Patrick Henry Square™

Patrick Henry Square™: Create the Future!  

Patrick Henry Square™

Patrick Henry Square™ is based in historic Williamsburg, Virginia. This city is home to some of the most iconic buildings and sites in all of our country’s history. As the city grows and expands each year, so does the activities that you can find here! The area mixes its history with a balance of exploration into the past and new and exciting adventures.  


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The resort is located only half a block from the downtown area making it the perfect spot to call home base. Here, you can pick from a studio, 1-,2-, or 3-bedroom premium suites. These accommodations offer a full kitchen, separate living and dining areas and all the comforts of home.  


These suites are designed with modern yet colonial-inspired décor to take you back in time. Each room offers something new and gives a space for each person. The kitchen allows you to save some money and cook a few meals at home. Not only does this promote time together, it’s also just a nice break to have a home cooked meal.  


The room has a dining area for you to sit around, enjoy your meal, and create some exciting plans for your trip. It is here you can also enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every single morning. Before the non-stop activity of the day, you can take a moment for yourself. Breath in the fresh, crisp air and maybe even catch up on that book you’ve been meaning to read! 


The beds are dressed in top-of-the-line bedding with a peaceful night’s rest in mind. The rooms have curtains on their windows so you can decide how you can be woken up. Whether you want to sleep in as late as possible or wake up to the bright sun and sounds of nature just outside, it’s your choice. Here, we prioritize sleep because what’s a vacation without a quality nights rest?  


After you feel settled in, come and explore all that this resort has to offer. Stop by the front desk and meet some of the staff. They are here to make sure your vacation stands out from the rest. Whether you need an extra towel or cannot seem to work the remote on your TV, they can help. No issue is too big or too small; Even if you just need a suggestion for where to eat lunch! 


The resort’s indoor saltwater pool allows for aquatic fun at any time of the year. It is enclosed in a glass almost greenhouse-like structure. Even when the weather isn’t cooperating, you can still enjoy nature outside from the comfort of the pool. If you’re feeling like swimming isn’t your thing, there are multiple lounge chairs and tables surrounding the pool. This way you can still enjoy your time with everyone and relax.  


Need to let some energy out? Join the fun in the game room. Equipped with a pool table, ping pong tables and so much more, you will never want to leave! Challenge someone to a match and see who comes out on top. If you want to work up a sweat while letting some energy out, visit the fitness center. This room is equipped with free weights, machines, and ample floor space. Now, even on vacation, you don’t have to miss a workout.  


Come to Williamsburg and make some new memories! With an ever-expanding list of activities, this will be your new favorite spot. Here, you can enjoy moments that you will be talking about for years to come.  


Land of Exploration.  


Williamsburg, Virginia isn’t just a place for history fans. More so, it’s a place for anyone wanting to explore their favorite activities in a new place! Whether you’re a fan of award-winning restaurants or enjoy walking through museums, this town is an exploration through it all.  


If you did come to marvel at the history this place holds, there are so many tours and activities to choose from. You can schedule guided walking tours of the city and see live reenactments of battles. During these activities, you will notice the different staff dressed in colonial uniform to represent the typical dress of the times. These staff each play a unique character so don’t be shy about asking them questions! They are eager to share some history with you and even give you a few fast and fun facts.  


Maybe you came to explore the other side of Williamsburg. Here, you can golf, hike, swim, and so much more all in the same city. Visit the colonial heritage golf course for a quick 18! This course has 175 acres and 7,000 yards of greens for you to play on. Get a group together and see who comes out with the lowest score!  


If golfing doesn’t sound like your thing, join the fun on the streets for some shopping. You will find boutiques, cafes, and handicrafts on each corner. The purchases you will make here are unique and serve as a reminder to your perfect vacation. Discover how you can plan the perfect four-day getaway to Patrick Henry Square™.  


DAY 1: A STEP BACK IN TIME at Patrick Henry Square™


Colonial Williamsburg is the largest outdoor living history museum. It’s hard to miss the past carved into every inch of this authentic abode. To make it feel like you really are in this decade of history, all of the staff are dressed head to toe in clothes appropriate to this time period   


There are two special houses on site: The Rockefeller’s Basset Hall and The George Wythe House. Both of these homes are gorgeous to look at but even more interesting to see the beauty as you go inside. The art and pieces in these homes are effortlessly beautiful and have been restored and preserved well. Even more art can be found in the two art museums that Williamsburg has to offer. They feature the best in American and British fine and decorative art, ceramics, and a premiere collection of American folk art.   


For an even better look into this historic site, try a horse-drawn carriage or ox wagon ride. These beautiful animals will take you through the streets as you take a ride back into time. You will be surrounded with the sights of this unique city as it is more relaxing and calming than your modern-day busy streets.   


There’s truly so much to do while at this place, so try and get to as much as you can.   


Gabriel Archer Tavern is a vision of farm to fork dining. They combine fresh ingredients with tasty flavors in their unique recipes. They are locally and family-owned and operated so they know a thing or two about the importance of quality time together. If you have the time, stay for a reserve wine tasting and tour! These tours take place in the private wine cellar and are an intimate look into their collection.  


If you just came for a meal, you could enjoy brunch, lunch, and dinner. Their appetizers feature favorites like local oysters and a cheese board. Following those, indulge in a premium cut filet mignon or savory farro risotto. A meal here is an experience within itself and one you simply cannot pass up.  




8.6 MILES VIA VA-612 N 

Go Ape Treetop Adventure offers an exciting adventure for adrenaline junkies and wild explorers alike. Choose from the Treetop adventure or journey, axe throwing, and monkey drop. Located in Freedom Park, you have the opportunity to explore nature and see what the area has to offer. The park holds a botanical garden and two miles of trails for you to conquer.  


If you’re on the hunt for a 42-foot-high ropes course, you have come to the right place. The treetop adventure is a two-to-three-hour heart-pounding experience. It holds over 30 obstacles to test your knowledge on the ropes. It also features a 600-foot zipline for you to fly through the trees. The Monkey Drop is for anyone wanting their stomach to drop and heart to stop. You start off by climbing the wooden platform where you will be connected to a jump line. From here, you take a leap of faith and have a ten-foot free fall into nature below. Anyone and we mean anyone, can enjoy the exciting adventures that Go Ape offers!  

6.5 MILES VIA VA-612 S 

Meals on vacation can often feel like they blend together; no dish really ever seems to stand out. Bakers Crust is just what you need to turn your dinner from basic to one of a kind. For over 27 years, the chefs here have been gracing the Virginia areas with fresh food made with quality ingredients.  


Each day, the staff starts on Bakers Crust secret weapon: their bread. Their delicious bread is cooked using a thirty-year-old natural starter and baked to achieve the ultimate balance of crispy and fluffy. Not only do they make their own bread, but they also make their own mozzarella and grow their own vegetables. Their menu features Neapolitan pizzas, burgers, artisan sandwiches, and specialty entrees. They even have an entire gluten-free menu so that every single customer can enjoy their craft.  




Have you ever wondered what’s it like to live in 17th century Virginia? What did the people wear? How did they act? At the Jamestown Settlement, you get the chance of a hands-on experience into the years of the early 1600s. Through exhibits, films, and interactive activities you can take a step back into the past and learn of one of the most iconic cities in our nation’s history.  


These activities take you from the arrival of the colonists to how they built the settlement and the culture and way of life they lived. The introductory film will describe the Powhatan Indians culture, and the English and West Central Africans who inhabited the area. The outdoor living experiences show historical interpreters describing life back then. You can also go on a recreation of one of the three ships that sailed from England to Virginia. As you step onto the ship, just imagine the lives of those who once sailed on it. A trip to the settlement is one of the most enriching experiences you can have here in Williamsburg.  


Be in two places at once and experience the enticing cuisine of Le Yaca French Restaurant 

It combines the history and culture of the French Alps with the current day talents of Chef Daniel Abid. Its intimate, almost home like interior design offers a dining experience like no other.  


Here, they offer a brunch, lunch, and dinner menu to showcase their excellent fare. Their lunch prix fixe menu is the chance to sample three courses at one price. To start, pick from either salad or soup. Next choose from a plethora of main courses. From grilled salmon to a crab crepe, your tastebuds will be bursting with flavor! To finish it off, indulge in one of their decadent desserts. They also offer a lunch a la carte menu that features seafood and choice cuts of meat paired with sides that burst with flavor.  




End your vacation right with a trip to the Muscarelle Museum of Art. With countless pieces of paintings and sculptures, this is a culturally enriching experience you cannot pass up. They have pieces by notorious American and English Colonial painters that bring you back in time and allow you to appreciate past artists. The museum also holds work from modern artists like O’Keeffe and Rockefeller. It has stayed dedicated to the preservation of some of the most iconic pieces of art.  


During your time, you will notice unique exhibits that are only in place at the time you visited. This means that every visit to the museum brings something different. Also, important to note is its location on the William & Mary campus. This means you can experience two activities at once. If you have the time in your day, take a stroll through campus. You might know an alumnus or have a potential student there so it’s the perfect opportunity to get familiar with the campus!  

2.1 MILES VIA VA-132 N 

What better way to finish out your time here than with a meal at Huzzahs Eatery! This casual eatery is known to produce some of the best barbeque in the Williamsburg area. With St.Louis-style ribs and a pulled pork sampling plank, a good meal is just a bite away!  


For those of age, start the meal off with one of their specialty drinks; mules, margaritas, or beer…you choose! You can find a plethora of tasty options across their main menu. Their hand-helds have won the heart of guests for years. The ‘burg Hot Chicken Sandwich gives your favorite chicken sandwich a real run for its money. With spicy sauce and dill pickle on a potato roll, your mouth will be bursting with flavor! 

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