baths and separate living areas and can accommodate up to six guests.  

In your kitchen, you can whip your signature dishes. Whether it’s a full-spread breakfast or a quick batch of cookies, you can enjoy the luxury of a full kitchen at hand. Not only does this save you some money, but it also promotes that much-needed time together. Even if you don’t use the kitchen for some meals, it’s equipped to store your leftovers or give you a fresh cup of coffee each and every morning.  

These suites offer spacious and comfortable beds for you to rest on each night. They are dressed in top-of-the-line sheets to ensure an optimal night’s sleep. And if you find yourself needing an extra sheet or pillow, call the front desk! The staff here are passionate about making the transition to vacation as easy as possible. Because let’s face it, what’s a vacation without waking up and relaxing and resetting?  

Upon waking up, you can take that fresh cup out onto the balcony. These balconies are private and allow for a moment to yourself before the excitement of the day. Here you can lounge around on one of the chairs and let the sun lightly tan your face. As the resorts are located right across from the beach, you can also marvel at the waves crashing against the shore. The air will carry a bit of that salty sea breeze to you to wake you up and get you energized for the day. Don’t forget to bring out that novel you have been meaning to finish.  

After you’re settled into your suite, come and explore all that this resort has to offer. Venture on over to the beach and soak up some of Alabama’s glorious sun. Grab some toy buckets and shovels and see who can make the best sandcastle. Bring along a volleyball and challenge each other to a beach volleyball game.  

If you’re feeling like you want to stay near the resort, jump into the outdoor pool on-site. This pool is good for hours of non-stop aquatic fun. When you need a moment to relax, soak in the hot tub! You will feel the stress just roll off once your body hits the warm water

Whatever reason you need for a vacation, we won’t judge! A vacation with TZort is a vacation well spent. We ensure your needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. Join us in Gulf Shores for your best trip yet.  

An Unforgettable Trip to the Shores at Paradise Isle Resort.  

Many people underestimate the beauty of Gulf Shores, Alabama. However, don’t be fooled! It is, without a doubt, the south’s best place to marvel at the beauty of nature. Here, you can take a cruise on the coast, hike countless trails, and join in on the fun of the city’s nightlife.  

Take a look into the wildlife of the area during the Alabama coastal birding trail. This trail combines multiple experiences into one. During your walk, you will encounter the feathers and sightings of multiple orange beaches and gulf shorebirds. The miles and miles of this area take you to some of the best bird-spotting sites. If you continue far enough, you will end up on the white sand beaches of Gulf State Park.  

It is here that you can make your way to the pier and cast a line for some pristine fishing. The park has over 6,000 acres of land for you to play around on, which means multiple spots to catch that lucky fish you’ve been eyeing. The pier at this park is the largest pier in the Gulf of Mexico! If you’re not interested in fishing, the sunrises and sunsets you can catch here are breathtakingly beautiful. Bring a blanket and some takeout and watch the sun disappear into the horizon. The slow crashing of the waves and the light breeze from the water will be the start of your peaceful night on the beach.  

Paradise Isle Resort is set in a place to make your own version of paradise. Whether that means reeling in fish at the pier or walking through exhibits at the museum, you get to choose! Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day getaway to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  



Start off the trip on the right foot with a visit to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo. One of the area’s most famed attractions, this is the perfect way to satisfy all! This zoo is home to over 199 species, 31 subspecies, and 8 endangered species. With this many animals in the house, it feels like you are walking through multiple climates at once.  

Put on your walking shoes and join the fun in their 25 acres of tropical urban oasis. The best part of this entire place is that they have animal encounter exhibits where you can actually interact with the animals. Touch, hold, and feed some of the friendliest creatures on the planet. The staff here will assist you during your experience and answer any questions you may have. It is an interactive and educational activity all in one!  

No trip to the zoo is complete without a stop to see Chuckie. This American alligator is the zoo’s mascot and oldest resident. Before your day is over, allow him to give you one final, bittersweet goodbye!  


An exciting day calls for an exciting meal! Come and delight your tastebuds at LuLu’s gulf shores. Here, your dining experience is the entire package. With pristine views of the water, live music, great service, and tasty food, what more could you ask for? 

No matter what food restrictions you have, LuLus has your back! They have a separate menu for any food allergy you can think of. This is because they know that dining together is important and making sure everyone can enjoy it is the top priority. Start the meal off with fried crab claws or the crazy sistas crab dip. Follow those appetizers up with one of their fresh entrees. They offer a grilled or blackened fresh-caught fish every single day so be sure to ask your server what today’s catch is!  



The city of Gulf Shores is surrounded by a mass amount of water. From lakes to rivers to the ocean, you can always find yourself in the water. Now just think, what if you added an element of adrenaline and excitement in there? Waterville USA is a day in the water like no other.  

Laze around in the crystal waters river. This 1/3 of a mile lazy river is a slow and peaceful trip in the water. Grab a tube and let the river take you away. The Dune Racer is for anyone looking for some competition. This six-lane mat slide is the thrill of a lifetime. It is 55 feet tall, and a fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing experience.  

Shrimp Boat Village is like a playground but in the water! This is perfect for anyone who isn’t interested in the water slides and rides. This structure is three stories of aquatic fun. It has net crawls, water cannons, and a dumping bucket that pours gallons upon gallons onto the entire structure! Grab your suit, put some sunscreen on and join us for an unforgettable day in the water.  


You don’t have to travel far for a good meal! Original Oyster House Boardwalk is right down the road and has its doors open for a quality meal. Since 1983, this long-standing waterfront restaurant has won over the hearts of locals and visitors alike.  

Their menu is a collection of southern seafood dishes bursting with flavor. They source their meat from local vendors to ensure the freshest meal possible. They flavor their food with their own unique blend of spices and sauces to enhance the natural taste of each meat. Menu favorites range anywhere from their homemade seafood gumbo to the create-your-own seafood platter. This can be prepared baked, broiled, fried, or grilled over open flames. Here, it’s your choice!  



Are you trying to channel your inner lumberjack? You have come to the right place! Civil Axe Throwing is the start of your new axe-throwing obsession. It’s a fun, engaging activity that anyone over the age of 10 can enjoy. This stress-free activity was created to build closer connections with your family and friends!  

Civil offers one-hour open throw in their axe-throwing lanes or one-to-two-hour private axe throwing. The open throw will show you the basics of the craft and get you into one of the lanes! The staff here are highly trained axe coaches and can help you perfect your throw. They will be on the floor and rotating between lanes to ensure everyone is getting an optimal experience. The private room gives you a more intimate session with the instructors to allow even better demonstrations and instruction. Once you try axe-throwing, you will never go back!  


Back by the resort, indulge in fresh Gulf seafood at The Hangout. This family restaurant and entertainment venue combines tasty food with live music. The whole crowd gets into the music as they enjoy their food. Essentially, it’s a dinner and shows that you will remember for years to come!  

Their cocktail and drink list combines classics with Hangout originals. Whether you want a fruity drink or just a classic beer, you will find it here. Their mules and mojitos are a favorite of any customer. The main menu features sandwiches, appetizers, tacos, and burgers. Their seafood is locally sourced to provide optimal freshness. Taste the difference between their seafood boil or snow crab entrée. Indulge in the flavors of the sea and get up and dance!   


26.9 MILES VIA AL-182 AND FL-292 E 

Just an hour away sits the National Naval Aviation Museum. Because of the proximity to Florida, this is an opportunity you simply cannot pass up. It’s like getting two vacations in one! This location is the world’s largest aviation museum and offers a first-hand look into some of the most authentically restored aircraft.  

After you marvel at these large machines, take a spin on one of them in the flight simulator. The museum is home to two state-of-the-art MaxFlight simulators that give you a real-life experience of what it’s like to fly one of these aircraft. Real controls and technology put you in the air and take you for the ride of your life.  

Ever wondered what it was like to be aboard Apollo 11? Now you can! Climb aboard and relive one of the greatest journeys in history with the VR experience. Your seat is just as interactive as it shakes, moves, and produces heat to make you feel like you are really landing on the moon. This five-minute multi-sensory experience is one of a kind and just another reason to visit this museum!  

27.3 MILES VIA FL-292 W AND AL-182 W 

Head back to the resort for the best way to wrap up your trip in Gulf Shores. The Beach House Kitchen and cocktails offer a casual dining experience like no other. Right across the street from the beach, this restaurant offers beautifully crafted meals with pristine views of the emerald-green water.  

You may think you’ve had your favorite cocktail but be prepared for the drinks here to take their place. The juices and syrups are made in-house to ensure the freshest, most flavorful drink possible. Here, you know exactly what’s going into your drink. On their main menu, they offer appetizers of bacon wrapped with shrimp and wings. Their main entrees are crawfish mac and cheese and shrimp skewers to name a few. These are served with your choice of black beans, shoestring fries, or pineapple slaw. A meal here is a fresh take on seafood cuisine!   


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